Dutch Navy: Blood & Plunder Faction Review

By Dan Carlson Ahoy there everybody! Cap’n Dan is here to go over the Dutch Navy and everything you need to know about playing them! Reasons for Playing the Dutch Navy: Being able to take Heavily Built on all the ships in your Force. Your main sailors are more well rounded than other Nationalities’ equivalents. Because … Continue reading Dutch Navy: Blood & Plunder Faction Review

Faction Overview – Ostend Privateers

By Joseph Forster The Ostend Privateer faction is one of the smaller Spanish factions in Blood & Plunder, but its combination of strengths from both the Dutch and Spanish nationalities make it a very strong naval faction, in spite of having fewer force building options than most other naval factions of the major European powers. … Continue reading Faction Overview – Ostend Privateers

Raise the Black Preview – Edward “Blackbeard” Teach

Ahoy there! Cap’n Dan is back to bring you a Blood and Pigment Exclusive Sneak Peek at one of the Commanders and Factions coming in the next big expansion for Blood and Plunder: Raise the Black! We are going to be looking at the most famous pirate in history: Edward “Blackbeard” Teach and his unique … Continue reading Raise the Black Preview – Edward “Blackbeard” Teach

Faction Overview – English Pirate Hunters

Historically it appears the Pirate Hunters were a diverse lot, ranging from Militia volunteers, Royal Navy veteran to Boucaniers who were likely nearly as lawless as the pirates they hunted. In Blood & Plunder, this faction is represented by a mix of seamen, Militia and Buccaneers. Their faction ability improves their melee ability which makes … Continue reading Faction Overview – English Pirate Hunters