Blood & Plunder Global Community Campaign Rules

Blood & Plunder Global Community Event Rules

World Campaign 2021:
Summer of Plunder

Welcome to the first Global Campaign for Blood & Plunder (and Oak & Iron), hosted by Firelock Games, Blood and Pigment and NDNG’s Tales of the Sail. What follows are the rules we are using for this campaign. If you have any questions, send them to, or contact Guy Rheuark on Facebook.


  1. This campaign will run from 06/10/2021 00:00 PST (UTC -7:00) to 09/11/2021 00:00 PST (UTC -7:00) All entries received past this time frame will be disqualified.
  2. To enter you must send an email to containing:
    1. A picture taken while playing a game if Blood & Plunder or Oak & Iron.
    2. Your Name.
    3. What Faction or Nationality you played.
    4. If we can use your picture in the Campaign Report and future articles.
  3. Throughout the campaign, various prizes will be given out to players for completing certain public or hidden missions and goals. At the end of the campaign, the Nationality with the most logged games will be declared the winning Nation and a random player from that Nationality will be awarded the Grand Prize: a fully painted and rigged Sloop!
  4. For the Grand Prize drawing, only one entry per person will be counted. Additional entries will help that Nationality win, but will not increase drawing odds to win the Grand Prize.
  5. For the other prizes, only one entry per person for each mission/goal will be counted. Additional entries will be counted as games played, but will not increase drawing odds of winning that particular prize. 
  6. Players may submit entries for any and all Nationalities. You are not limited to just playing for one Nation. 
  7. Winners will be notified via email, and in the Campaign Report. Winners will have two weeks, after being emailed, to respond and claim their prize. Winners who do not contact us, or respond within this time frame, forfeit their prize.
  8. Both players may send us an entry for a game they played together, but must send different pictures of the game.
  9. Games played using the Solo rules are eligible for entry, but only for the human player.
  10. Games played against yourself are eligible for entry, but only for one side.
  11. The Nationalities we will be using are: Spain, England, France, Dutch Republic, Native America, Denmark, Portugal, Scotland, Sweden, and The Brethren of the Coast.
  12. The Nationality Spain includes all Spanish factions.
  13. The Nationality England includes all English factions.
  14. The Nationality France includes all French factions.
  15. The Nationality Dutch Republic includes all Dutch factions.
  16. The Nationality Native America includes all Native American factions, and Black Caribs.
  17. The Nationality Denmark includes Danish Militia and Brandenburg Privateers.
  18. The Nationality Portugal includes Portuguese Bandeirantes and Portuguese-Brazilian Tercios & Militia.
  19. The Nationality Scotland is the Scottish Militia.
  20. The Nationality Sweden is the Swedish Militia.
  21. The Nationality Brethren of the Coast includes Brethren of the Coast, Logwood Cutters, and Pirates.
  22. Each nationality will have a Leader who will be posting a Call to Arms for their nationality soon! They will provide missions or goals for their nation as the campaign progresses. 
  23. We reserve the right to change the campaign rules as necessary. Any rules changes will posted here on

We’re excited to get this campaign going! Keep you eyes on the horizon for more updates as June 10th approaches! 

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