Global Campaign Newsletter V

Campaign Newsletter 26th of July, 1690

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World Campaign 2021: Summer of Plunder

The Anglo-Dutch Alliance

During this last campaign break in newsletters, the Dutch Republic has surged forward to tie with the English. This can only mean a return of the Anglo-Dutch alliance, last seen in 1678!

The Brethren of the Coast are close behind in third place, with France not far behind. Spain has also slowly been gathering support, but is in a distant fifth.

Now that we are past the halfway point of this campaign, you may think that the peripheral nations and Native America are too far behind to win this campaign. Does this mean you should stop playing these Nations? No! The Governors in charge of them are working feverishly to build alliances to propel them to the top.

Commanders are also working to even the playing field, such as Captain Swader of Portugal.

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A Word from the Five Tribes of the Iroquois


From King Go Siph Pho Stir

The Native peoples still fall behind in battle! To inspire the Braves to go forth to war, the first 3 Native batlte entries this week will be sent reinforcements (in the form of a set of 4 Braves models).

Bring honor to your people, tribe, and nation! The Indian Braves must go forth to battle!

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Correction: Spain is at 26

A word from the Aristocracy

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To the Brave Men of the Republic,

We have fought many great battles over the past month, but the other powers have fought more. We must endeavor to strike them wherever we may find them. The Buccaneers and the English appear to have no problem finding opponents, and especially in raiding our port towns and shipping.

Concerning Pirates, there have lately been some Rumors being spread by some Persons of Ill Repute exaggerating a defeat I recently suffered at the hands of Pirates near Sint-Maarten. These baseless accusations are all an effort to undermine the commercial efforts of the Republic. To this end we must redouble our efforts to hunt the pirate menace, while also continuing our fight against Spanish oppression and aggression.

The Stadtholder has authorized me to offer certain Incentives to each of the first Men of Hoorn who can offer evidence of Capture, Burning, and Sinking of any of our enemie’s Shipping. Additional Incentives are being issued for the capture of enemie Commanders, especially those known for Piracy.

Governor Jan Van Meteren

Eendracht Maakt Macht!

A Report from the Caribbean

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While laying down for a good night’s sleep after a long day of honest piracy, Jack Blackheart falls deeply into the most interesting of dreams. He finds himself in command of a white, almost ethereal bark which seems to move just fine without the use of sails. Moreover, the ship is “sailing” across an open grassy field! His amazement is instantly turned to dread as across the way he sees an equally otherworldly Spanish brigantine heading right for him. An initial salvo from the Spanish slams into Jack’s ship, killing some freebooters. The pirates hold steady and are eventually able to swing around to their “good side”. Once close enough, the remaining freebooters blast the cursed Spanish with some good old fashioned english grapeshot. The Spanish commander is not deterred, and orders his men to grapple and then board Jack’s ship. The brethren fight bravely, but are overwhelmed. Jack wakes up screaming, only to find himself back in his own bed.

New Fan-Made Oak & Iron Rules for Portugal

My request for fan made rules for Oak & Iron has been answered with these fleet rules for Portugal. Here is the explanation of the rules, from Garrett’s own mouth:

Reinois: You may use one Spanish Faction initiative card in your initiative hand.

I used this to represent that Portugal natives being a part of the Spanish empire from 1580 to 1640 would probably have similar tactics to Spain.

Fast Vessels: Reduce the cost of the Swift and Weatherly upgrades by 2 (to a minimum of 0).

Because Portuguese vessels such as caravels were famous for being good at sailing windward and sailing in general.

Expert Navigators: Once per game, before ships deploy, you may spend one fortune to move one piece if terrain up to musket shot in any direction.

Portuguese navigators were known as the best especially in the 15th and 16th century(out of timeline I know but I think this works well for theming). I’ve also read about fleets using Portuguese navigators in the 17th century (Moses Cohen Henriques for example).

TheThese rules are a great way to represent Portugal in the campaign. I look forward to seeing rules for Scotland, Sweden, and Native America, along with play test games for the rules!

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