Product Review – HRC Wargaming Scenery

By Joseph Forster

I’m always on the lookout for good terrain at an affordable price. I recently  made a couple orders with HRC Wargaming Scenery on Etsy and I wanted to share some pictures of the quality gaming terrain I received from them.

HRC Wargaming Scenery is an online terrain supplier based in Poland. They have a WordPress website but transact their business through their Etsy store. They have 65 different products listed in their store and they also have options for custom orders.  The HRC Wargaming Scenery Etsy store has  1,500+ transactions, 280+ reviews and is rated at a perfect 5 stars by customers.

I made a mid sized order of some some pine woods, rocky hills, a pond, some fences and some farmed fields. Let’s look at the pine woods first. With Fire on the Frontier needing more Northeastern woodlands terrain, I have been looking for some more forest scenery.

Sold as a set of 5 Pine trees on a irregularly shaped forest floor base, their Modular Pine Wood sells for $28. I bought several of these and I’ve been very happy with them! Up to now I’ve been relying on the Gale Force Nine Battlefield in a Box trees but these are a marked improvement.

The trees aren’t overly tall with the tallest of them measuring a little more than 6″ tall. The base is approximately 6×10″.

One of the impressive things about these trees is they are two tone, with a lighter green applied to the outer layer. This gives a more natural and less sterile look that is rare.

The base is also well done with a natural looking woodland floor with well painted and non repeating patterns of rocks. More than one color of static grass helps this piece to look natural as well.

Even the bases of the trees themselves are varied with patterns of dirt, grass and rocks. I really like the practicality of the forest base. It’s very simple to just use that area as counting as cover and rough terrain for models. You can still move the trees around as necessary for gaming purposes, but it’s very easy to define and use.

I bought 4 sets of these trees and they have become my go-to for woodland terrain!

No New England farmstead is complete with crops! HRC offers a Wargaming Crops Field for $14. Fully painted and measuring 6×7″, I find these a great deal! The Firelock Farmed Field is still a better price at $10, but if you want some variety and don’t want to spend time painting dirt, this is great.

I bought two and they are each unique which is great. Again there are two tones of green crops in the field.

And if you have crop fields, you’ll need some fences! For $17 you can buy a 4-piece “Shire” fences set.

Each segment is about 5″ long so the set gives you 20″ of fence. These fences are similar to the Rufus-made fences that I’ve seen on Firelock’s tournament tables.

One set of fences can look good around a farmed field although it leaves some openings. I ended up ordering a second set because I liked them so much. $4.25 per section of a fully painted fence is a pretty good deal!

HRC has several styles of fences if you’re looking for variety.

Their Swamp/Marsh terrain piece is a nice novelty piece that could make for some interesting game scenarios.

This piece was priced at $17 when I bought in August but is now listed for $26 (2/2022).

The pond has a small island near the center with a log making a bridge from the water’s edge.

The water effect is well done and this terrain piece adds some contrasting texture to most tables.

One of the events that was key in starting King Philip’s War was finding the body of a Wampanoag emissary to the English in a pond so I felt I had to get this piece to set up that scene!

The last large pieces of scenery I purchased from HRC was a set of Wargaming Hills.

Including 4 rocky hills of various sizes, this set costs $67, or around $17 each.

I have found the largest piece really useful. With a slope on one side and a sheer face on the other, it makes for a great piece on a battle board. It’s high enough to block line of sight and give a elevation advantage.

Elevation is hard to actually add to a battle board, so I have found this piece really useful.

The rocky hills are also available separately if you just wanted to buy that one large hill.

Lastly, I picked up some “extra defenses” for my fortifications.

These 5″ segments of “fraise” are perfect for marking the “Additional Defenses” on your palisade fort or some of the other Fortifications you can find in Fire on the Frontier.

This set of “Defensive Stakes” includes 4 segments that are about 5″ long and costs $19.

Each piece is unique.

That’s it! I think this is great terrain for a very reasonable price. They didn’t send me any free promo material or give me a discount to make this post. It’s just good stuff and I wanted to share it with the Blood & Plunder community.

HRC Scenery was easy to work with and they contacted me asking if I wanted any customization of grass colors, snow effects etc. Being hand made to order and coming from Poland, it did take about 2 months from when I ordered to when my package arrived but it was worth the wait. I made another order the day it arrived! Shipping was more expensive that “Amazon free” but it was reasonable at about 20% of the cost of the products I ordered.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. The trees/forest seem like a really good deal, as do the Shire Fences. The big Hill isn’t bad either. Some of the stuff I think would be more cost-effective for me to scratch-build, but these are nice pieces!

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