About Blood & Pigment

Blood & Pigment is 4 years old! On November 8th, 2018, we published our first article on this blog! The blog’s birthday seemed a good time to create an “About Us” page to satisfy the SEO gods. Read on to find out a little more about the blog and the team behind the blog, and then enjoy some blog stats at the end of the article (available for a limited time only).

blood and pigment team

Blood & Pigment has been creating content for Blood & Plunder players since 2018. Joseph Forster started the blog but was soon joined by Guy Rheuark (writer and video contributor, and editor). Dan Carlson (writer, audio editor, and video contributor), Brian Longoria (graphics specialist), and Jason Klotz (technical wizard & SEO consultant) have since joined the team. We launched our YouTube channel in 2020 where we publish videos on a variety of Blood & Plunder topics.

The Blood & Pigment Team

Joseph Forster

Living in wargaming wasteland of Oregon, Joseph grew up playing board games of various types. Joseph backed the original Blood & Plunder Kickstarter in 2016 and has been enthusiastically playing Blood & Plunder ever since. Looking to help grow the Blood & Plunder community, Joseph started the Blood & Pigment blog in 2018. Joseph continues to contribute research and design for some more recent Blood & Plunder products, including Fire on the Frontier. Joseph stays busy as a musician, piano technician, and father of 5 little gamers.

Guy Rheuark

I am Guy Rheuark and I help Blood & Pigment with videos and the occasional article. I’ve alway been passionate about history and gaming and Blood & Plunder is a great combination of those interests. I am responsible for most of our ‘Homebrew’ articles, and I encourage players to tinker with what they enjoy playing.

Painting and modeling is also a passion of mine, and Blood & Plunder is a great platform for that.

I manage Seamons Quality Sails, and worked with our artist to make scale hand quilted sails for Firelock Games ships.

Feel free to contact me on social media, or email me at endorgamesbrookings@gmail.com

Dan Carlson

Joining the blog in 2019 with his article about the Pirates’ Faction from No Peace Beyond the Line, Dan is our local in-game sea-faring expert. His unique writing style and passion for the game’s Pirate Factions add a colorful yet piratical flair to his works. Residing in Texas, he leads a local group of players that play games of Blood and Plunder on a weekly basis.

Dan joined at the tail-end of No Peace Beyond the Line and wasted no time in sailing for the Pirates and the Dutch. He keeps busy going to different Renaissance Fairs, pirate-themed video games, and movies. He is also a writer both for the blog and pirate-themed short stories. If he’s not enjoying those pastimes, he can be found boarding other people’s vessels with Enter Ploeg or figuring out how to bring his beloved 6th Rate Frigate (his favorite ship) into as many games as possible.

Dan maintains an Instagram account for all his Blood and Plunder hobby work and can be reached via private message from that account: https://instagram.com/pigment_member_dan?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=

Brian Longoria

Brian brings a lot of graphics and social media expertise to the team. He designed our logos, graphic style, and was instrumental in bringing our YouTube channel. Also residing in Oregon, Brian enjoys several games and is always painting minis of one kind or another!

Jason Klotz

A veteran with over 30 years of gaming experience. Starting down the road to gaming with D&D, it was quickly followed by the BATTLETECH miniatures game. Over the years his hobbies have exploded into more games than he cares to mention. He’s owned and operated a hobby store and designed/contributed to a number of games over the years. He loves Oak & Iron and Blood & Plunder and continues to spend waaaay too many hours on them both. Jason is also the owner and chief contributor of TimberAndSail.com an Oak & Iron blog. He helps with Blood & Pigment primarily as a technical consultant and SEO guru.

Blood & Pigment’s Mission

Our mission is to create content that will help Blood & Plunder players to more fully enjoy the game and draw more people into playing Blood & Plunder. We all enjoy Blood & Plunder to the fullest and we love working hard making content we hope will help others enjoy the game as well.

Our Name

We aim to cover both the tabletop combat (blood) part of Blood & Plunder along with the painting and crafting half (pigment) of the hobby. We’re still in the planning stages of opening the Bloody Pig pub as our HQ.

Our Content Focus:

Our Current Content Focus

With Raise the Black coming out, there should be an increasing number of new players getting into Blood & Plunder. We have been trying to adjust our content creation to be more helpful to these new players. We just released an updated Getting Started with Blood & Plunder article and we’re currently working on a quick start video for learning to play Blood & Plunder, articles with some advice on selecting your first ship(s) and building your first forces, On YouTube we have a full review of the Raise the Black Kickstarter video in the works, and we’ll be continuing our Ship Building video series.

Our Social Media

If you don’t get enough Blood & Plunder content here on the blog, you can follow us on the various social media sites:

Our Patreon

We recently bit the bullet and started a Patreon. Building and maintaining a blog and YouTube channel takes a lot of time and effort and, unfortunately, a good bit of money! If you enjoy our content and support our mission, we would be super thankful for any doubloons you can pledge to help support our efforts. We sure appreciate it!

Blood & Plunder Pirates of Legend minis on a dock with a Bermuda Sloop in the background

Four Years of Blood & Pigment

With four years behind us, let’s look at some fun blog stats.

  • Posts – 344
  • Views – 248,208
  • Visitors – 80,369
  • Total Words – 87,920
  • Source Countries for Traffic – USA, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, Australia, Denmark
  • Most-visited article – Getting Started with Blood & Plunder (10,000+ views)
  • First Post – Welcome to This Blood & Plunder Blog

Our YouTube channel is only two years old but we’re making progress!