Faction Overview – French Caribbean Militia

By Guy Rheuark Based on Saint-Domingue and a smattering of other islands, France controlled some of the most wealthy sugar plantations in the Caribbean. The people who lived in these towns were well acquainted with defending themselves from the Spanish. It is in these towns the Boucaniers retired and thrived, lured by the French crown … Continue reading Faction Overview – French Caribbean Militia

Faction Overview – English Pirate Hunters

Historically it appears the Pirate Hunters were a diverse lot, ranging from Militia volunteers, Royal Navy veteran to Boucaniers who were likely nearly as lawless as the pirates they hunted. In Blood & Plunder, this faction is represented by a mix of seamen, Militia and Buccaneers. Their faction ability improves their melee ability which makes … Continue reading Faction Overview – English Pirate Hunters

Ship Overview – The Brigantine

The Sloop is the fastest, the Galleon is the biggest, the Light Frigate is the toughest and the Brigantine is the "mediumist". It can sail reasonably fast, turn reasonably well, it's reasonably tough and it can deliver a reasonable broadside. It's a flexible mid-sized ship that doesn't particularly specialize but does decently in all areas. … Continue reading Ship Overview – The Brigantine