EPIDEMIC EVENT – Summer of Plunder Bonus Prize

[The following is COMPLETELY FICTIONAL and has no actual historical accuracy.  It is 100% for entertainment purposes.]

This is a weekly special event for the Summer of Plunder 2023. This is special opportunity to win a bonus prize by supporting your local game store and or favorite sponsor of the global gaming campaign. Read on to learn how to enter and prize details.

CHANNEL 6 BREAKING NEWS: Pyra-Miniaturitis Epidemic Sweeps Caribbean. Swift Cure Retrieval Crucial!

A grave epidemic has struck the western hemisphere.   Multiple doctors have reported outbreaks throughout the Caribbean, La Florida, the Carolinas and even as far south as Trinidad.  Its widespread effects are due to a slow-onset gestation period, sometimes taking months before manifesting.  While not currently fatal, Pyra-miniaturitis appears to be a serious and chronic disease.

Symptoms include by are not limited to:

  • Symptoms:
    • Sleeplessness
    • Severe fatigue
    • An insatiable urge to acquire and assemble tokens and avatars of historical figures
    • The crafting and painting of tiny replicas of real-life objects such as ships, buildings, flora and fauna
    • An unyielding fascination with tactics and strategy that may lead to irrational decision making
    • Desire to engage in inane debates over military history and tactical strategies 
    • Compulsive desire to “rolls the bones” in games of chance.
    • Distractions at work, school or home
    • Increased desire to guess the distance between two objects without a measuring tape.
    • Arguments over the merits of metal vs the cost and efficacy of plastics as manufacturing materials.

This mysterious ailment demands our immediate attention. Captains and crews traversing Caribbean waters are urged to seek the cure without delay. Whether through consultations with local healers, exploration of uncharted islands, or collaboration with fellow seafarers, the solution must be found swiftly to prevent further suffering and loss of countless marriages and healthy retirement accounts. 

Together, we can stem the tide of this Pyra-Miniaturitis epidemic.
#Pyra-Miniaturitis #SummerofPlunderRaceForTheCure 

Pile of Blood & Plunder minis, boats and ships
Symptoms of a case of Pyra-Miniaturitis


  • Play your normal games for Summer of Plunder.
  • Games can be played AT ANY LOCATION, including your home
  • …but tag your favorite FLGS (even if they don’t carry Firelock Games products and even if you aren’t playing there) and @BloodandPigment or any of our event Sponsors in any social media post.  
  • Include the link to your post or tag in the “Comments” section of the entry form or include a screenshot with your photo submissions when you submit your game.



All games submissions between Tuesday 7/18/23 and Tuesday 7/25/23 @ midnight Eastern time (GMT-5)  will be entered to win a bonus prize of a pirate themed dice tower donated by one of our sponsors, The Doubloon Lagoon.

In addition, to the prize the player drawn will earn 30 Victory Points for the Nation represented in their entry.

We will draw a winner at random from all entries.  Each submission counts as a single opportunity to win.

Photos of the Bonus Prize:

Campaign Sponsors

We have a great team of volunteers helping out with the prizes and support for this campaign! These fine folks have contributed both their time and helping with a great lineup of prizes. For a full list of the prizes available, check out Part 1 of the Campaign Rules.

Be sure to stop by and say a huge thanks to our sponsors!

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