Summer of Plunder FAQ & Technical Issues

We’re more than a week into our Summer of Plunder Campaign and it’s been a big start with about twice as much action as last year so far! We’ve had some questions pop up and some minor technical issues. Any issues or questions that come up will be collected and answered here!

Summer of Plunder FAQ

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask them through our contact page or adding a comment to this post (or Facebook etc).

Are the Nation-Specific Discord Channels for Campaign Communications?

Short Answer: No, Yes, Maybe So.

Long Answer: There are no officially sanctioned communication channels for each nation for this campaign. The nature of this campaign lets players play for any and all nations. BUT it can be fun to plot with your fellow pirates, so Campaign Commanders are allowed and encouraged to set up ways to communicate with their players. Each commander may have their own method of communication and and their own levels of “security.”

Contact your nation’s commander and/or second-in-command to see what they have set up! Facebook or Discord are great places to get into contact with your commander. Contact us if you need help getting into contact

NationCommanderLt. Commander
Dutch Faction Logo DutchMaarten de KruifGlenn Van Meter
English Faction Logo - thumbnailEnglishJayden KingDexter Heide
French Faction Logo for Blood & Plunder (thumbnail)FrenchAndy HodgesTyler Stone
NativesDavid BoernLiam Smith
Pirates logo for Blood & PlunderPiratesGregory PadillaDan Carlson
Spanish Faction Logo for Blood & PlunderSpanishGarrett SwaderGuy Rheuark

When Does My Entry Need to be Submitted By?

Short answer: Saturday Night by 11:59 EST.

Long answer: The campaign is organized into weeks running from Sunday through Saturday night. Points generated by entries will be tallied every Saturday night for the upcoming update. It’s fine to submit the game you played Saturday night on so day or Monday and those points will just be applied to the next week’s points. Not a big deal. We just ask you don’t bank all your 50 games from all summer and enter them all at the last minute just because it generates a massive amount of work for the campaign organizers at the last minute. 🙂

2023 Summer of Plunder Campaign Entry Form snippet

Submit your entries here.

What Does My Vote for Attack & Defense Do?

Short Answer: Give your nation bonuses if the commander follows “the will of the people.”

Long Answer: When you make an entry, you have the option to select 2 locations on the campaign map to vote to attack. Whichever two locations get the most votes, your nation will receive 15 extra points to add to any attack that your commander launches against those locations. The same idea applies to defense for one location.

Summer of Plunder 2023 Campaign Map

Can I Play for More Than One Nation?

Short Answer: Yes

Image by Adam Marrow

Long Answer: Yes you can play and submit entries using any and all nations or factions and we even have a prize for the person that has played the most different factions over the course of the campaign.

But it can be fun to focus on one nation and become part of “a team.” With a little more focus on the national contest this year with the map element, there is a little more communication and camaraderie between people playing the same nation this year. See question regarding national communication above.

When Will I Receive My Prize?

Short Answer: Soon™️

Long Answer: It depends. We have prizes coming from many sources in this campaign and some people move faster than others. You should receive an email from a BandPCampaign at email address to arrange shipment for you prize. If you are concerned about your prize being forgetting or lost in shipment, please contact us via that email address or our contact page.

What if I Forgot to Take Pictures?

Short Answer: Fudge it.

Long Answer: We require photos of games partially to help players share experiences with each other and partly to discourage silly cheating. But sometimes you get wrapped up in your gaming and forget to grasp those photos. No problem. I just take a picture of your force you used, either the minis or even a screenshot of your list in Forcebuilder.

Housekeeping & Technical Issues

Here are some strange technical issues that have popped up that it may help to be aware of.

Don’t Use the Entry Form Within a Social Media App

The entry form has been working well but we found that it doesn’t do well if you open the entry form within a social media app like Facebook or Discord. If you’re submitting from a mobile device, use a standard browser app instead of opening Blood & Pigment from within Facebook or Discord. If you open the blog within a social media app, it won’t let you upload photos (which are necessary to submit the entry).

Photo by Erich Goebel

Please, PLEASE Be Consistent and Accurate with Name and Email in your Submissions

Our entry systems automatically tallies points which makes our system accurate and fast for data turnaround. But it doesn’t like mistakes! If you make a little mistake in your email or change the way you present your name, we have to catch that and manually edit your entry to log your points correctly. The more consistent you can be, the more accurate we can be and the more we will like you!

If Possible, Avoid Using the Apple HEIC Photo File Type

Most iPhones will “naturally” take photos in the HEIC compact photo format and that works great with Apple products but are difficult to worth with on the blog and in most non-Apple programs. Our entry form is set up to accept this format, but we have to download those files, upload them to an online file converter to turn them into JPEG’s. It’s a big time sink so if you can submit JPEG’s, were very grateful.


That’s it for now! Please contact us with any questions or technical issues that may come up and we’ll try to keep this page updated throughout the campaign. Thanks for participating in the campaign and happy plundering!

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