Summer of Plunder Participation Surges, Spur Minor Tweaks

The Summer of Plunder, the worldwide miniature wargaming campaign, continues to grow and reach new players in 2023. From the very beginning, participants from all corners of the globe have wholeheartedly embraced the event and continue to exceed all expectations. The overwhelming response and passionate engagement have inspired a few changes to help to enhance the event further, and help keep things balanced for all Nations.

We are delighted to announce that we exceeded our participation number of 2022 in a number of ways. In 2022, the Summer of Plunder spanned 15 weeks. Based on player and commander feedback we shortened it to 9 weeks in 2023 to keep things from drawing out too long.

Blood & Plunder games in progress. Photo provided by Dead Man’s Chest

The # of New Player Demos is up 150%!

In 2022 we had participants teach 354 new players over the 15 weeks. In 2023, participants have run demos for 178 new players in JUST 5 WEEKS! That’s a 150% OF LAST YEAR’S NEW PLAYERS per week!

7x as Many Games in Local Games Stores and Cons!

We’ve also tried to incentivise players to play their games in their local game store, conventions or other public venues by awarding these games bonus points. The intention is to help get people to see the game and peaks their interest in hopes of them wanting to learn more. There has been an OVERWHELMING response to this. In 2002 over all 15 weeks we had 172 games played in games stores. In 2023, we have had 363 games in just 5 weeks. We went from an average 11.6 FLGS games per week to 72.6 FLGS games per week — 7x as many games!


Our new Campaign system went through playtesting prior to release, but it’s development was based on certain expectations for points being generated by players. You guys are awesome and have exceeded that expectation and are generating points at a high level.

This influx of player points has tipped the scales and balance of the map a bit. And while high participation is good, not all factions are played in equal number. The Campaign Map is meant to bring balance to those forces that have fewer players.

Starting in week 6 (THIS WEEK) we have are making a 50% increase to the VICTORY POINT and DEFENSE values of all locations on the map! This is being done to help keep the locations viable as resources for generating Victory Points. We want the Locations to be worth squabbling over (for reasons other than bragging and political clout).

Weeks 1-5

Summer of Plunder Campaign Map Location "Trinidad" in Week 1-5

Week 6- 9

Summer of Plunder Campaign Map Location "Trinidad" in Week 6-9

For More Information on the Campaign Map

You can read the rules here: 2023 Summer of Plunder Global Campaign Rules Pt 2

Or we have an overview Video on YouTube here: Summer of Plunder Campaign Map System YouTube Logo

Why Are You Only Increasing Them by 50%?

Victory Points are fluid. They can be spent and used over the course of the campaign. Rather than working like the US Economy where printing infinite money causes inflation, points are lost and “disappear” in game. So even though participation is up, so is the level of conflict at a campaign level. Based on projections for the currently accumulated points over the first 4.5 weeks we determined a 50% increase is sufficient. This gives enough of a bump to keep things valuable, but not enough that it will upset the balance of the game.

Latest version of the Campaign Map

Thank You To All The Players & Commanders

As one of the organizers of this event, I want to take a minute to say thank you all of the participants and commanders. Your continued enthusiasm and participation has made the Summer of Plunder a continued success.

But it’s not just over. We’ve just crossed the halfway points. We still have 4 weeks left to play! So lets finish strong. With the increase in the stakes, participants and commanders need to to rally their crews, sharpen their strategies, and prepare for the intense battles the final weeks ahead.

Summer of Plunder prizes

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