Week 3 Update – Summer of Plunder 2023


We’ve completed Week 3 of the 2023 Summer of Plunder Campaign! 

If you’re just joining us in this campaign, or returning after participating in previous years, we have added some new elements this year, foremost being the campaign map tracks the power, progress, and strategic skill of each nation and its commander. You can check all the basic info and rules for the campaign here and all the higher level map info and rules for the campaign rules here.

You are welcome to join at any point and play as little or as much as you want. There are random prizes every week, and some at the end of the campaign so even one game gets you in the running. There are also larger prizes for consistent play and the most points earned in multiple categories, so join the fun!

In this weekly update, we’re going to go over some participation stats, check the change in status on the campaign map, show off some pretty pictures of some players’ games, give away a prize or two, and check in with our national commanders who will be fearlessly leading their players through this campaign.

Photo by Trevor Smith
  1. Intro
  2. Nation VP Report 
  3. National Battle Report
    1. Attack 1 – Apalachee:  French failed Attack on Natives 
    2. Attack 2 – Cartagena: Dutch Failed attack on Spain
    3. Attack 3 – New York:  Natives Failed Attack on English
    4. Attack 4 – Panama:  English attack Spanish
    5. Attack 5 – Vera Cruz:  Pirates Failed attack on Spanish
  4. Raid Report
  5. Faction Report 
  6. Individual Report 
  7. Oak & Iron Update
  8. Week 3 Objective Report – Night and Fog
  9. Week 4 Objective – Bark Wars!
  10. Weekly Campaign Prizes
    1. Weekly Random Drawing
    2. Weekly Photo Prize Winner
  11. Commander Reports
  12. Week 3 Final Thoughts

Nation VP Report 

Who’s winning? Well, so far, Spain is winning but it’s a good, tight race! Campaign Victory Points are earned through both players earning points by playing games, teaching new players, accomplishing objectives and nations taking and holding locations on our campaign map.

In the player contributions category, Spain is doing really, really well. They have the most players and the most points! But as the commanders fight for control of the New World, that picture changes a little bit.

Player contributed VP

Once all the location VP and war expenses have been calculated, Spain is still winning, but it’s a competitive competition!

  • England is currently the least powerful with 250 points & 5 locations, but they did wrest Panama from Spain’s control!
  • The Native Americans started with more locations to help balance the race. They currently have 256 points & 9 locations
  • The French have 261 points and 5 locations
  • The Pirates made big gains this week and currently have 338 points but only 4 locations
  • The Dutch have played it very well so far, coming in at second place with 344 points and 6 locations.

There has been a bit of an alliance against the mighty Spanish empire this last week, but they continue to hold strong, only losing one location this past week.

This section outlines the changes on the campaign map and is a narrative of the battles that happen at a larger scale.

National Battle Report

This section outlines the changes on the campaign map and is a narrative of the battles that happen at a larger scale. Defense was strong this week! Lots of attacks, but not many got through the heavy defenses.

Attack 1 – Apalachee:  Natives Attack the French

Again the battlefields of the Apalachee run with blood and the smell of gunpowder.  The Natives have come for justice for the deaths of their fallen brethren.  The French invaders are driven bank from the ancestral homelands of the tribal warriors.  (Natives 56 to French 45).

Attack 2 – Cartagena: Dutch Failed Attack on Spain

The Dutch and Spanish tango in the much contested Cartagena region.  The fighting is fierce and both on land and at sea, but the Spanish come out on top. (Dutch 60: Spain 87)

Attack 3 – New York:  Natives Failed Attack on English

In the early light of a fateful morning, the serene streets of New York were shattered by a thunderous war cry. Native warriors descended upon the city. Their arrows fill the alleyways, their tomahawks thirsty for English blood. But amidst the chaos, the valiant English stood tall, their muskets blazing with relentless fury. A tempest of gunpowder and steel repelled the attackers. In the end, New York’s spirit prevailed, leaving behind a battlefield of fallen warriors and shattered dreams.  (English 92 to Natives 68)

Attack 4 – Panama:  English attack Spanish

Under the cover of darkness and summer rain, hundreds of English Militia and Freebooters launch a surprise nighttime attack on Panama.  Their boots splash into the shallow waters as they exit their longboats and make their way toward the Spanish settlement.   Their powder wet and the thick mud prove too difficult for the Spanish.  The harbor is soon filled with sabotaged and burning Spanish warships and their coastal defenses are in ruins.  (English 80 to Spanish 27)

Photo by Scott Dyer

Attack 5 – Vera Cruz:  Pirates Failed Attack on Spanish

A small gang of drunken sailors attempts to engage a Spanish Frigate with their Piragua on the coast of Vera Cruz.   The fighting is quick and brutal.  Before the Piragua even reaches musket range, it is reduced to matchsticks from the weight of fire from the Spanish cannons.   (Spain 28 to Pirates 16)

Summary of Changes:

  • English take Panama from Spain 
  • Natives take Apalachee from France


Raid Report

Each commander has the option of launching a “Raid” against another nation. The result is randomly determined with a simple die roll and can flip a few points.

  • Dutch – no raid
  • English – Raids the Spanish, roll 8
    Success. The attackers captured a number of goods and supplies. Transfer 10 VP from Target to Attacker.
  • French – no raid
  • Natives – Raid the Dutch, roll 9
    Success. The attackers captured a number of goods and supplies. Transfer 10 VP from Target to Attacker.
  • Pirates -no raid
  • Spanish – no raid
Photo by Michael Verity

Faction Report 

Of the grand total of 104 factions currently available in Blood & Plunder and Oak & Iron combined, we are up to 79 played so far.

So far the most popular factions include:

  1. The Flying Gang
  2. Dutch Caribbean Militia
  3. French Buccaneers
  4. Guarda Costas
  5. English Caribbean Militia
  6. Maroons
Photo by Muir Sterling

Individual Report 

Photo by Tyler Carlson

There’s a prize for the player who earns the most points over the course of the whole campaign. Right now, after 3 weeks, Tyler Carlson has the most points after 39 games that earned him 97 points. Matthew Doerr, Roger Gilbert, and Trevor Smith are sneaking up on him and standing head and shoulders above other players right now!

Oak & Iron Update

Matthew Doerr is the top Oak & Iron player so far this year with 15 games, representing the Dutch.

Photo by Margarita de Vargas Oro

Week 3 Objective Report – Night and Fog

Night limits visibility to 12″ and can really change up games of Blood & Plunder.

Photo by Bartosz Nowicki

We got some great pictures with some dark lighting this week!

Photo by Brendan D
Image contributed by Zeph Garcia-Reyes
Photo by Kurtis Fraley

Most all of the Oak & Iron games featured plenty of Fog this week as well!

Photo by Matthew Doerr

Week 4 Objective – Bark Wars!

4 June 25 – July 

Blood & Plunder:   Include a Bark in your Force (or a 4/4 ship).  Any size game or points level.

The Bark is a small ship that is a greater starter ship.  If you don’t have a Bark, you can still complete the weekly objective play with another ship with 4 Fortitude And 4 Integrity like the: Tartana, Bermuda Sloop, Corvette, and Privateer Sloop.

Photo by Chris

Oak & Iron: Play a game with no Ships of the Line at any size game or points level.
If you want to stick with the “Bark Wars” theme, TimberAndSail.com also has the option for a Bark ship stat card.  You can print a PDF of tokens and stat cards or 3D print your own ships for free!   https://timberandsail.com/oak-iron-ship-review-bark/

Photo by Jason Klotz

Weekly Campaign Prizes

Each week we have two regular prizes to give away. First, one of all the entries of the week will receive a custom-made chest objective token from Tyler Stone, one of our campaign sponsors from Dead Man’s Chest blog.

Secondly, each week one of the photos submitted during the week will be selected to receive an awesome reproduction piece of eight from St. Augustine Mint. This prize can only be won once during the campaign for each player. 

Weekly Random Drawing

This week’s winner for the random drawing is James Monson!

It looks like James played a good game of Oak & Iron this week with some painted ships and plenty of fog on the board!

Weekly Photo Prize Winner

This week’s photo prize goes to Leon Mason for his photo of a huge amphibious multiplayer board. Using the Frontier Gaming sea mat, the TABLEWAR islands, nicely crafted scatter terrain, and Firelock fort, buildings, and ships, this is a beautiful spread!

Photo by Leon Mason

Congrats to our weekly winners, James and Leon!

Commander Reports

Now, here are the important messages from your beloved commanders.


Saludos desde la Habana

We have fought hard my soldados, we have moved back into the lead of this campaign. We surprised the enemy at night and drove them to the sea! The winner of the Castilian challenge is David Nye, he will have a fresh unit of Soldados dispatched to him shortly. As for the painting/building prize Leon Mason clearly showed a mastery of defense engineering. He will receive the dice bag as promised sent on my swiftest vessel.

Photo by Zeph Garcia-Reyes

Spanish Commander Update (continued)

As I said, our enemies have been driven to the sea in small vessels, our Corsarios will finish them off. Weeks 4-5 Spanish challenge is called Corsario:

Whoever sinks or captures the most ships (Boats do not count for this challenge!) will win a sailor sprue. Please indicate that you sank or captured a ship by checking the “completed a national objective” box (this really helps me sort through entries). O&I counts for this challenge as well, and remember that the player with the most O&I games will receive a painted O&I scale Castillo de San Marcos model to protect your fleet

As always, we have another trivia question for you this week. The answer to last week’s question was Jose de Zuniga Y La Cerda (I accepted answers if you had Zuniga in the name).

The question this week is: What Spanish Island was the original conquest goal of Oliver Cromwell’s western design? Please put your answer in the comments section of your entry. I’m still giving our commander cards and some 3D-printed goodies when you win. Repeat winners will get a coupon code for Seamons’ Quality Sails from right here on Blood and Pigment for 20% off. Answer 3 or more correctly and I might be forced to send you more stuff!

-Gerardo de Guale

Current Spanish Objectives

  • Corsario: Whoever sinks or captures the most ships (Boats do not count for this challenge!) will win a sailor sprue. Please indicate that you sank or captured a ship by checking the “completed a national objective” box (this really helps me sort through entries).
  • The Trivia question this week is: What Spanish Island was the original conquest goal of Oliver Cromwell’s Western design?


Panama Seized from Hapless Spanish

New Edinburgh to be Reestablished

Native Raiding; Continuous Failure

In these monthes past, our forces landed at Panama and wrested control of yet more Spanish territore in the name of their Majestys King William and Queen Mary. After discussion with participants in ye recently aborted Scottish attempt at settlement of the region, Lord Governor McKing saw fit to recruit those Scots settlers and soldiers remaining in their Majestys colonys for ye experience in ye cultivation of said region. Efforts proved fruitful and ye Spaniard gave up the holding with only ye most pitiful defense.

In ye colonie of New York, massed Native raiding was met by ye newly established Garrison. Ye savage fell in droves and those survived were captured and shipped into labor in Antigua. Further incursions seem likely but their majestys regiments spare little concern for the savage. Pacifying ye neighboring savage remains a topic of some heated discussion.

On the waters of the region, numerous trifling piratical vessels have been spotted and dispatched. For the prevention of ye future growthe of ye piratical nuisance, Admiral Hyde hath instructed local militias in ye practice of small-scale naval action and numerous small vessels have been outfitted for ye purpose.

Photo by Scott Dyer

Current English Objective:

  • Complete the “Bark Wars” global challenge to be entered to win this week’s prize, a plastic Militia Sprue. Every entry will count as one “ticket” in the raffle up to a maximum of five “tickets”
  • Additionally, any player who emails in a picture of their painted Regulars or Musketeers will be sent a copy of this year’s English commander cards. (bandpcampaign@gmail.com Subject: Soldier)

Finally, Congratulations to Joel Thompson for winning last week’s prize! 

Photo by Dexter Heide


Countrymen, we have done well playing conservatively and not spreading our forces too thin. As we battle empires for a stake in this new world it is in France’s best interest to build relationships with the indigenous peoples here. Continue recruiting new captains to France to bolster our ranks. And remember that the captain who logs the most games and completed objectives by the end of this long campaign will be rewarded with a new ship for their fleet. The sun will shine brightly for France!

-Capitaine Albatros

Photo by Tyler Stone
Photo by Fiona

Current French Objectives

  • The winner of The Better Part of Valor is Daniel Foley. I will be in touch about getting your prize to you shortly.
  • The objective this week is Local Allies: Play games with native units in your force. The French captain who logs the most games with native units will win a handmade objective marker.
  • Overall National Objective: Every French game that completes an objective will count as an entry into a drawing for a painted Bark during the last week of the campaign.
  • Bonus National Objective: Most French new players recruited will win a painted French commander.
Photo by Andy Hodges



Another week filled with battles and plunder. We do very well, but it would be great to fight extra battles for the glorious Oranges. We have lost ground to the filthy Pirates and the uptight English. Spanish got more than twice our points, so they are probably out of reach. Try to get as many points per game as possible. The English and the Pirates score more points per game than we do at the moment. Try not to get involved in fights with the Spaniards, but try to conduct training exercises among your Dutch brethren to gain double points per game for the Netherlands.

Photo from Paul Chouinard

On the Commanders level we are currently 2nd. Too bad our attack on Cartagena fell short to be successful. We regroup and find a strategy to get more locations.

A big shoutout for Matthew Doerr for bringing in more than 1/of our total points. He almost passes over Tyler M Carlson. 

Maarten “kielhaler” de Kruyf

Photo from Mick Paul

Current Dutch Objectives

  • Most Dutch points at end of the campaign: Painted Dutch commander
  • Complete the “Bark Wars” global challenge to enter to win this week’s prize, a plastic Militia Sprue. Every entry will count as one “ticket” in the raffle up to a maximum of five “tickets”.
  • Winner of last week (nicest picture) is Paul Chouinard. The sending of Commander cards will be after the Summer of Plunder is over.

Native Americans

Braves, your voices have been heard!  Based on your votes we launched attacks on New York and Apalachee.  New York was too well defended, but we DID manage to recapture Apalachee which once was taken from us. 

Photo from Joseph Forster

We also launched a successful Raid against the Dutch which brought home a few extra VPs.  We are doing well for a smaller Nation, but don’t let up!  The Spanish are providing a useful distraction right now but that may not last so get in whatever games you can to support our tribes and be wary of changing winds.

Photo by Matthew Doerr

Current Native American Objectives

  • This week will feature a lot of Barks and similar size ships.  If you can’t take one yourself, take theirs!  Send a picture of your troops on board an enemy ship and one player will win a deck of Native cards.
Photo by Nathan Heide


Firelock Games has recently added 6 new single models for the NATIVE AMERICANS:
Check them out and add some to your collection today!


Captains, we’re on a roll…we’re continuously playing a lot of games and getting them logged in.  I’m very pleased to see pictures of you showing off your “Pirate War-Face”. Continue the pressure, as we chip away at the Spanish lead.

Pic from Brody Lee
Pic from Greg Padilla

Week 4 Pirate National Objectives

This week’s campaign objective is themed for “Bark Wars”.  What does this mean?

Well you and your opponent sail out with barks, or you have a better ship and your opponent has the Bark ship. Don’t forget the “Heavy Bark” option. (Edit: The Tartana, Bermuda Sloop, Corvette, and Privateer Sloop also qualify as a 4/4 ship).

I hope to get a couple of games in with my oldest son Dan this week using a possible 100 points game set.  May have to dial up the numbers to accommodate our Pirate Objective using a Legendary Character. If you have the Oak & Iron set, let’s see some of those pics. You can easily add Legendary Characters in those games as well. Blackbeard is a good captain to field.  

Pics from Kurtis Fraley

Pirate Weekly Review

Pirate captains continuously raised the black this week. Looking through your pictures looked like a lot of fun games being played…maybe some nail-biters out there. I managed to get a few games in this week along with showing my grandson a few things about Blood & Plunder…sounds like a new player to me…aaargh!

I saw a couple of games for noting night-time action and using a simple lighting effect – tea cup lights. These are really fun to use and super cheap to buy. You can get them from Dollar stores and even Walmart as well. During Halloween, Walmart typically sells black and orange-colored ones at a discount. Once you pop off the protective light tip, you can then hot-glue some painted filler material for some gun/cannon smoke to reflect smoke and fire. I dropped several in my buildings…best to turn off all the lights for a good picture like Kurtis did above.

Pic from Ray Weiandt                                                       Pic from Jonathan Smith

The Pirate faction has established a base of an operation via Facebook headed up by my First Mate Dan aka “Sir Admiral Pirate Bastard”.” Attacks and Defenses will be communicated there along with other insider information. Message Dan Carlson on Facebook for more info.

pic from Greg Padilla

Finally, get your games in, raise the Black and most of all…have fun!

Current Pirate Objectives

  • This week’s super special Pirate objective is playing with a “Legendary Pirate Captain”. These characters can be from the first, second and even the third Blood & Plunder Book. These can include characters from the “Brethren of the Coast” like Henry Morgan through “Francesco Barreto de Meneses” to the badasses of the Golden Age of Piracy of terror like Blackbeard himself.

    A legendary objective calls for a legendary reward and it from it’s namesake “Blood & Plunder”…yes a set of “Blood” dice for the player with the most Legendary characters played this week. This means multiple games with different legendary characters. So let me see your pictures with your legendary captains!

Week 3 Final Thoughts

We’re 1/3 of the way through the campaign! I hope you’re all having fun! It’s great to see people playing some pirate games out there and having a good time.

Photo by Trevor Smith

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