Blood & Plunder Links

This page contains a wide variety of links to resources, products and other media pertaining to Blood & Plunder. Enjoy!

Blood & Plunder Facebook Page

This is where all the community action happens. You can post pictures, battle reports, painting progress, and even get rules questions promptly answered.

Firelock Games does a great job with this group.

Current Errata and FAQ

Core rules Errata 1.3

Core FAQ 1.3

NPBtL Errata


Beasts of War Learn to Play Videos

Beasts of War worked with Firelock games and produced a helpful video explaining a lot of the basic game mechanics. A lot of people find a video format like this a much friendly way to learn the rules compared to reading straight through a thick rulebook.

Empires at War Buildings

These buildings are easy to build and don’t require any additional painting to look very presentable.


Empires at War town.

Front Line Gaming Mats

I’ve bought several mats from Frontline and I really like them. They have several sizes, they aren’t too expensive, they’re in the USA and they have several appropriate styles.

Deep Cut Beach Mat

This is one of the most beautiful gaming mats I’ve ever used! It’s not cheap and it comes from the UK so shipping isn’t kind, but it’s perfect for this game. I think Firelock/Beast of War use it in one of their game play videos.


Table War F.A.T Mats

I believe this series of Caribbean theater mats were made in partnership with Firelock Games and they are glorious! There are coastal mats in various forms in addition to sea mats with a shallow Caribbean feel to them. They offer the useful 3×4 size as well which is hard to come by.

Their Caribbean Tropics Land Mass mat is really nice as well.



eBay Sellers

rt_jt makes and sells a wide variety of scatter and object terrain for reasonable prices. I’ve a couple sets of scatter terrain from him and I’ve been pleased with it.

Some nice scatter terrain from rt_jt on my table.

eBay seller veronicai makes terrain that can function as a centerpiece on your table. What you receive might not look exactly like what’s listed but I was pleased with my product and it’s really durable.

Rock formation at bottom is from veronicai.

Another configuration with the largest piece removed.

4Ground Model Kits

These kits are even nicer than the Empires at War buildings. I know it’s not entirely authentic to the fine and place but I have used the Log Timber Block House as a watchtower and it looks great and is very functional.

I also have their Cookhouse/Washroom which has a nice Spanish look to it.

Red Dragon Gaming Entrenchments

The breastworks in the picture above are from Red Dragon Gaming. They’re a little on the expensive side but they’re resin and come prepainted.


There are a lot of options out there for trees. While palm trees might not be native to the Caribbean, there would have been plenty around by the 17th century and they fit our mental image of what this region should look like.

The cheapest of the cheap. These fish tank palms aren’t perfect but they’re very functional. They don’t look too bad, they stand up well and they’re very sturdy. I use them for filler terrain and they work fine.

The Pegasus Hobbies tree kits are much larger and more realistic but they require more effort to build and paint. They are also very tipsy until you attack them to a larger base and then they’re very fragile.


The largest palms here are from Pegasus Hobbies.

The 4Ground tree line looks great but runs a little expensive. I believe the Beasts of War tables feature 4Ground trees.

Charlie Foxtrot Buildings

I don’t own any of these but I’ve played with them on a table and they’re good quality.

I believed the buildings with lighter roofs are from CharlieFoxTrot. These are unpainted and they already look pretty good!

Midgard Games YouTube Battle Reports

These guys keep their reports quick and snappy and play nice and reasonably sized games on land and sea. They do occasionally make some rules mistakes (as we all do)

Beasts of War Videos

Produced with Firelock games, these videos are great for learning how the game works. There are guides to some of the nationalities, concise rules videos and some recorded games.

There’s another playlist of videos they produced with the release of No Peace Beyond the Line which can be found here.

They have have more videos that aren’t even in the playlists and they’re all worth watching. The recorded games really help teach you the rules as you see how the player use Command Points, Fortune and navigate some of the tricker rules of the game (Mike Tunez is always watching to make sure they get the rules right).

The video on the design philosophy behind Blood and Plunder isn’t in their playlists but it’s a lot of fun to listen to.

Wizkids Boar Minis

Your Boucaniers need something to hunt, right?

Miniature Corn Stalks

You can get these cornstalks on Amazon or at Hobby Lobby.

Chessex Cases for Painted Miniatures

I finds these cases very help for storing and transporting these metal minis. This 80 mini case is perfect for most of the B&P mini line and this 56 mini case is large enough for the larger models like the Spanish Lanceros who take up more space.

Ship Accessories

Elastic Thread for Rigging

4Ground Ports of Plunder Terrain