South American Tribes – A Faction Breakdown

When the Native factions were announced in second Kickstarter I was immediately interested to see how they would play against the standard "gunpowder factions." Playing the Spanish with their Indios whet my appetite for Native tactics and now that I've finally got a solid force painted and some games with them under my belt, I … Continue reading South American Tribes – A Faction Breakdown

English Buccaneers – A Faction Breakdown

I'm finally branching out to something besides Spanish! The English Buccaneers were one of the very first factions and I've been playing them on and off for a good while now. This faction is tough, well-rounded, has a lot of interesting options for commanders and will give you a good piratey experience. Force Special RulesThis … Continue reading English Buccaneers – A Faction Breakdown

Armada de Barlovento – A Faction Breakdown

The Armada de Barlovento has many similarities to the Spanish Guarda Costas but overall it's a more well-trained and hard-hitting faction. Adding Soldados as core units and moving Marineros Piqueros into the core column really changes the flavor of this Spanish naval faction. Force RulesYou can tell it's going to be a fairly strong faction … Continue reading Armada de Barlovento – A Faction Breakdown