Blood & Pigment at 2023 Adepticon Part 2 – Video

Here’s the second video looking at Piratical events at 2023 Adepticon. Of especial interest are the Blood & Plunder and Oak & Iron tournaments.

0:25 Oak & Iron Battle for Nassau
2:12 Blood & Plunder Sea Tournament
9:49 Plunder on the Sand Blood & Plunder Multiplayer Scenario
10:55 Blood & Valor Tournament
12:07 Demo & Free Play Sessions
12:39 Historical Ayubale Scenario Testing
13:38 Oak & Iron Tournament
17:16 Vendor Hall
17:57 Adepticon 2024 Plans

Adepticon was a really energized event for Firelock Games and we from Blood & Pigment plan to all make the trip to attend to the con next year! Mark your calendars!

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