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Blood & Pigment is a blog about Blood & Plunder, a 28mm pirate-themed, skirmish miniatures wargame by Firelock Games set in the Golden Age of Piracy. We are a premiere place for the latest news, ship building tutorials, army building stats, force list recommendations, pirate themed wargaming terrain, painting hobby tutorials and much more.

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Check out these quick links to the top Blood & Plunder articles and guides for the game.

Blood & Plunder Fleet of Ships

Ultimate Guide to Ships & Boats

Ship overviews, Stat cards, Force Building Info, Painting & rigging guides, video reviews

Nation & Faction Guides

Nation and Faction reviews, Commander Analysis, and Force Building tips

Wargaming Terrain

Reviews and suggestions for great 28mm scale pirate wargaming terrain for your game table.

Battle Reports

See the game in action with pictures and written analysis or watch some of our YouTube battle report videos.

Latest News and Articles for Blood & Plunder

Blood & Pigment releases multiple new articles, videos and content for the game nearly every week. Here are the most recent articles:

Interview with Andy, French Commander from 2023 Summer of Plunder

The 2023 Summer of Plunder ended over 3 months ago, but there are still interesting stories and tales of drama and intrigue coming out. If you’re interested in how the Summer of Plunder campaign felt for one of the national Commanders, listen to this interview with Andy Hodges, the French Commander during the campaign. We’ve…

The Blackest of Black Fridays!

There’s plunder to be had out there and at (almost) piratical prices! Thanksgiving is over and now it’s time to be thankful for all the stuff your privateer fleet can “acquire” for such low prices! Check out these Blood & Plunder sales from around the interwebs. If you’re looking to pick up some Blood &…

Guy’s Pirates of Legend – Blood & Plunder Miniature Showcase

Article by Guy Rheuark I recently finished painting the Pirates of Legend box, and took the time to take some pictures of them. The Pirates of Legend box contains 10 unique, multi-part hard plastic miniatures for Blood & Plunder. Each miniature represents a high profile character from the Raise the Black expansion that covers the…

Anne Bonny & Mary Read – Painted Blood & Plunder Miniatures

Our series showcasing the “Pirates of Legend” miniatures got bogged down, but we’re back! This time with another quick article of two female pirates assembled and painted, and ready to play in Blood & Plunder. In this article, we will look at the Anne Bonny and Mary Read miniatures. These fearsome lady pirates can be…

Bermuda Sloop Ship Review Video

The Bermuda Sloop is one of the most commonly used ships in Blood & Plunder right now. Check out our video review where we talk all about this ship. This video review gets us all caught up on ship reviews again! Additional Recommended Content

The Headless Seaman – He’ll take 20% off the top…

As the leaves fall and the nights grow darker, a chill is in the air, heralding the approach of Halloween. And what better way to celebrate the spookiest of seasons than with a brand-new addition to your gaming table! Prepare to be bewitched by the macabre as we peek behind the veil of Firelock Games…

Caballeria Lancero – Painted Blood & Plunder Unit

Long have we waited for models for the Spanish Caballeria Lancero unit released in No Peace Beyond the Line. The plastic Cavalry Unit Box released this year finally lets Blood & Plunder players create this unique Buccaneer hunting unit for their Spanish forces. I finally finished up a set of 3 models and wanted to…

Hunt or Be Hunted: New Predator Rules for Blood & Plunder

This Halloween, Blood & Pigment is proud to offer another holiday treat to the Blood & Plunder Community with new rules featuring the fearsome Predator. This year we’ve prepared some skull-jarring, spine-tingling fun that merges piracy with the sci-fi thriller franchise of the Predator. We’ve added a fully playable faction, with complete rules for new…


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