Raise the Black Errata Document

Firelock Games has stealth-released a short Errata/FAQ document for the Raise the Black expansion. In this article, we’ll look at the doc and go over changes and corrections.

Raise the Black Errata

Looking over these entries, it looks like these are simple corrections. Unfortunate that the mistakes made it through, but good that they aren’t balance issues! Some are just little word swaps like English/Britihs. Let’s look closely at the items that might be easy to miss.

James Moore Cannot Command British Army

This is pretty important. The Army faction don’t have a lot of Commanders and losing the option for James Moore hurts, but he was expensive anyway for a faction with expensive models.

Add Commanders to British Militia Faction

Add William Rhett and Woodes Rogers to the British Militia faction. These two commanders are the “Pirate Hunter” style commanders, and somehow got left off the initial commander list. I can confirm these are all correct in the PDF version of Raise the Black and they are correct on the Force Builder as well.

Photo by Jake Farris

French Privateers – Buccaneers Force Option

This puzzled me previously because it said you add Later Flibustiers as Core but they were already Core units! The proper instruction is adding Boucaniers as Core which is much more interesting!

Soldiers vs. Regulars Swap in Dutch Caribbean Militia

It appears Soldiers was used by accident instead of the new “Regulars” unit that replaces the 17th century Soldiers from NPBtL.

Jamaican Maroons Force Option

The Jamaican Maroon force option wording got a bit scrambled and now it’s sorted. Usually African Warriors gain the Slow Reload Special Rule if they swap their bows for muskets. In the Jamaican Maroons force option, they get the Poorly Equipped Special Rule instead. That’s much less punishing!

Only One Quartermaster

Just an added restriction of not adding a Loyal Quartermaster to a crew that already has a Scheming Quartermaster. Makes sense!

FAQ from Raise the Black

There’s only two small entries under FAQ.

Mission Priest

The wording on the Spanish/Portuguese Mission Priest was bringing up some question. Once per game he can give every unit in his force (and within his Command Range) a free action “as if they received a Command Point.” Each unit can only use 1 Command Point per turn, so people were asking if that was a “free action” that didn’t count, or if it did count as a Command Point. Ruling says it does count as a Command Point. He would be severely overpowered/underpriced if you could double up with your Priest and Commander in one turn!

Entry # 1 - Mission Priest

Can Characters in RtB be Used in Other Books?

Yes! Unless they have some restriction on them, all characters can be used in factions from other books, as long as all requirements are met!


None of these Errata points are big nerfs or rebalances which is good. It’s annoying there are some little mistakes in the print copy, but glad to see they’re all corrected in the PDF.

You can find the Errata pdf at the top of this post or here on Firelock’s Downloads page.

You can pick up a copy of the PDF version of Raise the Black with all errata fixed here on Firelock’s Store.

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