The Queen Anne’s Revenge – Double 6th Rate Frigate Giveaway!

The Raise the Black Kickstarter will be wrapping up in a few days and we wanted to celebrate by giving away a 6th Rate Frigate! This beautiful ship closely represents the Queen Anne’s Revenge, Blackbeard’s famous Frigate that he used as his flagship during 1717-1718. The fast Sloop found in Raise the Black is ideal for small raids and limited engagements, but if you really want to tackle the Spanish treasure galleons, you might need something bigger! Blackbeard needs his flagship!

6th Rate Frigate Top view

We were planning on giving away one 6th Rate Frigate during the Raise the Black Kickstarter and now Firelock has agreed to donate another to give away! Two free Frigates up for grabs! It seems a majority of Blood & Plunder players live in the United States but we know there are players all over the world so we’re going to split this giveaway into a US and a World giveaway (this is not an attempt to show national favoritism but to increase the chances of a winner outside the US).

6th Rate Frigate by Liam Taylor - Side View
Picture by Liam Taylor and used with permission

Queen Anne Revenge Giveaway Entry Details

All you need to do to enter this giveaway is comment either directly on this blog or on the post sharing this article on the Blood and Plunder – Buccaneering Across the Spanish Main official Facebook page.  We need two pieces of information in your comment:

  1. Tell us what country you’re from
  2. Tell us what excites you most in this Kickstarter. Blackbeard? The new Sloop? The new Army factions? Pirates pirates pirates? What really catches your eye here? Something brief is perfect.-

Here’s an example of a valid entry:

I’m from England and I’m most looking forward to playing Black Caesar and his personal pirate faction. Raise the Black!

The last thing you need to do is check your messages after the drawing concludes (at the end of the Kickstarter campaign). We’ve had some trouble contacting giveaway winners in the past. If you comment on here on the blog, check back after the campaign is done because we will reply to your comment here if you win.

Now lets take a look at this amazing ship! It’s huge! This ship is a finely detailed model and its size is truly impressive on the table. It has four decks, can hold up to 26 cannons, 8 swivel guns and 96 men and it can move through the water as fast as anything in the game! You can upgrade it with a ship’s wheel, representing some of the 18th century advances in ship technology which makes it easier to handle when making difficult maneuvers.

“Rumor” has it that there will be special rules in Raise the Black for a modified 6th Rate for Blackbeard. Rules for Queen Anne’s Revenge may include ways to move up to 6″ per move! You need this ship.

6th Rate Frigate rear deck doors

I’ve painted a 6th Rate Frigate up for my Spanish Navy but I think I’ll be buying another when I can and painting it up dark and threatening to use a the Queen Anne’s Revenge! Next October Blackbeard will be commanding his own Queen Anne’s Revenge on my gaming table. With any luck, you’ll win one of these ships for your gaming table as well!

Queen Anne Revenge Giveaway Summary


  • Together with Firelock Games, we’re giving away two 6th Rate Frigates
  • In an attempt to encourage the global Blood & Plunder community, we’re making sure one winner will be from outside the US
  • The giveaway is open to everyone
  • Comment on Blood & Pigment or on Facebook to enter
  • Tell us where in the world you live and what you’re looking forward to most in Raise the Black
  • We will select a winner right after the Kickstarter concludes
6th Rate Frigate by Liam Taylor - rear angled view
Picture by Liam Taylor and used with permission

124 thoughts on “The Queen Anne’s Revenge – Double 6th Rate Frigate Giveaway!

  1. From Northern Ireland, I’m most looking forward to having some customisable figures plus the new era possibilities!

  2. I am from up north, in Canada to be more specific. I am most excited for the two sloops that come in the starter box, followed by the sea mat and the Blackbeard miniature.

  3. Bandung, Indonesia.
    I’m most excited about playing this with my eight year old son. He’s recently started tabletop wargaming and mostly likes Battletech and Warhammer 40K games like Space Hulk and Kill Team. He’s mildly interested in historicals like Bolt Action but pirates have fired him up a lot more so this looks like a better bridge to to historical wargaming.

  4. I’m from Texas, I’m a newbie in minis and tabletop war gaming and love the idea of pirates and went all in with the admiral pledge to get a great start! Looking forward to playing with my son and getting him into the hobby as well.

  5. Hi
    From the great white north CANADA. Have been playing lymies n slymies 15mm pirates for YEARS. Had to build my own ships and have about 300 pirates in 15mm with 14 ships from a Xebec to a two deck british, probably a 4th rate. Even made my own Kraken. And who doesn’t like say AAARRRrrrrrrr…….

  6. Hi,
    I’m from the Netherlands, and recently found out about Blood and Plunder. I have been eyeing several skirmish games for some time now. The reason I am looking for smaller skirmish games is that I’m the only one in my gaming circle who is going to paint it. So i rather not paint 2 huge 100+ model armies. But i really enjoy model painting and terrain building

    Since I was young i have always liked the old wooden ships, the stories of them and the old pirate movies and of course I’ve also enjoyed the more recent blacksails.

    So when i noticed the kickstarter and it included not one but 2 actual ships to play with and enough to get going off the bat, it was an instapledge for me. As an added bonus the Dutch are an actual faction you can play in this game, so that makes it even more appealing for me appealing enough that I’ll have painted up a Dutch force even before the KS arrives at my doorstep 🙂

    So in short what attracted me to Blood and Plunder, are the ships and the Dutch, and reliving the golden age of Dutch ships in a nice tabletop skirmish.

    once i started looking in the B&P i quickly found Blood and Pigment, great resource, thanks for posting this all and inspirering people like me.

  7. From Denmark, Looking forward to playing this with friends to show them the awesomeness of Blood and Plunder and I’m a big fan of the 18th century and would like to try to do something with a Danish-esque faction fighting swedes or something

  8. I’m from Denmark and I’m looking really forward to the 18th century version of Blood and Plunder, I’d love to do something with Danes vs. Swedes or Danish merchant vs pirates

  9. Hi from the UK
    New to blood and plunder as never heard about it but always loved pirates growing up, got a pirate ship tattooed on my ribs because of my love for pirates.
    Am excited for the KS to be delivered so can bring to the club and get more involved (1 already backed the KS aswell) so some large sea and land battles already planned

  10. Hello from Canada!
    I’m most excited about starting a new tabletop game since I lost all my other minis during a move 🙁
    But also excited to learn more about general piratey stuff grounded in history.
    Raise the Black!

  11. I’m from Greenwich, London, UK and I’m ready to launch my ships from the Royal Dockyard to wreck havoc on the high seas!

    From the Raise The Black set I am looking forward to customizable plastic minis, raiding fat merchant ships with the likes of Charles Vane, Jack Rackham, Blackbeard, etc. and most of all the large increase in players this expansion will bring to join forces with or sink!

  12. I’m from Ireland originally, but living near Atlanta, GA in the USA. I’ve been fascinated somewhat by the British Royal Navy since I was a young fella. The chance to live out my imagination with this most recent kickstarter by fielding some of these hardy sailors is a dream come true. Obviously, Master and Commander did a lot to improve my estimation of these men, so looking forward to what Firelock Games has in store for us as we progress into the 19th century. Maybe I should start a French force now?

  13. I’m from Sweden. I am a big fan and have painted up a few ships and a couple of forces to introduce others to the game. I’m most looking forward to the possibilities to customize and get my hands on some new fancy models to paint!

  14. I’m from the Netherlands. I’m looking forward to trying out Jack Rackham and from there see where the game takes me. I was already looking into starting the game with metal mini’s when this kickstarter came by, good timing. 😀

  15. I am from Isle of wight, United Kingdom, what excites me the most about the kickstarter is the plastic sloops, and that it can be built in different styles.

  16. Hello, I am from France. What is exciting me in ‘Raise the black’ is not to play a pirate’s game, but is to feel what had felt pirates crossing the seas, raiding harbors, looking for treasures and more ! ‘Raise the Black’ will make me a child again,but a pirate child !!!

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