Blood & Gators – New Blood & Plunder Expansion

A New Exciting Announcement From Blood & Pigment & Plunder! Blood & Pigment and Firelook Gumes is proud to announce the next Blood & Plunder Expansion booklet: Blood & Gators. This exciting expansion moves the timeline back to the 16th century, when the Spanish first explored the Florida swamp, and beyond.

The Blood & Pigment team, with Firelook Gumes, will be publishing this book, and have been working on it secretly for the past year. This book looks at Florida not only as a collection of places but as a place. A place where things happened in the 16th century. The 16th century was the century that inspired the 17th century, and Florida was the most 16th century!

As an example of how we are reworking the game, we have improved Event tables to make them more meaningful and MEAN. Here is an example of one of the sixteen different event tables in Blood & Gators that you can use in your 16th-century Florida Swamp based games right now:

Florida Swamp Events Table

La Florida Faction and Florida Swamp Research

It would not be a Blood & Plunder release without new factions and units! The Blood & Pigment team focused on digging into the mud and dirt of Florida, to bring new fun experiences to Blood & Plunder. Towards this goal, I am proud to announce that for Blood & Gators, Blood & Pigment has partnered with The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission to bring to life Blood & Plunder’s first nonhuman faction: the entirety of Florida wildlife as it existed in the 16th century!

Unaligned: La Florida 9,700 BCE – 1600 CE

The area that will be known as Florida has many types of wildlife including reptiles, mammals, birds, and invertebrates.

Faction Rules:

  • This Faction does not use a Commander, and will fail any Strike Test it attempts. This Force does not gain Strike Points through the usual means, but instead gains one Strike Point at the end of turns 2, 4, and 6.
  • Double any Strike Points your opponent earns.
  • This Force always chooses the scenario, decides who the Attacker and Defender is, and places all terrain.
  • At the start of each turn roll on the Swamp Events table, as if an event card was drawn. Ignore results of 5-6.


  • Alligator
  • Water Moccasin
  • Florida Panther
  • Bull Shark
  • Mosquito Swarm
Force options:
  • Coastal Mangrove Forest: Bull Sharks become Core Unit, and Florida Panther become Support Unit. The entire board is considered shallow water. 

New Special Rules for the La Florida Faction

Blood & Gators introduces a whole new set of Special Rules to make the gameplay exciting, fresh, and bloody.

Inhuman: This unit is not human and is not controlled by any player… most of the time. Its unit size can only ever be one model, and it cannot gain Fatigue, Fight or be fought, Shoot or be shot at. Do not draw activation cards for this unit. Inhuman units will fight other types of Inhuman units in the same force.

Ambush Predator: This unit is not deployed, but instead is stalking its prey, and is in Reserves. When an activation card is placed face down, you may place one unit with this Special Rule in an area of natural terrain, and play an activation card from the top of your deck face down. This unit is now activated with that card and may Fight (if an event card is revealed, set it aside to be resolved at the beginning of the next turn and draw another card). If this unit is still on the board at the start of a turn, draw a card for it and activate it as normal.

Swift Hunter: When this unit moves or charges, it moves 5” instead of 4”.

Aquatic: This unit is treated as a boat for deployment and movement purposes. Its turn value is 5”.

Angry Log: After this unit is deployed it may charge any unit within 4”, and the target must make a Fatigue test on 1 d10, even if the Alligator misses. After the Attack is resolved, move the Alligator 3” away from any unit it attacked.

Be Wary: Any unit that starts or ends its activation within 4” of this unit must roll a d10. On a 6+ that unit is charged.

Snakebite: After this unit is deployed it may charge any unit within 1”. Units Save against this attack on a 9-10, and automatically fail any resulting Fatigue tests.

Ancient Foe: This unit may be fought or shot. When this unit takes hits, only roll one Save, with a +1 penalty for every hit after the first.

Slink Away: If this unit is at least 12” away from any enemy units at the start of a turn, you may remove it from the board, and place it in your Reserves.

Lurking Hazard: This unit is not deployed, but instead is hidden somewhere on the board, and is in Reserves. After an opponent ends an activation, if they are within 2″ of an area of natural terrain, you can deploy one unit with this special rule within that area of natural terrain.

Blood Feast: Any unit that starts their activation with any part of the unit inside the swarm takes a +1 Penalty to Shoot and Fight Tests for this activation and treats the area within the swarm as difficult terrain. 

Sanguine Hunger: At the end of each turn move the Swarm 2” towards the nearest human unit that is not in a structure. Units inside covered structures are not affected by the Mosquito Swarm.

Man-Eater: When this unit uses a Dedicated Fight action or the free Fight action from a charge it gets one free Fight action at the end of its activation.

New La Florida Units

Mosquito Swarm

No enemy will be safe or comfortable with this buzzkill on the table.

Beware of the Mosquito Swarm!


Beware of the jaws that bite, the claws that snatch. This gator means business and if he’s going to see you later, it’s going to be after a good session of digestion.

Florida Panther

Once common in Florida, Florida Panther numbers dwindled after all the Florida Panthims hurt, maimed and destroyed themselves doing “remarkable things” (that would get them in the news if they were around today).

Bull Shark

Rumor has it delivery of the Bull Shark unit will be slightly delayed due to SiOcast issues on the 7000 gallon blister pack.

Water Moccasin

Land Moccasins were found to be very comfy by Indigenous peoples in Florida, but it’s its cousins, the Water Moccasins always seemed to feel a little less were not nearly as popular.

Blood & Gators Release Timeline

This gator is moving fast! Development is complete, playtesting started and finished last week, and delivery will commence Soon™. We’re just waiting on the Florida Wildlife Commission to breed & package ship the various new units and GameQuest to deliver to the Firelook Gumes warehouse. The tentative delivery estimate is currently the third quarter of 2054.


No gators or wildlife was hurt during development or production of this exciting new expansion. This content was also released on April Fool’s Day…

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  1. Love it…… Now my gator models have some bite…. and the snakes.

    Are we seeing in the future maybe South Seas expansion and Arabic coast mini modules? My Chinese and Arabs looking for a worthy prize sailing the open or coastal seas.


  2. While I am sure this post was meant tongue firmly in cheek due to the date I think it actually has several well fleshed out and pretty clever ideas to help create an atmospheric environment for narrative period combat. I will certainly be looking at adding some of these ideas to my games.

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