Tokens of the Dead – Fan-Made Casualty Marker Rules

Today we’re proud to offer some fun optional rules for using the Casualty Markers for Blood & Plunder! These rules are not-at-all official and are purely fan made, but they might add some spice to your games and give you a reason to paint up those dead guys that have been hanging around your painting table ever since No Peace Beyond the Line was delivered 2 years ago!

Casualty Marker Rules

This short rules sheet was written buy Guy Rheuark and refined by the rest of us here on Blood & Pigment. 

In this ruleset you can find three different ways to interact with casualty tokens which are placed on the board every time an entire unit is destroyed. You can mercifully help the dying men, scavenge for discarded equipment or ruthlessly scalp the enemy, each action resulting in a different result. But it’s not without risk that you move through the grisly battlefield.

Interacting in any way with the dead and dying takes a Resolve test and if you fail, your unit takes a point of Fatigue and don’t get any of the benefit! Scalping your enemy’s fallen might strike fear into their hearts and they might flee to the field to avoid the same terrible fate, but if you lack the resolve to accomplish the ugly deed, your will to fight might waver and your efforts will be wasted. 

In testing we found that many times it was either difficult to approach the Casualty Marker since it would be in the hottest part of the battlefield or taking the time to interact with the token wasn’t as strong as moving or firing on the enemy. But in some cases, like when one of your own units dies in your own ship in a naval game, it was very beneficial to ease the death of your unfortunate comrades or relieve them of their unused weapons. 

Feel free to comment with any thoughts your might have on these rules or any insight you might gain by adding these Tokens of the Dead to your games. 

Thanks for reading and enjoy!

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