Faction Overview – Spanish Corsairs

By Guy Rheuark On the fringes of Spanish society in the 17th century existed the Spanish Corsairs. Named after the raiders and privateers of the Mediterranean, these Privateers did not always have a letter of mark, and sometimes believed that they didn’t need one. Much like the Guarda Costas, Spanish Corsairs were opportunists, attacking with … Continue reading Faction Overview – Spanish Corsairs

Faction Review – Caribs (Kalinago)

By Joseph Forster The Native factions in Blood & Plunder offer a very different way of playing the game. They have glaring weaknesses but also strengths in areas that the European factions lack. I think the Kalinago are a prime example of this combination of strength and weakness. With very mobile units, impressive firepower with … Continue reading Faction Review – Caribs (Kalinago)