Blood & Plunder Learn to Play – Quick Start Guide Video

We’ve been wanting to make a Learn to Play video for a long time and we finally got a start! It was a much more difficult job than initially anticipated! In this video we lay out the basics of a game while playing a full turn of a small land game with Spanish vs. English.

We are no video pros but we’d love improve our craft, so please give us feedback on this. Let us know if this is helpful, and how it can be more helpful.

We aren’t detailing every rule in the game (we plan to create a series of videos looking at the basic rules in more detail), but this just launches into playing a game, explaining the basics of each major action and event as the situation arises. We hope this can be a helpful quick start guide for folks just getting started in Blood & Plunder. We plan to build on this and create a Quick Start video for sea games as well.

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