Faction Overview – Ostend Privateers

By Joseph Forster The Ostend Privateer faction is one of the smaller Spanish factions in Blood & Plunder, but its combination of strengths from both the Dutch and Spanish nationalities make it a very strong naval faction, in spite of having fewer force building options than most other naval factions of the major European powers. … Continue reading Faction Overview – Ostend Privateers

Raise the Black Preview – Edward “Blackbeard” Teach

Ahoy there! Cap’n Dan is back to bring you a Blood and Pigment Exclusive Sneak Peek at one of the Commanders and Factions coming in the next big expansion for Blood and Plunder: Raise the Black! We are going to be looking at the most famous pirate in history: Edward “Blackbeard” Teach and his unique … Continue reading Raise the Black Preview – Edward “Blackbeard” Teach

Faction Overview – English Pirate Hunters

Historically it appears the Pirate Hunters were a diverse lot, ranging from Militia volunteers, Royal Navy veteran to Boucaniers who were likely nearly as lawless as the pirates they hunted. In Blood & Plunder, this faction is represented by a mix of seamen, Militia and Buccaneers. Their faction ability improves their melee ability which makes … Continue reading Faction Overview – English Pirate Hunters