4Ground Pirate Wargaming Terrain

The folks at 4Ground Publishing have been supplying wargamers with excellent terrain for years, but last year 4Ground Publishing officially shuttered as a company. But we have recently learned that most of their product line will continue to be produced by their sister company, Tymeagain. It appears 4Ground was mostly moving away from the distribution model, but will continue with direct sales. And that’s great news because they make great products!

4Ground Products for Blood & Plunder

4Ground’s full catalogue covers covers a massive scope of time and places, and while the Age of Pirates isn’t the primary focus, they have built some really great products for Blood & Plunder players.

The flagship product for Plunder players is the Ports of Plunder set. With docks, hovels, buildings, warehouses, and even a crane, this is a fantastic set to keep collecting! Besides Caribbean/Spanish style buildings, 4Ground produces more.

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4ground Ports of Plunder harbor terrain

4Ground also has some great North American buildings including some New England and New France style cabins that are very appropriate for Fire on the Frontier style battles.

Where to Start with 4Ground Terrain

If you want something easy and like the North American Frontier style games, the New England/New France Cabins are great options, as is the Blockhouse. They are a bit undersized compared to the Ports of Plunder, but they work great for all but the largest games of blood & Plunder (some of these cabins couldn’t hold more that 20-25 models).

Colonial Style / Frontier Style Cabins

Blood & Plunder minis tend to be a little large for the 28mm scale and these cabins can feel slightly undersized for 28mm. But really easy kits to assemble, and very easy to use on your battle board. They look great across the full battlefield.

Blood & Plunder Compatible Blockhouse Fortification

The blockhouse is a great model that fits the Blood & Plunder blockhouse stats pretty well.

4Ground Ports of Plunder – Docks and Port Terrain

But the best line of terrain from 4Ground for Blood & Plunder players is the Ports of Plunder series. There’s lots to say about this set! There’s a huge variety of houses, larger buildings, shacks, docks, cranes, and scatter terrain in this series! I love the slightly larger scale that matches Blood & Plunders 30-32mm scale, and the designs of these products are super simple and functional. The only thing to consider before ordering a bunch of this stuff is the Render Powder. You have to apply a paste-like substance to the exterior of these buildings to get that typical Spanish plastered look. It’s easy to do it wrong and make a mess. So just be smart and read our article on the Render Powder before you start and you’ll be fine!

We have several articles looking at the various components of the Ports of Plunder series. Below are a few highlights:

Caribbean Style Town Buildings – 3 Colonial House Set

This Colonial House set is my very favorite of the line. 3 substantially sized houses with interesting doors, windows, and stairs to fight around. These are great kits that look great on any Blood & Plunder battlefield.

Caribbean Style Huts and Hovels Terrain

4Ground Spanish Village Building Terrain

Very closely related to the Ports of Plunder series is the Spanish Village set of buildings. It looks like 4Ground/Tymeagain currently carries a couple pieces of this line, but it is also available in a less deluxe format from Things from the Basement.

Spanish Style

28mm Town Hall Building

The Town Hall is an impressive option that makes a great centerpiece for your wargaming table setup.

28mm scale Spanish Style Church Model

And the massive church/cathedral is even more impressive!

You can get this building in two slightly different versions, one from 4Ground, and one from Things from the Basement.

Mediterranean Style Village Scatter Terrain Suggestions

When we reviewed the set from 4Ground, there was an extensive set of walls, fountains, and scatter terrain attached to this Spanish Village set. I couldn’t find some of that on the Tymeagain site, but it appears to still be available from Things from the Basement.

4Ground Wooden Port Set – Docks and Support Buildings

Another set of great 4Ground stuff that helps out with amphibious games is their Wooden Port Set. This is a humbler set of docks and buildings, but its a great set piece for a typical amphibious game of Blood & Plunder. You can buy pieces individually here, or all together in the Wooden Port Set.

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You can find all our 4Ground product reviews here on Blood & Pigment. And don’t forget to use that BNP10 for 10% off your order if you purchase directly from Tymeagain/4Ground!