Building 24 Unique Blood & Plunder Sailors

The new Blood & Plunder multi part miniatures are great. The instructions for some of the kits can be a tiny bit frustrating. They work, but they don’t fulfill my wildest dreams for miniature instructions. In this article, we are going to give specific parts lists and photos of 24 unique Blood & Plunder miniatures built just from the Sailors Unit box found in the Blood & Plunder 2 Player Starter Box.

If you’re just starting to build your Blood & Plunder miniatures, you have lots of options while putting these together. The main defining factor for what kinds of units your minis can represent is their weaponry. Your choices are:

  • Pistol
  • Brace of Pistols (2+)
  • Musket
  • Musket and pistol(s)
  • Explosives
  • Boarding Pike
  • Blunderbuss
  • Sword or Axe (standard melee weapon)

One good way to build up your 24 minis is 12 with muskets and 12 with pistols, with some explosives, blunderbusses, and some melee weapons thrown in. The boarding pikes are cool but there aren’t many units that can actually use them in the game right now, so I wouldn’t focus on them too much. If you want to use a boarding pike, it could be a good way to mark a Character like the Reformado.

But this article isn’t focusing on those choices! This article will give you parts lists to build 24 different unique pirates (or 4 unique ways to build a set of 6 pirates off a single sprue).

Modifications & Combos

A few of these combinations requires some trimming, or reshaping joints, but most of them are straightforward combos that aren’t difficult. Don’t be afraid to trim necks a bit with your hobby knife. Altering the angle of the head can change the character of your miniatures a lot. The two leaning bodies are a little tricky, but if you’re up for messing with the neck joint, that can open up a lot more head options for those bodies and give you some unexpected and dynamic poses.

The trickiest combos are the minis that are holding a musket with both hands. Those can be difficult to dry fit. I only did two of those combos, but you could do 8 with your 4 sprues, in addition to many more minis holding a musket with one hand.

Blood & Plunder Plastic Sailor Model Sprue

Without any more boring introduction, here are 24 unique pirates. They will be presented in groups of 4, all using the same torso.

While building this was my thought process, progressing from L to R in the images below:

  1. Most basic according to instructions
  2. Second variation according to instructions
  3. A little more complex, maybe drawing from outside the parts used in the instruction diagram.
  4. Most exotic, plan for some trimming and use several pieces not used in the instruction diagram

Body A

Stand around guy.

  • 1. Explosives & Pistol
    • A1 Body
    • P2, P(check)15 Head & hat
    • A5, P36 Right arm/hand
    • A2, P51 Left arm/hand
    • P50, P29 Accessories
  • 2. Brace of Pistols
    • A1 Body
    • P14 Head
    • A3 P36 Right Arm/hand
    • A2, P37 Left arm/hand
    • P30, P33 Accessories
  • 3. Blunderbuss & Pistol
    • A1 Body
    • P13, P1 Head & hat
    • A5, P49 Arm/hand
    • A4, P45 Arm/Hand
    • P32, P34 Accessories
  • 4. Sword & Explosives
    • A1 Body
    • P23, p8 Head & hat
    • A5, P42 Arm/hand
    • A4, P51 Arm/hand
    • P50, P33 Accessories

Body B

The leaners!

  • 1. Two Handed Musket
    • B1 Body
    • P16, P3 Head & hat
    • B2, B3, P54 Arm/hand
    • P29, P33, P32 Accessories
  • 2. Two Handed Pike
    • B1 Body
    • P17, P4 Head & hat
    • B4, B5, P52 Arms/hands
  • 3. Brace of Pistols
    • B1 Body
    • P16, P1 Head & hat
    • B4, B5 Arms
    • P36, P37 Hands
    • P28, P32 Accessories
  • 4. Pistol & Sword
    • B1 Body
    • P14 Head
    • B3,D2 Arms
    • P37, P42 Hands
    •  P33 Accessories

Body C

Surfer bois.

  • 1. Sword & Pistol
    • C1 Body
    • P18, P3 Head & hat
    • C5, C3 Arms
    • P38, P42 Hands
    • P28 Accessories
  • 2. Musket & Pistol
    • C1 Body
    • P19, P5 Head & Hat
    • C2, C3 Arms
    • P47-1, P38 Hands
    • P29 Accessories
  • 3. Brace of Pistols
    • C1 Body
    • P19, P5 Head & hat
    • C4, C2 Arms
    • P38, P39 Hands
    • P34 Accessories
  • 4. Pistol & Explosives
    • C1 Body
    • P13, P1 Head & hat
    • D2,P39 Arm/hand
    • B3, P51 Arm/hand
    • P50, P32 Accessories

Body D

Stand around guy 2.

  • 1. Pike and Pistol
    • D1 Body
    • P20, P6 Head & hat
    • D2 P53 Arm/hand
    • D3, p37 (P38 mistake) Arm/hand 
  • 2. Pike & Pistol 2
    • D1 Body
    • P21 Head
    • D4, P53 Arm/hand (trimmed)
    • D3, P37 (P38 mistake) Arm/hand 
  • 3. Musket & Pistol
    • D1 Body
    • P20, P6 Head/hat
    • D4, p40 Arm/hand
    • D3, p48 Arm/hand
    • P29 Accessories
  • 4. Brace of Pistols & Sword
    • D1 Body
    • P25, P10 Head/hat
    • D2, P39 Arm/hand
    • D3 P40 Arm/hand
    • P34 Accessories

Body E

Fancy coat man.

  • 1. Boarding Pike
    • E1 Body
    • P22, P7 Head & hat
    • E6, E5 Arms
    • P52 Pike
  • 2. Two Handed Musket
    • E1 Body
    • P23, P8 Head & hat
    • E4, E3 Arms
    • P54 Musket
  • 3. Sword & Pistol
    • E1 Body
    • P24, P9 Head & hat
    • E2, E7 Arms
    • P40, P44 Hands
  • 4. Brace of Pistols
    • E1 Body
    • P23, F1 Head & hat 
    • D2, A2 Arms 
    • P38, P39 Hands
    • P34 Accessories

Body F

The Commander.

  • 1. Leader with Musket
    • F1 Body
    • P27, P12 Head & hat
    • F2, P47-2 Arm/hand
    • F3, P45 Arm/hand
    • P29 Accessory
  • 2. Leader with Pistol
    • F1 Body
    • P26, P11 Head & hat
    • F2, F3 Arms
    • P36, P46 Hands
    • P33, P29 Accessories
  • 3. Pistol & Axe
    • F1 Body
    • P25, P10 Head & hat
    • F2, F4 Arms
    • P36, P41 Hands
    • P29 Accessory
  • 4. Leader with Musket & Sword
    • E1 Body
    • P22 nub cut, P6 Head & hat
    • F2, F3 Arms
    • P47-1, P44 angle cut Hands
    • P29, P32 (cut off hilt) Accessories

How to Use This Guide

I don’t recommend building all your minis up just like these. Build them to fit the way you want to run your crew! I skipped over several possibilities here. For instance, I could have/should have included more men with blunderbusses so I have more options for that upgrade (very common in units in Raise the Black). I also could have included more boarding axes.

Build the minis from this guide that look good to you. Use these as “Sailor Recipes” and cook up what sounds tasty. Then mix up some of your own combinations!

One of the hardest parts of building these minis is selecting the right arms for the job, and I hope this helps a little with that.

Final Thoughts

Firelock Games’ Sailor sprue is an impressive product! You can make a huge variety of poses and include a huge variety of weaponry. But in it’s very flexibility, it can be a little frustrating knowing where to start. The sprue instructions aren’t as helpful as they could, but including instructions for every possible variation would be insanity. I’ve seen a lot of great variation out there and I’m sure there will be no crew exactly the same when those ships full of sailors hit the tournament tables!

Before signing off, I should mention that there are even more possibilities for mini modifications if you start to pull parts from other sprues. The Militia, Native American and Soldier sprues can all be pirated to supply you with more bits to make these sailors even more fun. Save all those extra pieces as you build your Militia/Soldiers/Natives and then experiment. There’s lots of variations to make if you enjoy this sort of thing!

More Sailor Examples

For more takes on the sailor models, check out our Sailor Showcase article with sets of sailors built up by all four of us here at Blood & Pigment.

Product Recommendations

If you have yet to pick up some of the new plastic miniatures, here are a few quick links to get some from Firelock Games directly.

Article and miniatures by Joseph Forster

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  1. Nice! There is a lot of variety in these models for sure. One thought I had was to take a native body and swap the torso to a set of sailor legs in order to get shirtless sailors.

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