Campaign Newsletter VI

Campaign Newsletter 9th of August, 1690

Five Swords Drawn

Photo Credit: Derek Boeren

By Guy Rheuark

The Spanish Governor has asked for help, and the heroes of Spain have responded. England and Spain are now tied for first, with 32 entries each. Tied for third is The Brethren of the Coast and The Dutch Republic, each just behind with 30 entries. France is also not too far behind in fifth, with 27.

The Summer of Plunder has only a month left, and I can tell that it has already been a long war for some of you. The top five Nations are so close that every report you send in to between now and September 10th might be the entry that determines what Nation wins.

When you send in your entry please include your name, what Nationality you played for, a picture of the game, and if we can use your picture for the campaign and future articles. Every person participating in a game has to send in their own entry with the above information. A copy of the rules can be found Here.

I also have a special message for players of the five Nations with less than 30 entries. Keep playing and sending in reports, you might still win something.

Photo Credit: Adam Johnston

Photo Credit: Mel Swader

Photo Credit: Paul Pickles

Photo Credit: Joseph Forster

Photo Credit: Eric Mylin
A word from the Aristocracy

To the Followers of Sweden, Portugal and Scotland

With the recent open declarations of secret missions I have also decided that openness in these small hours is what is needed. As thus, rewards for the Following Secret Missions are being offered by these three crowns

  1. Make Rules for the Scotish for Oak & Iron, and use them in a game.
  2. Make Rules for the Swedish for Oak & Iron, and use them in a game.
  3. Play a Sea or amphibious game as the Swedish, and photograph your ship with Ice around it (real or as terrain).
  4. Play a land or amphibious game as the Scotish, and photograph your commander and their unit moving down a hill.
  5. Play a game as the Portuguese, and photograph your commander near a pile of crates or barrels.

Good luck on these missions, and on the campaign

Governor of Sweden, Portugal, and Scotland Guy Rheuark

A Report from the Caribbean

Photo Credit: Jeff Woodman

Today the Brave Spanish faced off against those cruel Brethren of the Coast, Dutch, English and Native Americans as we raced to capture a Lady of High Standing and steal a freshly commissioned vessel moored at port.

The Spanish, being braver and smarter than the other foolish persons, made good time towards the dock enlisting and compelling men from the taverns and shops into service!

But alas those horrid Dutch found the Madame before us and made towards the docks with her.

Finding ourselves suddenly faced by those cursed Brethren of the Coast, our Brave Spanish Commander charged his unit into melee with them (see pre-charge pictures) and after a bloody and pitched melee the Coward’s drove us back, where the Dutch Dogs shot us in the back!!!

Their cowardly act will damn them for all their years!!!!

Captain Woodman

Additional Pictures

Photo Credit: Kevin Tovar

Photo Credit: Derek Taylor

Photo Credit: Garrett Swader

Photo Credit: Max Beck

Photo Credit: Иванов Александр


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