Great Pirate Paint Off Painting Contest Update #2

We’re 5 weeks into our Great Pirate Paint Off event and it’s time for another update and giveaway!

If the first time you’ve heard of this event, it’s a low key painting contest for Blood & Plunder and Oak & Iron in preparation for the worldwide Summer of Plunder event later this year. Players can enter photos of recently painted Firelock models for Blood & Plunder and Oak & Iron to compete for a great selection of prizes in various categories. Check the event announcement for complete details.

Check out some of these new entries into the contest and read on for some details on how the event is going.

(Note: in the interest of some level of anonymity for the final voting later in the Spring, we are not including painters’ names on photos going forward, except in the case of various prizes awarded during the contest.)


We just broke 100 entries! The contest has been live for about 5 weeks have 6 more weeks to go. We were hoping for about 200 entries so we’re on track to meet or exceed that number! The players in UK and the rest of Europe are just finally getting their Raise the Black Kickstarter packages, so I’m hoping we get a boost of entries as they start digging into their boxes of loot. I would be thrilled if we could get to 300 entries this year!

Types of Entries

We have several categories, ranging from single models to entire forces. Here is the current spread of types of entries:

  • 34 Units
  • 32 Commanders
  • 8 Characters
  • 7 Forces
  • 7 Ships
  • 2 Oak & Iron Ships
  • 1 Terrain

The less entries in a category, the better odds you have of winning. Jump on that Oak & Iron and Terrain opportunities!

Nations Represented

  • 5 Dutch
  • 9 English
  • 9 French
  • 1 Native American
  • 18 Pirate
  • 25 Spanish
  • 9 Unaligned

Random Prize Winner

Chosen at random from among all the entries received since last post, Twan van Tilborg’s Juan Corso entry came up as the random winner for this update! For this prize, Twan has the choice of winning a double-sided ship movement template, or a deluxe fortune coin.

Rules Reminders

A couple reminders:

  1. Only official Firelock models please. There’s lot of fun models out there for the game, but this contest is for Firelock minis (terrain is the exception and can be anything).
  2. Make sure to enter photos that clearly fit within one category. Don’t mix up units or include more than one commander etc. You can enter them all, but if you have more than one entry in a photo, it’s hard to judge/vote on.

Next Update for the Great Pirate Paint Off

Keep the entries coming! We’ll aim for getting another update out when we reach 125 entries.

You can check out the complete gallery of entries into the contest here in this gallery post.

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