Completed Zeelieden

I just finished up another set of Zeelieden. This isn’t a tutorial this time, but merely an excuse to share pictures of minis that I’m proud of.

Painting the second set is always more of a challenge for me after copying the Firelock paint schemes for the first set. I have to make decisions on colors for the second set.


Here’s my first set, colors copied from the rule book. 

My second set.

I tried to keep some of the same basic colors so nationalities and units will look at least sort of cohesive. Apparently yellow is the signature color for my Dutch force…

I’m learning that I don’t enjoy painting stripey pants…

I like how the colors balanced out on this mini. 

I put a bit of blood on one sword.

All of these guys are dandies! fancy coats, slashed sleeves, three layers on their legs and sashes, vests and neckties!

And they’re all yelling under those mustaches!

The thing with the sailor models of every faction is you need a good amount of them if you want to sail a larger ship. Here’s all 8 Zeelieden together. Plenty cohesive in the color choices. Maybe too much so. I should probably use more muted tones in my next set. I have 8 more primed up and ready to paint.

My Dutch force is slowly growing. Lots to paint

So far my force consists of a commander, 8 Zeelieden, 8 Enter Ploeg, and I could use my 12 European Soldiers for Soldaten if I used the Dutch Navy faction. I need some Kapers!

I think I’m going to paint up some more Warrior Musketeers next. Their simplicity is a nice change of pace after all the Dutch fine clothing!

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