Faction Overview – Spanish Corsairs

By Guy Rheuark On the fringes of Spanish society in the 17th century existed the Spanish Corsairs. Named after the raiders and privateers of the Mediterranean, these Privateers did not always have a letter of mark, and sometimes believed that they didn’t need one. Much like the Guarda Costas, Spanish Corsairs were opportunists, attacking with … Continue reading Faction Overview – Spanish Corsairs

Blood & Plunder Ship Overview – The Piragua

By Joseph Forster Representing huge dugout canoes made of single logs, the Piragua is the largest boat in Blood & Plunder and fills a fun between-a-boat-and-a-ship place in the game. Faster, more maneuverable, and tougher than both the canoa and longboat, the Piragua is an interesting boat to include in your force and is a … Continue reading Blood & Plunder Ship Overview – The Piragua