Blood & Pigment Commanders – Custom Stat Cards

These commanders were made as a celebration for the blog’s 4th Anniversary, and went through several different iterations. These “Pigment Commanders” represent the members of Blood and Pigment and their favorite Factions, favored style of play, and a fun, historically satisfying “Biography” similar to entries in the Blood and Plunder Rulebooks.

We hope to see lists or battle reports of players taking these commanders out to have some amazing and hilarious adventures as well as create some kitbashed minis if they so desire. On top of commanders, we have included a “Fighting Man” variant of each commander and they will follow the standard rules regarding Fighting Men as described in No Peace Beyond the Line and Raise the Black, and cannot be brought in the same Force or Company as their Commander profile.

Author’s Note: These commanders and fighting men are unofficial, and are not tournament legal. While we have meticulously balanced these commanders, please make sure both you and your opponent(s) are okay with bringing these characters! 

Custom Blood & Pigment Stat Cards

Below are stat cards for our 4 writers and contributors to the Blood & Pigment blog.

“Iron” Dan Carlson 

“Iron” Dan Carlson showed up in Jamaica with nothing but a stubborn spirit and a dream. Within months he was the captain of a captured 6th Rate Frigate he christened “The Devilfish” and made himself a general terror to Spanish Shipping and the Guarda Costas, be it under his own flag or with his commission from the Dutch West India Company. He got his nickname after one crew member remarked “his head is as thick as iron” due to his stubborn nature.

He prides himself for being the first one over the rail and the last one to hop back on board. Due to his connections with the Dutch GWC he often has some of the best boarding parties that the GWC can buy, which is a rare sight in the New World post 1700. One oddity that puzzles most sailors under his command is that regardless of how light or rich the Prize money is, there is always an amount allotted for waffle irons and the ingredients to produce waffles at sea…

“Iron” Dan Carlson 20pts
May Lead: Golden Age Pirates, Brethren of the Coast, Dutch Marine, Dutch Privateers
Weapons: Blunderbuss, Brace of Pistols, Standard Melee Weapon
Range: 12”
CP: 2
Special Rules: Cold Blooded, Unorthodox Force: Enter Ploeg

Fighting Man: 5pts
Unit Restrictions: none
Range: 4”
CP 1 (may only give Grapple and Charge as an order)
Special Rules: Ruthless

“Shoal Magnet Joe” Forster

“Shoal Magnet Joe” is your classic success story. He showed up one day in Jamaica as an able seaman and soon found he had a knack for hunting down pirates and bringing them to justice. Using the tried and true method of bombarding his enemies with chain shot and then finishing them off with musket volleys (personal combat with rogues is beneath a man of his stature, and pirates are easier to search when they’re dead). At some point in his adventures, he took a Prize that had a peculiar stone chest aboard, filled with cursed treasure. However, instead of gaining immortality or power of the winds and tide, it made him a magnet for shoals! 

“Shoal Magnet Joe” Forster – 20 pts
May Lead: English Buccaneers, Brethren of the Coast, British Militia
Range: 12”
CP: 2
Special Rules: Motivated, Unorthodox Force: Forlorn Hope

Fighting Man: 5pts
Unit Restrictions: none
Range: 4”
CP 1 (may only give Move and Shoot as an order)
Special Rules: Skirmishers

Jason “Captain Blood Klotz”

Jason “Captain Blood Klotz” was born in Prussia to a lesser noble family. He began his life of crime as a fence for fine art and luxury goods. Able to walk the line between the realm of ruffians and affluent he amassed a fair amount of wealth of his own.  When the law eventually caught up to him nearly a decade later, he fled to the New World rather than face prison.  Bouncing around the Caribbean he again started into his role as a fence, transferring pirated goods from Nasau to Charleston, Boston and New York.  Involved in an armed conflict following a botched trade on the docks of Bath, North Carolina he was forced to flee amid the pirate crew of Stede Bonnet.  Severely wounded in the failed attempt to capture the Protestant Caesar he abandoned Bonnett along with several other members of the crew.

Addicted to the new adrenaline rush and thrill he longed for the taste of combat again.  Liberating a few well selected art pieces for some wealthy clients in New York he used the proceeds to assemble a crew of his own. His corvette, the Legacy, has been spotted in the waters between the Caymans and Trindad.

Jason “Captain Blood Klotz” 20pts
May Lead: The Last Buccaneers, Baymen, The Flying Gang, Dutch Marine
Weapons: As Attached Unit
Range: 12”
CP: 2
Special Rules: Expert Broadside!, Unwavering

Fighting Man: 5pts
Unit Restrictions: none
Range: 4”
CP 1 (may only give Move or Charge as an order)
Special Rules: Unwavering

As the Master of Oak & Iron, we’ve also made up a custom Admiral card for Jason as well.

“Deadeye” Guy Rheuark

What is it in someone that makes them fight to survive? For one 17th century refugee, survival was a way of life. The name “Deadeye Guy Rheuark” was first recorded as a survivor of the 1663 Quebec earthquake by the Augustinians. Curiously, most other details were omitted, yet he is the only one in the records to be listed with an honorific.

His name appears again, some nineteen years later, in 1682.  The “Johanna ” was one of the first EIC ships to wreck on the Cape of Good Hope, and “Deadeye” Guy Rheuark was recorded to have survived the wreck and made his way to Cape Town with the others.

The last time his name appeared was in 1692, in Port Royal, as a victim of the earthquake and fire. The book that listed him was written over a hundred years after the event, however, and citations are needed.

“Deadeye” Guy Rheuark 20pts
May Lead: Brethren of the Coast, Canadian Militia, Danish Militia, and Pirates
Range: 12”
CP: 2
Special Rules: Buccaneer Tactics, Unorthodox Force: European Sailors

Fighting Man: 5 pts
Unit Restrictions: none
Range: 4”
CP 1 (may only give Shoot and Reload as an order)
Special Rules: Marksmen

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