Global Campaign Newsletter IV


Campaign Newsletter 12th of July, 1690

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World Campaign 2021: Summer of Plunder

Hoist the Colours!

By Guy Rheuark

The Brethren of the Coast have swept through the campaign, and show no sign of slowing down. They are in the lead with 22 games, with England in second, and Spain and France sharing third place.

The Brethren have earned the prize of this first campaign month. The Boyar has been a man of the people, and has been very active in rooting on his faction. The Brethren players have also played both Blood & Plunder and Oak & Iron in a diverse way. If you are a Brethren player, congratulations.

It’s not over yet though, even for the Nations that are near last place, as only about twenty games stand between first and last. As this campaign reaches its middle stretch, the Governors are working feverishly to advance their own positions, and their Nations standings, including new alliances.

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A Word from the Five Tribes of the Iroquois


From King Go Siph Pho Stir

Why have the Braves fallen back? Why do they give no battle to the invaders? Does the shine of the new musket and the luster of the white man’s cotton cloth destroy the warrior spirit? Assemble the raiding party, go forth, and come back with scalps, hostages, and plunder!

Bring honor to your people, tribe, and nation! The Indian Braves must go forth to battle!

A Word from the Aristocracy


To all Swedish and Dutch Commanders

I, as Governor of the Swedish Forces, have aligned with the Dutch Republic to further both our interests. Every entry for Sweden or the Dutch Republic will also boost the other. I look forward to this being a profitable exchange between our two Nations.

I am also still looking for Oak & Iron homebrew rules for Sweden, Scotland, and Portugal. Make sure you playtest the rules, and report it to the campaign.

Guy Rheuark, Swedish Governor 

The Boyar’s Desk; Week VI


Ahoy thar me hearties!

This past week has been mighty exciting for The Brethren! I have four bits of news for ye scurvy, swashbucklin’ scallywags! First order of business is a shout out to Commodore TJ Sinon, who captured a galleon on the seas of Oak and Iron! (Pictured Below)

Good job routing those dirty Spaniards! We hope to see more pirates bullying those filthy Spaniards!

However, we have news that will surely enrage Governor Mullane! The Governor sent out a treasure fleet in uncommon waters, thinking it would slip past our nets. However, one who was mentioned here before, managed to capture all that gold, silver, rum, and the Governor’s own furniture stored in the fleet! That’s right Lads! Commodore Colleen Swader and her flagship The Black Cat managed to capture what all pirates hope to capture! According to Commodore Colleen, they sank the escort ships and then boarded the two galleons with cold steel and powder scorched pistol barrels! At round 9 they captured both galleons, cementing Commodore Colleen in Caribbean History! (Pictured Below)

For her efforts, we have sent her an authentic Spanish coin to serve as a reminder for all the Spaniards who dare oppose us!

The third matter I want to cover is a Contract Completion!  Ben Hudler unlocked an Accolade! While playing against the Head Clog-Wearer Himself, Jan Van Meteren (Glenn Van Meter) Captain Jack Blackheart (whom I assume is Ben Hudler operating under an alias) attempted to steal away a prominent Dutch Merchant! Unfortunately, Blackheart and just men had celebrated thoroughly and had suffered from the Drunk Special Rule. Governor Van Meteren found himself boarded by two small boats full of intoxicated pirates, and was forced to strike his colors! For his valiant efforts, Ben will be receiving a set of Bark Sails crafted by Guy Rheuark’s mother! These sails shall serve as a reminder to all of Ben Hudler’s future foes! Rumor has it the Governor was sent home in a dingy, wearing nothing but his wig, clogs, and his hat…I can neither confirm or deny the sighting of an almost naked Dutchman showing up in St Martin a few days later…..

Captain Blackheart boards and humiliates his Dutch pursuers

The fine sails Ben Hudler is to receive

Finally, our fourth course of business: Contracts! I’m still looking out for a Weenie Roast,and “Timber!” However, a new contract has been put forth due to Ben Hudler’s completion of “Why is the Rum Always Gone?” The title for this new contract is “Spreading the Wealth”, and it involves grapeshot at *very* close range while at sea. There will be plunder to be had when one of ye Brethren Captains or Commodores fulfills the contract! Keep an eye out on the official Blood and Plunder and Oak and Iron Facebook groups for hints! As always, keep grog in yer belly, smoked pork in your stores, and wind in yer sails!

The Boyar of the Brethren

A Report from the Caribbean



Photo Credit: Gerardo Gonzalez


Diary of the First Officer.

After we took the sloop from the Frenchies, Captain Gerardo renamed it as Emilia, nobody asked why, nobody knows why but as it is a woman’s name it’s ok for all the crew. We sailed up to Tortuga and there we bought some info: a gorgeous lady was going to be escorted up to a Spanish frigate but without many guards as she was the lover of some important Spanish aristocrat. We sailed up to the north near Manzanillo bay, of course we docked some miles away and then we went through the jungle to the little town where she was supposed to pass the night. Sadly, there were more than just “a few guards”, a soldier’s regiment and even cavalry.

The Captain put the assault into votation: “Gentlemen, we can have the girl, have the town and some Spanish blood in our sword, but they’re going to sell pricely their blood, so we all decide what’ we’ll all do tomorrow in the morning.”

We all decided to spill blood so as soon the sun showed, our steels were outside. The Spanish defended themselves with bravery, we lost many men but they lost twice. Sadly, they ran away in the boats they prepared on the coast. We plunder the town but the best we got were the weapons of the dead soldiers.

The crew was not very happy with the beautiful lady fleeing, and the Captain noticed it. So, we decided to pass near Legone before reaching Tortuga. We spotted a little town with a small wooden fort, we decided to dock one or two miles away but we noticed a small camp away from the town, Spaniards.

We get close with a white flag, as Captain ordered, I suppose we were going to surprise them but the Captain spoke with them in his perfect spanish and the he talked to us: “My brave sea dogs, those gentlemen over there plan to pillage the town so I offered them the support of our forces with the condition of dividing the gold, the weapons and the ladies, of course.”

With this strange alliance we joined the Marineros. Damned frenchies fighted very well but after we captured almost all of the defending forces the French Captain surrendered, I still remember the words that the Captain said: Podéis tener el fuerte, yo me quedo con el capitán.  As the Spanish leader agreed, the Captain, without saying something more, beheaded the man.

We don’t know too much about the Captain, but we know that he hates French and Spanish but between both of them, he hates the French more…

Pictures of the Conflict


Photo Credit: Max Beck

Photo Credit: Rodrigo Vilanova

Photo Credit: Peter Höglund

Photo Credit: Jeff Woodman


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