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Part of the ship building process for Blood & Plunder ship models is creating or acquiring sails for your vessel. There are various methods for making sails, including using paper, foam, and cloth. Of all the sails on the market, Seamon’s Quality Sails are the best we have seen, hands down! These sails are hand quilted by a relative of Guy Rheuark, one of the contributors here at Blood & Pigment, and now we’re happy to help make these amazing sails available to to any interested party.

These are hand quilted pieces, each sail taking several hours to create. This means they aren’t cheap, but it also sets them apart as a top tier product! If you’re looking for amazing sails, ready to go for your Blood & Plunder ships, consider ordering a set of Seamon’s Quality Sails! Below are details on the sails and how to get your hands on a set! The Order Form is on the bottom of the this page.

Seamon’s Quality Sails for Blood & Plunder Ships

Seamon’s Quality Sails produces custom fit cloth Blood & Plunder sails for all model ships created by Firelock Games. All of the sails have a unique design made to fit the ships rigging and scale perfectly. We create and stitch every sail in a style designed to match the appearance of historical sails of the 17th and 18th Century.

Each sail consists of three layers of cloth with a stabilizer inside each sail so you can bend and shape each. The details of the vertical stitching and reefing use research from available art and models of the period. The attachment points on the top and bottom are reinforced to prevent ripping. As appropriate to the model, some sails will also have a reef-band and reef-points.

Sail Reefing

Reefing is a method of reducing the surface area of the sail. By lowering the sails from the top, they can be bound at the bottom to reduce the excess sail. We have added reefing features on all of the sails that would frequently feature the option.

Blood & Plunder Sails Product List

Samples of each ship style are shown below. All sails are designed to fit with the standard rigging materials provided in the ship kits.Patterns for the sails are based on the sail cutout templates provided by Firelock Games.


The Bark is a small coastal ship for use in Blood & Plunder. It comes in two variants, the Standard which is a double masted ship and Heavy Bark. The Heavy Bark comes with a single large square rigged sail.

Tartana (2 Sails)

The Tartana is one of the only ships to feature lateen sails. This set comes with 2 lateen sails.

Sloop (3 Sails)

The sloop comes with 3 sails: Jib, Staysail, and a large Gaff sail with reefing.

Brigantine (4 Sails)

Fully rigged Blood & Plunder Brigantine Ship on a wagaming table

Our Brigantine set includes a Sprit sail, Top sail, Course sail, and Gaff. The latter three sails all have a reef-band with reef points.

Light Frigate/Corvette/Fluyt (6 sails)

These six hand-made sails are for the Firelock Games Light Frigate. These sails will also work on the Corvette and Fluyt. This kit includes the Sprit sail, Fore-top, Fore-course, Main-top, Main-course, and a lateen for the mizzenmast.

These early model sails have stitched holes to be punched to tie the sails to the spars. Current models have loops or “shackles” that enable better attachment to the spars. See photos of the Bark and Tartana for current models as well as the photo below.

Blood and plunder sloop sail
Sloop sail with loops to tie to the spars and masts.

Galleon/6th rate Frigate (10 sails)


Prices are as follows (In USA Dollars):

  • Heavy Bark (1 sail) $25
  • Bark (2 sails) $45
  • Tartana (2 sails) $45
  • Sloop (3 sails) $65
  • Brigantine (4 sails) $85
  • Light Frigate/Corvette/Fluyt (6 sails) $125
  • Galleon/6th rate Frigate (10 sails) $205

Shipping & Handling:

  • Shipping in the USA +$9
  • Outside of the USA to be based on shipping from Oregon using USPS calculator. Please contact us for an estimate.

Color & Fabric Options

We have two types of fabric you can choose to have your sails made of. Harbor-worn or Sun-bleached. These fabric colors are help to replicate the scale wear and discoloration that a sail would receive at sea.

How Long Does It Take To Get The Product?

Every sail set we make is crafted by a local artist in the USA. We are a small shop not a bulk manufacturer with large warehouses. Our lead time is approximately two weeks. If orders are backed up, we will give you a timing estimate right away. We ship USPS Priority Mail, so please allow 3-10 days for shipping.

Contact Us to Order

If you are interested in acquiring sets of these sails or have any questions, please fill out the form below and we will get back to you with payment instructions (PayPal).

Seamon's Sails Form

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