150 Point Yamasee – Historicon 2023 Tournament Force

This Blood & Plunder list is the winning force from the Land Tournament at the 2023 Historicon event. Created by and shared by Damian Nagel.

Force Overview:

  • Faction: Yamasee (Raise the Black)
  • Commander: Untested Standard Native Commander
  • Points: 150
  • Theatre: Land
  • By: Damian Nagel

Here is a link to the force on Blood & Plunder Force Builder.

Faction – Yamasee

Native American factions in Raise the Black has a set of common rules that apply to them all:

Native American Rules
» When a shooting attack is declared against any unit in this Force that is not prone, before the attack is rolled, the targeted unit may gain a -1 bonus to its Shoot Save for that attack. After the attack is resolved, this unit goes prone.
» All units in this Force gain the Poorly Equipped and War Cry Special Rules.

Yamasee Force Special Rules
» All units in this Force gain the Ruthless and Savvy Special Rules.
» This Force’s Commander gains the Terror Special Rule.

Comments from Damian

The list I brought for Historicon was an answer to all the new elite Soldiers that every faction got. Professional Soldiers’ good Shoot Saves really hurt the effectiveness of bows because they save on 2 up most of the time meaning you have to bring muskets. Problem is your core unit Braves kinda is outmatched by all the new Soldiers and them being a little cheaper doesn’t make up the difference. Which makes the games feel like a coin flip/roll off.

I wanted more of a guarantee for the natives they never seem to do well in tournaments and I wanted to get them a good result. So my strategy for this list and the guaranteed victory was to simply stay back and give up the objective early. Just poke down these high value units because only a few kills makes a huge number difference. Then come in for the crippling blow with muskets and finish them with huge number advantages in melee. A key thing that makes this list work is having Savvy on the Renegadoes. With Savvy and Ruthless they can get long range kills on high value targets while staying Hidden. Renegadoes act a lot more like Braves with Savvy and an Officer.

Thank you Damian for sharing your list with the community!

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