Summer of Plunder Sale at Firelock Games

The Summer of Plunder campaign has begun and we just wanted to make sure our readers saw the 20% off sale Firelock Games has put on in support of the event. If you need to beef up your army or fill out that second force, now is a good time to pick up some extra models and ships for your Blood & Plunder armies.

Summer of Plunder 20% Off Firelock Games Sale

All products on Firelock Games website are currently 20% off and the sale rules runs through June 13th. I even tested some of the products that would often not be discounted. Everything, from the Blackbeard Starter Set, to War Stories, to Zulus, to the wooden Corvette, to the massive Galleon, to the new tiny barrels: everything is 20% off!

The sale prices don’t appear when looking at product but the discount is APPLIED AUTOMATICALLY at checkout.

Let me recommend some particularly good buys!

Blood & Plunder 2 Player Starter Kit – $116

This starter kit is already a great price with an MSRP of $145. Reduce that price by $29 with this sale and you’re getting a great deal! For $129 (+shipping), you’re getting:

  • Rulebook ($30)
  • 24 Multi Part Sailor Models ($60)
  • 2 Unique Commander Models w/Stat Cards ($20)
  • 2 Hard Plastic Sloops ($78)
  • 2 Activation Decks ($44)
  • 1 Double Sided Game Mat ($5)
  • Ship Movement Template ($2)
  • Stinkpot Marker
  • Wind Direction Marker
  • Double Sided Shoal/Tree Punchboard Terrain
  • 6x D10 ($10)
  • Various Cardboard Marker Tokens
  • 12″ Measuring Ruler
Raise the Black - 2 Player Boxed Set - Product Image

All told, that’s about $250 worth of Plunder! With this sale, you get all that for $116. If you’re looking to get into Blood & Plunder, this starter set is the way to go and this next week is the time to buy it!

Plastic Unit Boxes

Unit boxes of the new multi part plastic miniatures retail for $29 for 12 minis. With this sale, that’s down to $23.20, or less than $2 per mini. This is the best way to build your Blood & Plunder collection in an affordable way.

Firelock offers plastic set of:

With these sets, you can make pretty representations of most of the units in the game for a low price! The Sailors box is especially customizable if you like some choice in how you build your models. Mixing and matching between the boxes opens up a massive amount of options as well, although you have to be a little more resourceful (they aren’t designed to mix and match).

Resin Ships

This is a good time to buy that next level of ship if you’re thinking about it. Let’s face it, these nice resin ships aren’t cheap. They are beautiful models but they have a hefty price tag. This 20% discount helps a lot! If you need an excuse to pull the trigger, the sale only lasts a few more days!

Light Frigate

One of the best ships in the game. Normally $142, the Summer of Plunder sale brings this down to $113.20. This ship is tough, fast, holds a lot of men, and can wreck pretty much anyone when loaded with medium cannons. Really great sculpt and worth the investment if you want to get to that 200-300 point level in your sea battles.

Light Frigate painted by Fiona de Both from our recent Great Pirate Paint Off contest.


Great little ship/big boat. This is a simple model, but opens up some really fun options at sea. You can dodge those big cannon shots while blasting away with swivel guns, maybe even speeding around with some super-speedy Spanish Sweeps 5.

Piragua painted by Oliver Kahler from our recent Great Pirate Paint Off contest.

Piraguas usually sell for $48, but the Summer of Plunder Sale brings it down to $38.40.


Now if you really want to save a lot of money, now is the time to buy the mighty Galleon. True, you’ll have to spend a lot of money, but you can save a full $85!

Fully Rigged Galleon for Blood & Plunder by Bob Emerson
Fully Rigged Galleon by Bob Emerson

Birchbark Canoe

The newest resin vessel from Firelock Games is the Birchbark Canoe, perfect for your North American Natives included in Raise the Black.

Blood & plunder birchbark canoe details

Blood & Plunder Rulebooks

If you haven’t picked up some of the expansion books for Blood & Plunder, you should snap them up now!

No Peace Beyond the Line (link to pdf) quadruples the size of the game from the original core rulebook, introducing both the Dutch and Native American nations to the game and adding many, many more Spanish, English, French, and Unaligned/Minor power factions.

No Peace Beyond the Line - BLood & PLunder expansion rulebook

No Peace Beyond the line also includes plenty of fun history, a horde of new commanders, more ships, a campaign system, and rules for Characters in your armies.

Fire on the Frontier is a smaller expansion focusing on King William’s and King Philip’s war in the late 17th century. Lots of fun Native, English and French options focusing on the North American Northeast. Also includes a variety of historical scenarios.

Blood & Plunder Fire on the Frontier rulebook

Raise the Black is the newest expansion for Blood & Plunder and here we delve into the Golden Age of Piracy! This is where you find all the notorious pirates like Blackbeard, Hornigold, Jack Rackham and Charles Vane. If you like Pirates, you need this book! But it’s more than just a book of pirates. It covers Queen Anne’s War, both on land and sea, introducing new Army and Raider factions, along with new options for all the various nations and some new factions like Maroons and Moskiteureo.

Raise the Black Expansion for Blood & Plunder

With the 20% discount, these hardback books will cost you about $31 and Fire on the Frontier costs $28. The PDF versions are even cheaper and also benefit from the sale price.

Blood & Plunder Metals

Entry #13 - Dutch Enter Ploeg
Enter Ploeg by Christopher Dobbs from our recent Great Pirate Paint Off contest.

The metal miniatures for Blood & Plunder have recently had another price hike but if you’ve been eyeing some of those great minis that are more colorful and have more “national flavor,” maybe now is the time to grab some of those great Enter Ploeg, Coureurs de Bois, or Braves models that the plastics just have a hard time imitating. (PRO TIP, it appears Firelock missed raising the price on the Dutch Enter Ploeg boarding party unit! Act fast and you can get them at only $14.40) I love the metal line of Blood & Plunder minis. So much variety and flavor in their sculpts. Now is a good time to treat yo self and grab a pack or two at a good discount!

Oak & Iron

Oak & Iron ships by Sean Martin from our recent Great Pirate Paint Off Contest

We focus mostly on Blood & Plunder on this blog, but Oak & Iron is another great priatey game by Firelock Games. The core set is very affordable at a discounted price of $55. Add a $31 Men of War expansion to that and you have a ton of force building options and great tactical depth in a 90 minute game on a 3×3 mat, straight out of the box.

Oak & Iron Core Box


Summer of Plunder should be a fun time for the Oak & Iron and Blood & Plunder communities! Thanks to Firelock Games for putting on this sale as the campaign begins here. Summer is here, maybe you have a little more time to game and paint. Grab yourself some goodies while the price is good! The sale ends June 13th.

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