Native American Call to Arms – 2023 Summer of Plunder

Natives Faction Divider banner for Blood & Plunder

My brothers, children of the Great Spirit and of the Sky,

These white men have come to our lands. They claim themselves our betters, bringing their great wooden ships and their guns. But their promises are more pale than their faces, and they have repaid our welcome and aid with treachery. They take our lands, burn our crops, and steal our women.

Blood & Plunder Natives on HRC Wargaming Scenery stones terrain

Join behind me, Chief “Rolls Many Tens” and we will drive the wicked men from our lands and bring peace once again to all the tribes. We will use our superior knowledge of the land and they will never see us coming. We strike and fade away into the trees, like trying to fight a ghost. Show them that their tricks and fire are no match for Braves that fight together in brotherhood!

The Natives alliance is open to both North American and South American tribes and my loyal warriors will be rewarded with models, card decks, and 3D printed goodies.

Blood & plunder birchbark canoe resin water

The first week’s theme is “Scouting Party”, to play a 50 point game. This is a place where our Canoas can shine without worry of big ships with cannons, or on land you can use our stealth and mobility to help get the jump on a land force. Good hunting!

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