Prizes & Awards! – 2023 Summer of Plunder Final Update


The Summer of Plunder event is over and now it’s time to hand out the Plunder! In this post, we’ll award prizes to players for all sorts of reasons! We tried to spread prize support to as many players as possible. If you didn’t end up winning anything and want a Summer of Plunder souvenir, we can get you some of the Summer of Plunder custom commanders cards. Just drop us a note via the contact page, or mention it in your comments on the 2023 Summer of Plunder Participant Survey that I know you’re eager to fill out!

Image from Andy Hodges
  1. Intro
  2. Grand Prize
  3. Most New Players Taught
  4. Most Points Earned by One Person
  5. Best Battle Report 
  6. Most Consistent Player
  7. Most Games at FLGS/Convention
  8. Most Factions Played
  9. Most Oak & Iron Games Played
  10. Best Looking Battle Table
  11. “Worst Looking” Battle Table
  12. Part Time Pirate
  13. Random Player with “Rough Terrain”
  14. Random Player with Unpainted Armies 
  15. Plunder Club
  16. New Player Prizes
  17. Weekly Campaign Prizes
  18. Weekly Random Drawing
  19. Weekly Photo Prize Winner
  20. Final Commander Reports
  21. Spain
  22. England
  23. France
  24. Netherlands
  25. Natives
  26. Pirates
  27. Campaign Participation
  28. Individual Report
  29. Faction Report
  30. Scenario Numbers
  31. Oak & Iron Final Update
  32. Week 9 Objective – Men of Legend
  33. Participant Survey
  34. Final Thanks & Farewells for the Summer of Plunder 2023

Straight to the prizes!

Grand Prize

  • Prize – 6th Rate Frigate for Blood & Plunder
  • Goal – Random drawing from all players who played for the winning nation of the campaign.
Blood & Plunder 6th Rate Frigate firing cannons side view

This prize goes to a random player that contributed to the winning nation for the campaign. The Prize is a Blood & Plunder 6th Rate Frigate from Firelock Games. Each player that played for Spain earned one entry for the drawing for every week they logged games for that nation.

And…. the winner is Josh Shivak. A worthy winner indeed! Josh is a great player of both Blood & Plunder and Oak & Iron. He’s a convention regular who is always ready to help new players, teach a demo, run events, and help everyone have a good time! And he’s a diehard Spanish player, even playing a fleet of Spanish Mission Militia in the Adepticon 2023 sea tournament.

I predict this big ship will be crawling with terrible Spanish militia models at Adepticon 2024!

Most New Players Taught

One of the things we want to encourage through this event is growing the community by teaching new people how to play Blood & Plunder and Oak & Iron. For this campaign, we offered a deluxe Blood & Plunder rulebook (Red 17th century or Black 18th century) to the player who taught the most new players. Over the course of the campaign, 301 new people were taught how to play. The champion of this was Tyler Carlson. He really worked hard, finding places with receptive audiences and ultimately demoing games to an incredible 71 new players.

Most Points Earned by One Person

  • Prize – $100 Firelock Games Gift Card
  • Goal – Earn the most campaign points of all players.

Tyler Carlson handily won the most personal points contest as well, logging mind-boggling numbers of games, with each game maximizing the number of campaign points earned! I still don’t know how Tyler played all those games.

Our top 10 players this year include:

  1. Tyler Carlson – 502
  2. Matthew Doerr – 292
  3. Zeph Garcia-Reyes – 139
  4. Roger Gilbert – 100
  5. George Hellmer – 71
  6. Brendan D – 69
  7. Ashley Monday – 65
  8. Michael Verity – 65
  9. Daniel Perkins – 62
  10. Greg Padilla – 60

Best Battle Report 

  • Prize – Benerson Little’s Golden Age of Piracy Book
  • Goal – Share an engaging battle report in campaign submission

Writing up battle reports and sharing pictures of your games is a great way to give other players ideas and inspire them to try something. Many players wrote up battle reports of various sizes and included them in their entries. Michael Verity wrote up more than 25 excellent battle reports and he is our winner this year! Check out his winning entry here on Blood & Pigment.

Most Consistent Player

Several players were able to get games in every week this year and that makes them “the most consistent players.”

  1. Matthew Doerr
  2. Zeph Garcia-Reyes
  3. Brendan D
  4. Daniel Perkins
  5. Erich Goebel
  6. Ray Weiandt
  7. James Monson
  8. Paul Chouinard
  9. Todd Mangan
Image by Todd Mangan

All these players qualify so a random number generator selected Brendan D. Brendan was one of France’s top players this year. His battle boards looked phenomenal and he carefully followed all events and objectives throughout the course of the campaign. His photography was great as well, highlighting fun moments and important characters that related to the objective of the week.

Image by Brendan D

Most Games at FLGS/Convention

  • Prize – Resin Light Frigate model
  • Goal – Play the most games at a FLGS/Convention/Public Space
Blood & Plunder Light Frigate ship product

Playing a game at a local game store or a convention or some other public place is a great way to meet new people, grow your local community, and pull people into the game. Many, many players logged games at their stores. Of the 1,396 games logged, a full 606 were logged “in a public space.

Gencon scenario. Image from Niguel Vega

You may recognize the name of the winner of this category: Tyler Carlson, with 59 games.

The top FLGS Supporters include:

  • Tyler Carlson – 59
  • Matthew Doerr – 46
  • Zeph Garcia Reyes – 34
  • Roger Gilbert – 18
  • Ashley Monday – 16
  • George Hellmer – 15
  • Philip Greenwood – 14
Photo from George Hellmer

Most Factions Played

  • Prize Activation Deck of Player’s Choice & Fire on the Frontier
  • Goal – Play the most different factions throughout the campaign
Blood & Plunder Fire on the Frontier rulebook

This is a hard one to track! Many players used many different factions within their favorite nation, exploring up to 8-10 different English OR Spanish OR Dutch OR French OR Native American factions but Daniel Perkins stood out with a total of 21 factions played over 6 different nationalities! Daniel seemed to go out of his way to seek out and play the factions that hadn’t been played yet which was awesome!

  1. Daniel Perkins – 21 Factions
    1. English – New England Village Militia, Church’s Raiders, New England Militia
    2. French – Flibustiers de Graff, French Expeditionary Force, New France Garrison, French Privateers, French Buccaneers, Flibustiers Nau, French Army, French Royal Navy
    3. Native Americans – Chickasaw, Darien, Northeastern Woodland Tribes,,
    4. Pirates – The Flying Gang, Golden Age Pirates, Brethren of the Coast
    5. Spanish – Tercios
    6. Unaligned – Last Buccaneers, Brandenburg Privateers, Portuguese Bandeirantes

Most Oak & Iron Games Played

  • Prize – Oak & Iron Expansion of Player’s Choice
  • Goal – Play the most games of Oak & Iron in the Campaign

Without a lot of new products released lately, and with Oak & Iron point man Jason Klotz being too busy helping run the campaign this year, Oak & Iron didn’t get all the promotional love it deserved this year. But we still had 93 games of Oak & Iron logged this year and we saw some fantastic ships on the table!

Image by Matthew Doerr

Matthew Doerr was the undisputed Master of Oak & Iron this year! Matthew did a great job promoting and demo-ing both Oak & Iron and Blood & Plunder at his FLGS, and from appearances, he sometimes even ran more than one demo simultaneously!

Image by Cody Adams

The top Oak & Iron players include:

  • Matthew Doerr
  • Tyler Carlson
  • Zeph Garcia-Reyes
  • Ginger Monson
  • Sergio Zabala
  • Margaria de Vargas Oro

Best Looking Battle Table

  • Prize – New England Style House from The Plunder Den
  • Goal – Best Looking Game Table

From Dexter Heide: I wanted to start off by thanking everyone for sending in so many amazing pictures of their fantastic tables, which made it so difficult to choose a winner this year! But after careful consideration, I would like to congratulate Jake Farris! I really appreciated the efforts he put into his scratch-built elements of his table! Fantastic job Jake!

Photo from Jake Farris

Worst Looking” Battle Table

  • Prize – Terrain Piece from Tales from the Sail
  • Goal – “Most needy” battle board

We try hard to not just give all the prizes to players who already “have it all”! Terrain is a big part of a game like Blood & Plunder but it can be a big job pulling together a cohesive set of material to set up a fancy battle board. But you don’t need fancy terrain to play and that is proved by several players every year! Much better to play with improvised terrain elements and enjoy some fun games than to put off actually enjoying your games.

This year Daniel Perkins played a lot of games and was obviously involved in the campaign, playing a wide variety of factions and following the weekly and national objectives. But the terrain in his photos was “utilitarian.”  Tom from Tales of the Sail has donated a custom handmade selection of terrain pieces for this prize.

Part Time Pirate

  • Prize – Resin Piragua
  • Goal –  Random Player with ONE Entry

Of the 201 different players to participate in the campaign this year, 43 players submitted a single game so this is a tight race at the bottom! Our random number generator has selected Sadie Henson as the winner of the “Part Time Pirate” award! The Piragua is a great ship for a small crew for a part time pirate. And it’s easy to paint up and rig!

Image from Sadie Henson

Random Player with “Rough Terrain”

  • Prize – Set of Out of Print 4Ground Trees
  • Goal – Use some creative solutions for terrain on your board

It takes time and some money to collect terrain for big games like Blood & Plunder. This prize is to help out players that haven’t had a chance to grow their terrain collection yet. This is essentially the same category as the “worst battle board” above, but we got our wires crossed and added another prize!

The winner of this Category is Kyle Arpke. His solution to needing some buildings for a scenario was brilliant! You can even see exactly how many minis are left in those buildings!

Random Player with Unpainted Armies 

  • Prize – Blood & Plunder Organized Play Set 3 exclusive minis (unpainted) and a set of exclusive commander cards from the South Sea Adventure
  • Goal – Use Unpainted armies

Painting up armies of 20-40 men takes a lot of time and dedication but it’s worth the effort! We hosted a painting contest before the campaign this year to help inspire people to get their armies painted and I think that helped this year. Lots of great looking armies out there!

Image from Jayden King

But it’s fine to game with a bare silver or plastic army! Better to play some games and actually enjoy the game than let it sit if you don’t have time or chutzpah to spread that pigment.

The winner here is Jakub Karaś for his host of ghostly gray soldiers. Maybe next year those soldiers will have picked a side and been issued some nicely colored coats!

Image from Jakub Karaś

Plunder Club

  • Prize – Plunder Box Miniature Sprue from the Raise the Black Kickstarter
  • Goal – Include a group picture of your gaming club or group in your entry

It’s great to see groups of players regularly get together for games. We want to do what we can to encourage players to either join an existing Plunder/Iron group or get a regular group started! Having a regular group of friends to get together and game with is so much fun and helps grow the game through a regular and committed presence in your game store.

Image from Brent DeVos

We’re giving out two copies of this prize, one to Brent DeVos and his Plunder Club, and one to Leon Mason and his club.

Image from Leon Mason

New Player Prizes

  • Prize – $100 of Ships and Minis
  • Goal – Participate in the Summer of Plunder after starting to play Blood & Plunder or Oak & Iron in 2023.

Every year we have several drawings from all the “new players” that have started playing either Oak & Iron or Blood & Plunder during the current calendar year. Three lucky winners get sent a hefty prize package with a ship and some miniatures. We intended to do 3 drawings during the campaign but only actually did one, so we have more to award here!

Kris Summers was our first random winner and we sent him an English starter set, some metal minis and some plunder dice.

Image from Kris Summers

We had 244 entries from people who had just started playing this year!

Our second randomly drawn winner of the New Player award is Adam Marrow. It looks like Adam jumped into Blood & Plunder with both feet, building some impressive terrain and painting up some great armies. I was very excited to see Adam start playing Blood & Plunder since I know his Pirate persona from following his Captain Morrow social media accounts. A knowledgeable pirate enthusiast for sure!

Be sure to follow his Shipwrecked with Captain Marrow Facebook page where he posts some great history and photos of historical locations and his own living history adventures. He also has an Instagram and Tumblr.

Our third random winner of the New Player award is Joe Heaney. Looks like Joe really got into the spirit of things as well. Some really great looking sloops and miniatures in his photos.

A Hearty Welcome To all the New Players

Welcome to the game and the community! We wish we could send all new players some goodies! Your feedback is important and we would love to hear from all of you new players as well. We strive to create content helpful for both new players and experienced here on Blood & Pigment, but let us know if there’s an article or video that would be particularly helpful for you as you start enjoying the game.

If you’re reading this and are a new player, check out these top new player resources:

Weekly Campaign Prizes

Each week we have two regular prizes to give away. First, one of all the entries of the week will receive a custom-made chest objective token from Tyler Stone, one of our campaign sponsors from Dead Man’s Chest blog. Secondly, each week one of the photos submitted during the week will be selected to receive an awesome reproduction piece of eight from St. Augustine Mint. This prize can only be won once during the campaign for each player.

Weekly Random Drawing

This week’s winner for the random drawing is Niguel Vega for his very last entry of the campaign! Entry number 1,394, the last entry, was a Spanish entry. Fitting for this campaign! Niguel served as Native Commander last year and was helping Firelock Games out at Gencon this year, running a big multiplayer sea battle. A devoted Force builder, a great tournament player, a creative mini builder, a lover of history, and a helping hand at conventions, Niguel is an awesome member of the Blood & Plunder (and Blood & Valor) community.

Image from Niguel Vega

Weekly Photo Prize Winner

This week’s photo winner goes to Evan Botkin for this picture of Maynard staring down an approaching pirate ship.  Great perspective, good looking minis, and a fun moment captured in this game.

Image from Evan Botkin

Evan scored 25 points for the English and played a game or two for the Native Americans as well. Lots of good shots from his entries here!

Now we have prizes awarded from all our Commanders, then we will do a final campaign debrief at the end.

Final Commander Reports

Finally, here are the prizes handed out by Commanders to their players this year.



Victory party still going on in España.

Image from Guy Rheuark

Final winners:

  1. Overall points – Tyler Carlson
    1. Painted Juan Corso
  2. Most O&I games – Zeph Garcia-Reyes
    1. Painted Castillo de San Marcos (O&I scale)
  3. Most Spanish factions played – Martin Sheaffer
    1. 18th-century activation deck
  4. Week 9 Challenge – Michael Verity
    1. Soldier sprue
Image from Brent DeVos



Prizes given to English players (by Week) included:

  1. N/A
  2. Evan Botkin – 1x Plastic Soldier Sprue
  3. Joel Thompson – 1x Plastic Soldier Sprue & Lt. Maynard
  4. James Monson – 1x Plastic Militia Sprue
  5. Jimmy Arlekrans – 8x Metal “Veteran Freebooters”
  6. Jake Farris – 1x Plastic Sailor Sprue
  7. Richard Anderson – 1x Plastic Soldier Sprue
  8. Erich Goebel – 1x Plastic Sailor Sprue
  9. Neil Burton – 1x Box of Plunder Sprue
Image from Joe Heaney



Captains of France, we have sailed away from the campaign with our hulls loaded with all sorts of booty.

Week 1: Hoist the Colors! My favorite picture with a flag in it will win a prize package with a terrain objective piece and a commander card. Winner: Brandon D

Week 2:The Better Part of Valor: Do not be boarded by an enemy captain. My favorite battle report submitted detailing a game where none of your ships were boarded. Winner: Danial Foley

Week 3: Local Allies: Play games with native units in your force, the winner will receive a custom objective marker. Winner: Julien Nault

Week 4: An Explosive Celebration: Use heavy cannons! Every game submitted with heavy cannons used will be entered into a drawing to win a terrain objective token. Winner: Ethan Taylor

Image from Ethan Taylor

Week 5: Leaders of Men: Include a French Historic Commander in your battles this week. The winner will receive a custom terrain piece. Winner: George Juan Hellmer

Week 6: A Detailed Amphibious Report: My favorite battle report submitted that details an amphibious game will win a prize package of a terrain objective piece, and commander card: Winner: Brandon D

Week 7: objective is Cold Blooded. Whoever logs the most games with a commander who has cold-blooded will win a custom objective marker. Winner: Kyle Arpke

Week 8: Celebrate Early: make the most of celebrating the end of the campaign and tag @firelockgames in it. Send a link to the post to My favorite post will win a custom terrain piece Brandon D

Week 9:The grand prize:: random drawing, every entry and completed national objective is an entry.  The winner will receive a painted bark. Winner: Kyle Arpke

French Recruiter

-Recruit for France: whoever logs the most games with new players will win a custom-painted commander, George Juan Hellmer

Congrats to everyone on a campaign well fought and congrats to the prize winners.

-Capitaine Albatros

Image from George John Hellmer



Landgenoten, we sailed hard but the winds were not in our favor. But we managed to snatch some nice loot on our journey.

Image from Christofer Papinski

We made some adjustments to the prices. We would award capturing an enemy vessel with a commander card, but decided to award every player who put in a minimum of 1 point for us to receive a commander card.
: We put in a raffle for a Sailor Sprue which was won by Mark Stigter
Week 2: the weekly raffle for a Soldier Sprue was won by Paul Chouinard
Week 3: the weekly raffle for a Militia Sprue was won by Christofer Papinski
Week 4: the weekly raffle for a Soldier Sprue was won by Derek Taylor
Week 5: the weekly raffle for a Sailor Sprue was won by Ginger Monson
Week 6: the weekly raffle for a Militia Sprue was won by Matthew Doerr
Week 7: the weekly raffle for a set of Objective Markers was won by Todd Mangan
Week 8: the weekly raffle for a set of Objective Markers was won by Courtney Nordlund
Week 9: The final prize for most points won for the Dutch was won by a big margin: Matthew Doerr won the handpainted Piet Heyn

Image from Paul Chouinard



Congratulations to all the Tribesmen and Braves who participated in the Summer of Plunder this year!  To the victor go the spoils, and for such a small nation as ours finishing in 4th place ahead of the Pirates and even the Dutch is a mighty victory indeed.  I am also proud that we managed to play ALL of the Natives factions.

Image from Iktan

Native Prizes

Some Natives awards went unclaimed and were converted into random drawings instead.  These winners are:

Gavin Klotz is awarded a pack of Native Warriors

Jakub Wichary is awarded a Natives Card Deck

For the other weekly prizes:

Daniel Perkins is awarded a Natives Sprues for shooting an enemy out of cover

Jeffrey Mitchell is awarded a pack of Braves for using a faction that wasn’t Yamasee (the most popular faction at the time)

Bartosz Nowicki is awarded a pack of Warrior Archers for playing at least 3 games with Natives over the campaign

Ryan Nordstrom is awarded a Natives sprue for playing with a Legendary Commander

Roger Gilbert is awarded a painted Natives Commander for playing the most games with Natives over the entire campaign.

Image from Roger Gilbert

In addition, all of the above winners will receive two Natives Commander Cards apiece.  If anyone else who played Natives during the campaign wants a Commander Card let me know and I can send you one.

Image from Joseph Forster

Finally, our unaligned combo quest was completed by Daniel Perkins. He raided the French and took a chest organ (the instrument, see below)! He donated it to the Native cause, playing music in an effort to rally the scattered tribes. Despite his efforts, the Natives failed to secure victory, but his spoils have netted him a custom terrain piece/objective marker (to be crafted) as well as a Scottish promo card from last year!


Congrats to all who played Natives this campaign! We have done better than previous years by beating out not one but two other factions!



Weekly Pirate Prize Winners

Here are the campaign Pirate winners for this year!

Week 1 and 2: The Pirate captain who raised the “Black”…or “Joli Rouge” in their games (via game pics) and the highest scoring captain in the first weeks to get our faction off to a good start.

Ø  Winner: Ray Weiandt – Highest scoring Pirate Captain with some cool and uniquely crafted pirate flags. 2x plastic sprue from the Sailors Box

Pic from Ray Weiandt

Week 3: “Let me see ya Pirate War-Face!” Get a picture of yourself in your game getting your Pirate War-Face (wearing “Pirate” garb is encouraged).

Ø  Winner: Brody Lee – awesome looking Pirate War-Face pic! 1x plastic sprue from the Sailors Box

Week 4: Play with a “Legendary Pirate Captain”.

Ø  Winner: Gary Lee – most different Legendary Characters played. 1 set of “Blood” dice set

Pic from Enrich Goebel

PiWeek 5:  Show me your BIG ship, and raise the black!

Ø  Winner: Jayme Doremus – Exquisite looking Frigate and crew! 1x plastic sprue from the Sailors Box

Image from Ryan Peterson

Week 6: Have multiple flags on your ship and even a crew member carrying their captain’s colors.

Ø  Winner: Ryan Peterson – Unique and creative Pirate Standard. 1x plastic sprue from the Sailors Box

Pic from Greg Flynn

Week 7: Add a “Standard Bearer” character to your Pirate force…he must be waiving a pirate flag of sort.

Ø  Winner: Christian Busch – Standard Bearer in the thick of the battle. 1x plastic sprue from the Sailors Box

Week 8: The Pirate Captain who plays multiple O&I games, and use a Legendary Admiral for each game.

Ø  Winner: Erich Goebel – Played the most Oak & Iron Games with Legendary Captains. A set of “Plunder” dice.

Pic from Jonathan Smith

Week 9: Top scoring Pirate Captain from the whole campaign.

Winner:  Kurtis Fraley @ 59 points. Exclusive Pirate Captain model of yours truly, “Don Gregorio de Padilla” and his card…and a 3D resin printed set of unpainted scatter terrain (barrels, crates, etc.).


Special Commander Card Prizes

Next up is to earn a Special Commanders Card from me, Don Gregorio “Redmist” de Padilla, your Pirate Commander. In order to receive this limited edition collectors card, you would have to have played at least one game per campaign week…and it was logged in.

  1. Daniel Perkins
  2. Erich Goebel
  3. Gary Lee
  4. Me (Greg Padilla)
  5. Kurtis Fraley
  6. Kyle Arpke
  7. Ray Weiandt

Most Pirate Games Played

Finally me Hearties, for the Pirate Captain which logged in the, “Most Games Played”, will be rewarded a 3D printed bust of a Pirate Captain. This bust may/or may not resemble the man himself – Blackbeard! Along with the bust will be a custom nameplate with your name on it for the Pirate Captain which has logged in the most games for the Summer of Plunder 2023…and I’ll throw in a limited edition collectors card of yours truly, “Don Gregory de Padilla”.

Ø  Winner:  Kurtis Fraley @ 23 Pirate games played


Winners, I will send you an email requesting your mailing address. The plan is to get all the booty out by this Friday, so check your email.

Finally, I would like to say I had a great time being your Commander as well as I speak for Dan for being your sub-commander running the behind the scenes for attacks and defense shenanigans. Hope to see you next year in the Summer of Plunder Campaign 2024.


Campaign Participation

We had a total of 201 different players log 1,396 games this year! Our weekly participation was up from about 100 games a week to 140 games a week this year. That two player starter set has brought a lot of new folks into the game and it’s great to see! Tyler’s 500 point skyscraper kind of makes everyone else look small, but the lowest player of this top 30 still scored 36 points with 19 games which is 2 per week. That’s a good healthy number!

Image from Jayden King

Individual Report

We had some standout player this year that just logged a lot of games, but the top 30 players were logging similar numbers. Here is the final standing for the top 30 players.


It’s fun to see some people really double down and have the opportunity to play a lot of games, but we may opt to implement an upper limit of how many points you can earn per week (maybe per nation?) next year. Maintaining some sort of balance is good.

Faction Report

There are a lot of factions to enjoy in Blood & Plunder. Here are the final numbers for factions from each nation.

  1. Spain
    1. Spanish Militia 68 (+25 Reformed Spanish Militia), with Armada de Barlovento in second at 48
    2. No Spanish factions remain unplayed! Spanish domination!
  2. England
    1. British Privateers (26)
    2. Only New England Privateers remained unplayed.
  3. French
    1. French Buccaneers (48)
    2. All French factions have been played at least twice!
  4. Dutch
    1. The RTB (60) and NPBtL (16) versions of the Dutch Caribbean Militia lead the way when combined, followed by the Oak & Iron Dutch Faction at 52
    2. All Dutch Factions have been played at least 5 times!
  5. Native American
    1. Yamasee and Caribbean Tribes tie for most plays at 10 each
    2. ALL Native American factions were played!
  6. Pirates
    1. The Flying Gang leads the pack at 89
    2. All Pirate factions have been played at least 4 times!
  7. Unaligned and Minor Powers
    1. Miskito Zambo had the most plays at 37
    2. All Unaligned and Minor Power Factions were played!
  • Of the 110+ Blood & Plunder factions and 6 Oak & Iron factions, only the New England Privateers were not played. That’s a shame because they’re a good faction!

I’m sorry the text is so small on that chart. If you’re nerdy and want to see the numbers, you can look at full stats for all the factions in this spreadsheet.

Scenario Numbers

Stats are fun so here’s one more stat from the campaign data. Some players provided us with extra data, including what scenarios they played.

Encounter is king, but players played all the scenarios from the various Blood & Plunder books and the Oak & Iron scenarios as well.

Image from Jayden King

Oak & Iron Final Update

Players logged just shy of 100 games of Oak & Iron this year. Entries indicated several Blood & Plunder players jumped into Oak & Iron during this campaign, along with some of the Oak & Iron Community leaders like Matthew Doerr, Paul Kingtiger, and Jason Klotz.

The final number for games of Oak & Iron was 93. Rumor has it a large galleon is on the horizon for Oak & Iron! Some new ships could increase Oak & Iron participation next year.

Week 9 Objective – Men of Legend

Image from Daniel Foley

The objective for the final week of the Summer of Plunder campaign was to play a Legendary or 30+ cost commander for Blood & Plunder, or play a level 3 (or highest available) Admiral for Oak & Iron. 113 out of 139 entries accomplished that objective but less actual entries actually included force links for us to analyze. Here are the most used big commanders from the week, drawn from the data we had.

Those big commanders really change the game. That huge activation with 3 Command Points can swing a game if you use it well, or get back in the game if you’re struggling. Commanders are a really cool part of Blood & Plunder and Oak & Iron and sometimes we forget to enjoy these larger than life characters in the game because we’re too busy setting up demos or maximizing efficiency in a 100 points force with a 0 Point Commander and an Officer.

Keep exploring these interesting real people from history (and Black Caesar)!

Participant Survey

If you participated in the Summer of Plunder, we’d love your feedback! We are planning on running another campaign again next year and we’re already hard at work hammering new plans, fixing issues, layering in new things, and working to keep it accessible. Please take a few minutes to fill out this quick survey with your thoughts and experiences so better serve the community with a big campaign again next year! We’ve already learned a lot from reading through the forms that have come in early. If you have ideas and want to help out or help sponsor the event, please check that box and we can try to pull you into the planning for next year.

There will be another prize handed out to a random person that fills out the participant survey. The Plunder never stops!

Final Thanks & Farewells for the Summer of Plunder 2023

Thank you all for participating this year! We had some tiny growing pains this year with several new things implemented, but the 2023 Summer of Plunder Campaign was a great success. Over 200 players participated around the globe, logging nearly 1400 games of Blood & Plunder and Oak & Iron over the course of the 9 week event. Hopefully, you made some new friends, enjoyed some great games, explored some new corners of your games and had a good time!

Prizes will begin to be shipped this week but may take a while to complete processing.

Photo from David Nye

Special Thanks to Our Global Campaign Supporters

Many thanks to many people for helping with the event:

  • Firelock Games & Mike Tunez for making great games and supporting the community
  • Guy Rheuark for starting the Summer of Plunder event 3 years ago
  • Jason Klotz for his big-picture thinking, campaign design, creating the campaign map, and tireless work with spreadsheets and campaign management!
  • All our Commanders! They put in a lot of time, work, and mental anguish!
    • Pirates – Greg Padilla Dan Carlson
    • Spanish – Garrett Swader & Guy Rheuark
    • English – Jayden King & Dexter Heide
    • French – Andy Hodges & Tyler Stone
    • Dutch – Maarten de Kruif & Glenn van Meter
    • Native American – Davide Boeren & Liam Smith
  • Garrett and Jayden for helping save and categorize images
  • All our Sponsors who provided great Prize Support!
    • Firelock Games
    • The Plunder Den
    • Timber & Sail
    • Tales of the Sail
    • The Deadman’s Chest
    • The Doubloon Lagoon
    • Things from the Basement
    • St. Augustine Mint
  • Joseph Forster for compiling campaign updates
  • All 200 of you players out there that participated!
Photo from Paul Chouinard

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Photo from Brendan D

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