2023 Summer of Plunder Weekly Objectives

Weekly Objectives for Summer of Plunder 2023

Here are the weekly objectives for both Blood & Plunder and Oak & Iron for the 2023 Campaign. Nations may have their own fun objectives as well and we encourage you to watch the weekly updates for those goals.

  1. Week 1:  June 4 – June 10 “Scouting Party!”
    • Blood & Plunder:  Play a 50 point game.
    • Oak & Iron:  Play a 50 point Game
  2. Week 2:  June 11 – June 17 “Dangerous Territory”
    • Blood & Plunder:  Use either 2 or more shoals, or Fortifications in a game.
    • Oak & Iron:  Use the large island in addition to 2 or more normal terrain pieces in a game.
  3. Week 3:  June 18 – June 24 “Keep Your Eyes Peeled!”
    • Blood & Plunder: Play a scenario at Night or using the Caught Unawares scenario rule.
    • Oak & Iron:  Play a scenario that uses 100% of the fog tokens from the Core Box.
  4. Week 4:  June 25 – July 1 “Bark Wars!”
    • Blood & Plunder:   Include a Bark in your Force (or a 4/4 ship)
    • Oak & Iron: Play a game with no Ships of the Line
  5. Week 5:  July 2 – July 8 “Doldrums”
    • Blood & Plunder:   Play a sea game where the wind starts at -2”.
    • Oak & Iron:  For the entire game, all ships have a -1 to their current Sailing Speed.
  6. Week 6:  July 9 – July 15 “Raise the Black!”
    • Blood & Plunder: Play a scenario from the Raise the Black expansion
    • Oak & Iron:  Play the “A Wanted Man” scenario from Timber & Sail 
  7. Week 7:  July 16 – July 22 “Fire & Smoke!”
    • Blood & Plunder: Use Fire or Smoke in your game.
    • Oak & Iron:  Use a Fireship
  8. Week 8:  July 23 – July 29 “Native Alliance”
    • Blood & Plunder: Include at least 1 Native American unit in your Force
    • Oak & Iron:  Use the Pirates Multinational faction ability or play with the fan-created Natives faction on timberandsail.com (free printable cards and ship tokens available).
  9. Week 9:  July 30 – August 5 “Men of Legend”
    • Blood & Plunder: Include a Legendary Commander, or a 30+ point Commander in your Force
    • Oak & Iron:  Include a Level 3 historical Admiral in your fleet.

Current National Objectives (updated 7/30)

  • Spanish
    • Score the most points in the last week! Winner will receive a Soldier sprue.
    • Trivia Question: Where was a vast silver mine discovered in 1545? Put the answer in the comments of your submission.
  • English
    • Complete the “Men of Legend” global challenge to be entered to win this week’s prize, a “Box of Plunder” sprue. Every entry will count as one “ticket” in the raffle.
    • Additionally, email in a picture of your painted Regulars or Musketeers to be sent a copy of this year’s English commander cards. (bandpcampaign@gmail.com Subject: Soldier)
    • Finally, Congratulations to Erich Goebel for winning last week’s prize! An email will be sent out shortly but if for some reason it doesn’t reach you, please contact us.
  • French
    • This week’s objective is Celebrate Early: make a post celebrating the end of the campaign and tag @firelockgames in it. Send a link to the post to randolphandrewp@gmail.com. My favorite post will win a custom terrain piece. Every other entry will receive a commander card of capitan albatros. Be sure to include your address in the email. Talk about your favorite opponent, thank the organizers, show off the coolest picture from a game, bust out some rum (or wine and cheese), give a huzzah to other french captains, whatever you want to do to celebrate.
  • Dutch
    • Complete the “Men of Legend” global target and have yourself a chance to win a nice set of 3d printed object markers.
  • Native American
    • Moving into the final week, the Objective is to play a Legendary Commander or any commander of 30+ points.  Natives have a number of good options to choose from.  One player using a Legendary/30+ Commander will win a Natives sprue.
  • Pirates
    • First up, as mentioned in the “Call to Arms” at the beginning of the campaign, will be for the most victorious (top scoring) Pirate Captain, They will be rewarded with an Exclusive Pirate Captain model of yours truly, “Don Gregory de Padilla” and his card. I painted up this bad boy for the B&P painting contest they had prior to campaign start.  The model came from the Pirates of Legend plastic box set with a small mod (bottle). In addition you’ll get a 3D resin printed set of scatter terrain (barrels, crates, etc.).
    • Next up is to earn a Special Commanders Card from me, Don Gregorio “Redmist” de Padilla, your Pirate Commander. In order to receive this limited edition collectors card, you would have to had played at least one game per campaign week…and it was logged in.
    • Finally me Hearties, I’ve decided to add in an additional Special Pirate Objective mid-way through the campaign which will run through the end of it. For the Pirate Captain which logged in the, “Most Games Played”, will be rewarded a 3D printed bust of a Pirate Captain. This bust may/or may not resemble the man himself – Blackbeard! Along with the bust will be a custom name plate with your name on it for the Pirate Captain which has logged in the most games for the Summer of Plunder 2023…and I’ll throw in a limited edition collectors card of yours truly, “Don Gregory de Padilla”.

You can find the full list of prizes being given out in this campaign here.