Completed Canoa

I’ve been filling out my Native faction over the past few months and part of that is preparing several canoa. I needed a 5th and 6th canoa for a game I played a while back so I bought them at the very last minute and sprayed them with some brown paint so I could use them 20 minutes later for a game. Now I’m actually finishing those two boats!

These boats can be pretty simple or you can get really decorative and spend any amount of time on them. This is a simple one.

I sprayed it with Zandri Dust, then did some light drybrushing with Tyrant Skull Dry Paint from Citadel, then did some weathering of the waterline with Typhus Corrosion.

I’m not positive on the Caribbean Native methods of making canoes, but the standard method for the North American Native was to use fire to help burn out the center of the log for a dugout canoe. This would often leave the inside of the canoe dark to some extent so I added several layers of both Typhus Corrosion and Nuln Oil to the interior.

Basic drybrush on the higher parts of the boat.

I was in such a hurry with this boat before that game that I didn’t take time to remove the ridge of resin at the waterline. Taking the time to remove that excess material is worth it and gives you a much better end product.

This second canoe in this batch got a little more prep time and the waterline looks much better.

I believe this is just XV-88 over the entire boat with Agrax Earthshade and Typhus Corrosion for weathering and tone variation.

I added a simple blue/green stripe along the top of this canoa for some basic decoration.

Again, you can see how much better the model looks when it gets the proper prep attention. You can see the ragged waterline on the closer boat.


This photo is from that 200 point game where I used these two canoa before they were finished. You can see the darker one second from Left and the lighter one on the far Right.

That’s it. A simple method for painting a basic canoa with some weathering. And don’t skimp on the prep like I did!

I have plans to play a large 350 point naval game using the Natives so I can use all 6 canoa along with a Piragua. Stay tuned for that battle report!

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