“Rescue Event” – BONUS Prize Objective

[The following is COMPLETELY FICTIONAL and has no actual historical accuracy.  It is 100% for entertainment purposes.]

Prince William of Yellow Held Captive by Ruthless Brigands!

In a shocking turn of events, Prince William of Yellow, an esteemed visitor to the American colonies, has been captured by a merciless gang of brigands! We appeal to the brave citizens of the New World for immediate assistance in his rescue!

The prince, renowned for his diplomatic endeavors and unwavering spirit, was visiting New York to inspect the state of fortifications and progress in the colonies.  While sailing south towards the Carolines his vessel was overtaken and our beloved printed taken hostage aboard the infamous vessel known as the Black Tide. Sources state that the brigands were led by a ruthless man known as Captain Blackthorn, these criminals demand an exorbitant ransom for the prince’s safe release.

Time is of the essence! We implore all courageous individuals, from coast to coast, to rally together and aid in the swift rescue of Prince William. The fate of our esteemed visitor hangs in the balance, and the honor of the New World is at stake!

If you have any information, leads, or resources that can aid in the rescue mission, please contact the authorities immediately. We must unite in a collective effort to bring Prince William back to safety and ensure justice is served upon these lawless brigands.


We’re at the halfway point of the Summer of Plunder Community Event so we’re mixing things up a bit and throwing out opportunities to earn some bonus “plunder”.   In addition to the standard objectives, we’re doing each week. We’re including a bonus prize/goal this week.

Photo by David Niezen in “2022 Week 5 – Employ the locals”


This random event allows all players to participate in and win a bonus prize AND glory for their nation!

Requirements to participate:

  • Blood & Plunder – One player at the table must include a “Captured Merchant (Hostage/Advisor)” in their force.  
  • Oak & Iron – play the Escort Scenario in the Core Rules or Escape scenario from TimberAndSail.com
  • All game submissions between Friday 7/7/23 and Friday 7/14/23 @ midnight Eastern time (GMT-5) with the word “RESCUE” in the comments of their entry form qualify to win.


The winner of this rescue event will receive a set of Balandra Sails from Seamon’s Quality Sails. In addition to the prize, the winner will earn 30 Victory Points for the Nation chosen in their entry.

One winner will be at random from all entries.  Each submission counts as a single opportunity to win.

Bermuda Sloop hunting down a Balandra Sloop

Balandra Sails from Seamon’s Quality Sails

Set of 3 multipart, hand-quilted sails for the Balandra rigged sloop from the Blood & Plunder 2-player starter set.

$65 Value

Blood & Plunder Captured Merchant/Hostage

Blood & Plunder Character - Captured Merchant Stats and Rules

At 10 points the Merchant is the most expensive character you can buy. However, he can save you a lot of points as well.

All units making Ranged attacks against the unit containing the Merchant apply a +1 penalty to their Shoot test. This can be very powerful, especially at sea. Why? Because that penalty will protect the entire ship section (which potentially protects another unit).

Your Commander is typically placed in your largest and most expensive unit. Adding the Merchant to that unit can help make the cost a little more bearable.

Oh and if you don’t have the Civilian Mini pack from Firelock Games, don’t forget you can always craft a special “Cuban Merchant” and use him as a proxy.

diaorama of an 18th century sales booth with tiny Blood & Plunder products
A Cuban Merchant prepares his vendor booth with sweet “Summer of Plunder” loot

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