Faction Review – Caribs (Kalinago)

By Joseph Forster The Native factions in Blood & Plunder offer a very different way of playing the game. They have glaring weaknesses but also strengths in areas that the European factions lack. I think the Kalinago are a prime example of this combination of strength and weakness. With very mobile units, impressive firepower with … Continue reading Faction Review – Caribs (Kalinago)

The Native American Nationality and Factions

In Blood & Plunder each nationality has certain distinctives that make it interesting and unique. I’ve been writing a series of articles that look at distinctives of individual factions (there are several factions within each nationality i.e Spanish Militia are very different than Spanish Corsairs) and those articles get into the nitty-gritty details of units, abilities, and strategies. This … Continue reading The Native American Nationality and Factions

South American Tribes – A Faction Breakdown

When the Native factions were announced in second Kickstarter I was immediately interested to see how they would play against the standard "gunpowder factions." Playing the Spanish with their Indios whet my appetite for Native tactics and now that I've finally got a solid force painted and some games with them under my belt, I … Continue reading South American Tribes – A Faction Breakdown