Prince William of Yellow Rescued!

Our Rescue Event has come to a conclusion. Summer of Plunder players had the opportunity to submissions between Friday 7/7/23 and Friday 7/14/23 @ midnight Eastern time to win a bonus prize. Let’s see how that turned out!

[The following is COMPLETELY FICTIONAL and has no actual historical accuracy.  It is 100% for entertainment purposes.]


Weatherman: … and so you can see with that tropical storm Ida brewing, we have all the makings of a powerful hurricane is heading north of Cuba toward the southern coast of La Florida. Residents and mariners are cautioned to take immediate precautions. Seek shelter, secure your belongings, and ensure your ships and goods are properly safeguarded. More news at 11.  Stay safe and stay tuned for further updates.

News Anchor:  Thanks Gale Fourse.  Our feature story tonight features the rescue of Prince William of Yellow.  As we reported previously the Prince found himself held captive by the notorious Captain Blackthorn and his band of Brigands known as the Black Tide. Crews from around the region joined in the hunt for the safe return of Prince William.  One such crew was, Captain George John Hellmer of the French Royal Navy, along with the support of a Dutch ally, the embarked on a daring and perilous mission to rescue the prince.

The combined French and Dutch forces bravely confronted the Black Tide fleet in a tumultuous battle along the coast near St Paulo. Despite their initial determination, the allies encountered fierce resistance, resulting in damage and setbacks to both crews. In the face of overwhelming odds.  Though they knew the value of the prize, the Dutch made the difficult decision to tactically withdraw from the fight.

Repairing their rigging, Captain Hellmer pressed forward with unyielding determination and renewed their hunt.  Three days, later they caught back up with the Black Tide. The battle reached its climax in a fierce boarding action.  Amidst the chaos, Captain Hellmer displayed unparalleled courage, leading his crew from the front. During the skirmish, Captain Hellmer’s sustained a pistol wound to his left arm.  Though a significant injury, he pressed on, refusing to let it dampen his fighting spirit. His bravery became a source of inspiration for his crew, propelling them forward with renewed effort.

Ultimately, Captain Hellmer’s unwavering commitment to the rescue mission and his exceptional leadership skills prevailed. The English owe a great debt of gratitude to the French for securing the release of Prince William from his captivity.

blood & Plunder pirate ships fighting off the coast
Photo by George Hellmer… not of the rescue, but a cool pic

The Winner of the Rescue Event 

Congrats to George John Hellmer for being selected as the winner of our special bonus prize event.   He will be receiving a set of hand stitched, custom-fit cloth sails for the new 18th Century Balandra ship.
In addition, he has earned 30 bonus Victory Points for his chosen nation – France.

Stay tuned for a new special event launching Tuesday.

Balandra with Seamon's Quality Sails
Balandra sails prize donated by Seamons’ Quality Sails

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