Two Campaign Missions – Global Campaign

By Joseph Forster

The Summer 2021 Blood & Plunder Global Community Campaign has been awesome so far! It’s been great to see so many folks out there playing games, painting minis, and setting up awesome boards. There’s about a month left in the campaign (end date is 9/11/21) and we still have plenty of prizes to give away! There will be some great prizes at the end of the campaign but today I have a couple little giveaways for players who fulfill specific “missions.”

William III Shilling

First I have a 1696 English Silver Shilling with the likeness of William III on it. This is a genuine historical piece and while most of the silver in circulation in the Caribbean would have been from Spanish sources, English Sea Dogs and military would have sometimes been paid in English coinage.  This particular coin is in good shape and not too worn but it has been bent. I’m sure it was struck by a musket ball, saving the life of some English seaman!

William was a Dutch prince who came to power in England after dramatically leading the “Glorious Revolution” with Mary against King James II (his uncle) in 1688. The resulting joint monarchy of Dutch William and English Mary tied England and the Netherlands close politically against the Catholic French.

Any player who submits a campaign entry that features the Dutch and English fighting side by side in the same force (the English seagoing factions all include Dutch units) will be eligible to win this historic coin!

A Force like this would be representative.

I will draw a random winner from all eligible entries submitted between 8/6 and 8/15. Just include a picture of Dutch and English models fighting together in the same force! Easy!

Heavy 24lb Field Gun

Field guns are a fun corner of Blood & Plunder to mess around with. The field gun pack from Firelock Games includes two cannons and barrels to make them either a Light Cannon or a Medium Cannon. The rules allow for a Heavy Cannon field gun (although it is immovable and only useful in certain scenarios). I’m giving away a model that’s perfect for a Heavy Cannon field gun!

This metal set comes from Perry Miniatures and the sculpt is great. I own this cannon and it looks awesome. It’s massive compared to the light carriage on the Firelock model. The set comes with 6 cannon crew as well (French and technically from later in the 18th century). This gun is probably bigger than cannons actually used in the New World in the 17th century, but who can resist a huge cannon! The bigger the better!

If you need a massive field gun in your life, just submit a campaign entry featuring a field gun (either in your force or shooting at your force if you can’t include one (Natives etc).

I will select a random winner from eligible entries submitted in the same time frame as above (8/6-8/15).

Pull together your glorious alliance, wheel out your field gun! I will contact winners for these campaign prizes on 8/16/21. Thanks for participating in the campaign!

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