Blood & Plunder Painting Guides

Here are a bunch of painting guides for various Blood & Plunder miniatures and ships. Most of these are not our content, but we have collected them here for your convenience!

Happy painting!

Painting Guides for Blood & Plunder Miniatures

Dexter at the Plunder Den has a massive amount of solid tutorials for painting and terrain creation. Usually uses affordable craft paints.
This isn’t so much a tutorial as a time lapse of models getting painted. Using Citadel Paints.
Joseph from Blood & Pigment, mostly using GW Contrast Paints.
Great tutorial using mostly GW Contrast Paints. Careful brush work.
Extremely detailed tutorial by Firelock’s Nate Zettle. This 12 minute video is only painting the base, so check out the entire playlist for the European soldier. You can learn a lot about painting by watching through this playlist.
Good for watching in the background as you paint. Fairly slow moving. Uses Army Painter colors.
Very detailed article on painting metal European Soldier models using mostly Citadel Paints.
Simpler tutorial using the Army Painter dip shade.
Contrast Paint tutorial for everyman by Dan from Blood & Pigment.
Step by Step guide for gray uniforms for English Militia, using mostly Citadel paints.
Step by step tutorial largely copying the color scheme from No Peace Beyond the Line. Using mostly Citadel Paints.
Step by step guide using GW and Foundry paints.
Step by step guide using Rufus’ simple native skin recipe.

Painting Guides for Blood & Plunder Commanders

Excellent tutorial using mostly Contrast Paints. Some great techniques for using these paints well.
Part 2 of a long painting session using Army Painter Paints.
High quality tutorial using a full set of GW base, wash, and layer paints. Well produced with the voiceover.
High quality tutorial using a full set of GW base, wash, and layer paints. Well produced with the voiceover.
Entertaining show of conversation while painting Blood & Plunder miniatures, mostly L’Olonnais.

Painting Guides for Blood & Plunder Ships

Several of these painting guides are for a Bark, the smallest of two deck ships, but the techniques can be used on any ship.

Easy to follow, 20 minute tutorial for the new plastic sloop that’s accessible to all skill levels.
Great tutorial using Dexter’s famous drybrush method.
Thorough and quick tutorial on painting the Bark with Vallejo Game Color paints.
Entertaining show with two jokers chatting while painting a Light Frigate and Brigantine. Only partially painted result.
Quick and dirty contrast job on a bark. From start to finish in one sitting, prime, paint, rig.

Painting Guides for Blood & Plunder Accessories

Firelock Cannons with Vallejo and Contrast paints.
Stone Tower Fort using a lot of drybrush technique with mostly GW paints.
Easy painting guide for shiny shiny cannons.
Simple painting guide for Gun Emplacement. Uses wet-blending technique.

Painting Guides for Blood & Plunder Terrain

Our friend Dexter over at the Plunder Den absolutely owns this space. Check out Dexter’s YouTube channel for crafting and painting guides for a wide variety of terrain and structures for Blood & Plunder and other 28mm miniatures skirmish games.

I’ll drop a few of my favorite terrain painting videos below, but he has over 100 videos up on his channel now so this is only representative.

If you’re interested in terrain building at all, or have some terrain to paint, check out everything on Dexter’s Plunder Den channel. It’s good stuff!

Final Thoughts

There’s actually a lot of good painting guides out there for Blood & Plunder players! There’s tons to learn from these guides, even if you find yourself working on a set of minis or ship that isn’t covered here. Just let some of these videos play while you’re doing your painting, and I’m sure you’ll learn something!

If you know of any further painting guide videos or articles (or are making any guides), send them our way and we’ll get them up here!

For less thorough paint guides on painting some of the Raise the Black Legendary Pirates, check out these articles.

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