Campaign Map Overview Video – Summer of Plunder 2023

The Summer of Plunder is well underway! This year we’ve added a new element to the campaign – a map! This new campaign map helps provide a visual representation of how the campaign is progressing. In years past, players were just playing games of Blood & Plunder or Oak & Iron and accumulating points in a pie chart. This year, those points now contribute to a global conflict in the Golden Age of Piracy!

We posted the full rules for the map campaign system here, but if you’d rather listen than read, here’s a breakdown of how the campaign system works. Enjoy!

Campaign Map Mini Game and Rules

The early colonization of the Western World and the conflicts that ensued are central to the theme of Blood & Plunder and Oak & Iron. Nations scrambled and fought for new lands in hopes of generating wealth. The major European powers made massive land grabs and established colonies and fortifications throughout the Caribbean and the Americas. We’ve added a “historically satisfying” element to the Summer of Plunder Campaign this year to help represent the key points of interest in the day.

We hope this fun little addition of a historic 18th-century map helps add some flavor to the game and keeps things interesting for the players and commanders alike. While, it does add a little complexity to the game and campaign, but we think the visuals are worth it!

You can learn more info on the Campaign Map mini game and specifics on how it relates to the global campaign in our Summer of Plunder Part 2- Campaign System and Map Article.

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