The Queen Anne’s Revenge – Double 6th Rate Frigate Giveaway!

The Raise the Black Kickstarter will be wrapping up in a few days and we wanted to celebrate by giving away a 6th Rate Frigate! This beautiful ship closely represents the Queen Anne’s Revenge, Blackbeard’s famous Frigate that he used as his flagship during 1717-1718. The fast Sloop found in Raise the Black is ideal for small raids and limited engagements, but if you really want to tackle the Spanish treasure galleons, you might need something bigger! Blackbeard needs his flagship!

We were planning on giving away one 6th Rate Frigate during the Raise the Black Kickstarter and now Firelock has agreed to donate another to give away! Two free Frigates up for grabs! It seems a majority of Blood & Plunder players live in the United States but we know there are players all over the world so we’re going to split this giveaway into a US and a World giveaway (this is not an attempt to show national favoritism but to increase the chances of a winner outside the US).

Picture by Liam Taylor and used with permission

All you need to do to enter this giveaway is comment either directly on this blog or on the post sharing this article on the Blood and Plunder – Buccaneering Across the Spanish Main official Facebook page.  We need two pieces of information in your comment:

  1. Tell us what country you’re from
  2. Tell us what excites you most in this Kickstarter. Blackbeard? The new Sloop? The new Army factions? Pirates pirates pirates? What really catches your eye here? Something brief is perfect.-

Here’s an example of a valid entry:

I’m from England and I’m most looking forward to playing Black Caesar and his personal pirate faction. Raise the Black!

The last thing you need to do is check your messages after the drawing concludes (at the end of the Kickstarter campaign). We’ve had some trouble contacting giveaway winners in the past. If you comment on here on the blog, check back after the campaign is done because we will reply to your comment here if you win.

Now lets take a look at this amazing ship! It’s huge! This ship is a finely detailed model and its size is truly impressive on the table. It has four decks, can hold up to 26 cannons, 8 swivel guns and 96 men and it can move through the water as fast as anything in the game! You can upgrade it with a ship’s wheel, representing some of the 18th century advances in ship technology which makes it easier to handle when making difficult maneuvers.

“Rumor” has it that there will be special rules in Raise the Black for a modified 6th Rate for Blackbeard. Rules for Queen Anne’s Revenge may include ways to move up to 6″ per move! You need this ship.

I’ve painted a 6th Rate Frigate up for my Spanish Navy but I think I’ll be buying another when I can and painting it up dark and threatening to use a the Queen Anne’s Revenge! Next October Blackbeard will be commanding his own Queen Anne’s Revenge on my gaming table. With any luck, you’ll win one of these ships for your gaming table as well!


  • Together with Firelock Games, we’re giving away two 6th Rate Frigates
  • In an attempt to encourage the global Blood & Plunder community, we’re making sure one winner will be from outside the US
  • The giveaway is open to everyone
  • Comment on Blood & Pigment or on Facebook to enter
  • Tell us where in the world you live and what you’re looking forward to most in Raise the Black
  • We will select a winner right after the Kickstarter concludes

Picture by Liam Taylor and used with permission

124 thoughts on “The Queen Anne’s Revenge – Double 6th Rate Frigate Giveaway!

  1. I’m from the United States. I’m looking forward to the new Sloops with more firepower, plus the ability to have an extra ship for my brother to play! Also the new character box looks great!

  2. Florida USA. I am excited about this KS as it covers one of my favorite period in history. Furthermore, your game has been an inspiration from the beginning, having been entertained since youth by tales of my past ancestors’ piracy and privateering feats. One of them wrecked his ship on the coast of Madagascar and decided to settle down, becoming a land owner/farmer. I have a model of his ship in our Paris apartment, soon to be shipped to Florida once I build my dream game room.

  3. My name is Chris, from Los Alamos NM. I am most looking forward to playing see of the new pirate factions and leaders!!!

  4. I am in PIttsburgh, PA, in the US of A. I am most excited about getting into a new game (first time player) that seems to focus on historical accuracy and FUN and it incredibly colorful. Thanks for all the info for new players on your site!

  5. Cambridge UK. I’m needing a new ship, maybe a nice new 6th rate like that one at anchor in the harbor. Then me and the lads will be renaming her ‘The Lady Fortune’, raising the black, and setting off again for one last voyage of mayhem and plunder.

  6. United States New Philadelphia, Ohio
    Super excited about the new Named characters. English fleet is ready for some hunting and hangings. That and the new Limited edition book…

  7. California, USA – I am looking forward to getting some ships! We have some land forces, but nothing sea-worthy yet! (Plus, plastic pirates – think of the conversion opportunities!)

  8. England calling.
    Most excited to get hands on those plastic kits – being able to bash em together and have a much easier time doing conversions is gonna be great. Looking forward to customising every model to make it unique and “mine”.

  9. USA
    I am looking forward to Raise the Black for the BEAUTIFUL big black book and the awesome plastic units at a VERY reasonable price point

  10. Arlington, MA. I am looking forward to adding even more pirates and ships to my already overly large horde. Because you can never have enough miniature pirates.

  11. USA here looking forward to the new RTB Kickstarter as it will be my entry into B&P. I’m most excited for taking some English and Buccaneer forces and joining in the fun this game offers from the demos I’ve seen.

  12. Daniel From Florida and I am most excited about the Kickstarter because this world has been miserable and I just want to play pirates with my friends. It is a game that might dad might actually play with me (something he hasn’t done in 47 years) because he is old and secretly dreams of being Errol Flynn. I order you to pick me as the winner or I will drag you across the hull full of spiky barnacles! Thanks! 😁

  13. I am in Painesville Ohio (on Lake Erie). I am excited about the expanded time line and doing more “modern” scenarios for my players (who want to play each scenario over and over)!

  14. Like many here, I too am in the USA. The thing that excites me most about Blood and Plunder Raise the Black is moving the timeline to the “classic” age of pirates. But also the ability to do skirmish games in a period ( early 18th century Americas) that has long been ignored. Now I can finally have bespoke rules for Queen Anne’s War (or at least bespoke rules that other people have actually heard of)!

  15. The 6th Rate model is very good in Oak and Iron, however in Blood and Plunder the model is absolutely incredible.

  16. I am from the US (Georgia). This will be my first time playing this game and I am excited by the time period and famous pirates of the era including Blackbeard, Charles Vane, Jack Rackham, etc.

  17. Utah, USA. Can’t hardly wait paint those Pirates of Legend minis. Also, I just discovered this game, so I’m excited to learn how to play.

  18. I am from Burbank California USA. I am looking forward to Blackbeard and more to the point Blackbeard’s frigate.

  19. I’m from Moskow, Russia, and I’m most looking forward to plastic ships – this is a really big step for the game. Raise the Black!

  20. I am from Denmark. What excites me most about this Kickstarter is that the 2 player starter set and the plastic miniatures makes this game even more accessible for new players.

  21. I’m Phil from England and I’m most looking forward to seeing the plastic kits as I much prefer the options to personalise them! Raise the black!! 😁

  22. I’m from Scotland. New to Blood and Plunder and was initially attracted to the Kickstarter for the plastic ships to use in D&D. Looked into the game a bit more and ended up watching YouTube playthroughs until 2am. Can’t believe I never found this sooner. I’m hooked, looks great!

  23. Ahoy mateys. Joseph here from the United States. Plastic kits have me the most excited. The metal models are very nice but I am looking forward to the customization. I’ll be starting with the English under Leftenant Maynard to deal the infamous Blackbeard, but my true desire is to defend native lands from colonial encroachment! (Let’s get those plastic natives coming!)

  24. I’m from the USA and I just need more pirates. You can never have enough pirates. Also very excited about plastic ships.

  25. From the French Canadian colonies of the New World (Quebec, Canada), I just love the game moving forward in time; 18th century baby! Longtime lurker, always been interested in your product, now this kickstarter really got me onboard (pun intended)

  26. 1. Wales, United Kingdom
    2. I am really eying the plastic Native American kit. The starter box is amazing, because it means I will have another army, which I can use playing my friends who don’t have the game. Black book looks great too ( love the red one, I’d like it to have a sibling 🙂 ).

  27. Perth – Western Australia

    I am most excited about the move into a later period with all the Pirates that more people have heard of before. The move to plastic to make entry into the game more affordable, especially living so far away from everything, and of course the new two player starter set which I’m hoping will generate more players down under :).

    On a side note, this is a pretty awesome blog.


  28. Buffalo NY, USA. I am most looking forward to rigging up a Bermuda Sloop. However, I am planning on running a few convention games in 2021 using North American Natives…. it’s going to be a whole lot of fun!!!!

  29. I’m from Sydney, Australia. Excited about the new plastic ships and the chance to use some of those big 18th century named pirates.

  30. Hailing from Finland and I’m excited to turn every table in the house into a sea. Seeing the whole Flying Gang in game and as models is going to be a treat.

  31. Helllo I’m Spanish but actually living in UK,

    The best thing about the KS it’s the multi-component miniatures, having only 4 poses of each was a pain for me. But the plastic sloops are brutal too.

  32. I’m from the Seattle, Washington, USA area & I’m royally jazzed about the expanding line & period that complements the number of figures I have already collected from gaming the War of Spanish Succession, & the Great Northern War as the rules are versatile enough that I can expand into those areas as well!

  33. They have taken Guyana from us
    They have taken New Amsterdam from us
    They have taken Brazil from us
    They have raided our lowland coasts and slaughtered our fishermen

    Last century we made the Spanish pay
    This century, we will burn and pillage the English, wherever we find them
    With our brand-new ships we will hunt them like vengeful sharks
    Until every redcoat is but a red cloud of blood in the water

    From the Caribbean to the Chinese Sea
    From New England to the Cape of Good Hope
    From Gibraltar to New Zeeland

  34. Melbourne, Australia.
    This is my foray into Blood and Plunder. Plastic pirates and ships, who can say no that! Plus entering the 18th century, should provide some interesting options. Have also ordered some current Spanish gear to get started.
    Sails ahoy!

  35. Hello from Poland!
    Well I am simple girl. I see Firelock stuff – I instantly love it and willing to buy it. Many of my wargaming friends hesitate to get into B&P due to metal minis (hertics! metal minis are cool!). I hope that while it comes in plastic kits it will be easier to introduce more people to this awesome game. So in fact, for me Raise the Black is just “moooree Blood and Plunder! huzzah! I need it now!”, but second side of medal is “huzzah! I can get into more local people in this game, spreading around the world the Firelock stuff”.

    Yeah, that’s just me. Not only personal benefits but also benefits for all BnP community and Firelock Games itself. Because this guys and gals deserve it! 🙂

  36. Aaarg ya maties! If its blood & plunder yer afta, then climb aboard and sail with me up to Canada. All ya need to do is to halp me steal one of these fine Frigates.

  37. I live in Ontario, Canada and I love Blood and Plunder and Firelock Games game design and playability. I have backed every pirate kickstarter (Blood and Plunder and Oak and Iron) Firelock Games has created including this one. I own huge lots of pirates from every faction (Spanish, English, French, Dutch, Native, European, Brethren of the Coast) that Firelock Games has created and it provided me with a purpose and goal during Covid-19, allowing me to paint all my pirates; create, build and paint terrain; and completely build and paint all of my ships. I am eagerly awaiting my 2 sons to return home from school and work at Christmas (government allowing) so that we can “Hoist the Main-sail, run out the guns and roll some dice during the holiday season. It would be our first time getting together as a family to play this super fun game and not have to play solo!!

    P.S. The only ship that I don’t have is this 6th Rate Frigate!! ;o)

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