Share a Blood & Plunder Force

Here you can submit a force (using a link from the B&P Force Builder) to share with the Blood & Plunder community. On receiving the entry, we will turn it into a short blog post in the Community Force Building section of Blood & Pigment. Please add notes on how to play, where characters go and anything else fun about your force. You can see an example of a full description here. For now, please only post forces that you’ve actually played and limit yourself to no more than one a week while work on this force sharing platform.

Any photos you submit will be interspersed with your text.

Thanks for sharing with the Blood & Plunder community!


  1. Create and save your force on the Blood & Plunder Force Builder.
  2. Fill out the form below, including the Force Builder link.
  3. We will turn it into a blog post you can access and share.


Share Blood & Plunder Force

Maximum file size: 20MB

Maximum file size: 20MB

We reserve the right to edit and deny publication for any reason.