2021 Blood & Plunder Global Community Campaign

Get ready for a

Blood & Plunder Global Community Event 2021!

World Campaign 2021:
Summer of Plunder

Grab your miniatures and ready your ships, because bloodandpigment.com, NDNG’s Tales of the Sail, and Firelock Games are hosting a Global Campaign this year!

Help your Nationality fight for supremacy, and have a chance at winning loot in the process! All you have to do is play a game of Blood & Plunder (or Oak & Iron), take a picture of the game in action, then email us that picture to bandpcampaign@gmail.com. Include your name, the faction or Nationality you played, and if we can use your pictures in future articles and videos (you can also let us know if you won, and any other embellishments!). Each week we will share the pictures from the campaign, and tally how many battles each nation has fought.

This first Global Campaign will start on June 10th and end on September 10th. You can play as many games of Blood & Plunder or Oak & Iron as you want during the campaign, against whoever you want (even the solo rules) and submit pictures for each game you play.

Keep an eye out for Special Events during the Campaign. These might be suggested scenarios, favored factions, or requests from a Governor, that will earn your Nationality extra points!

At the end of the campaign, the Nation that was played the most will be declared the winner! We will then randomly select a player that played that Nationality, and that player will win:

The Grand Prize!

The Painted and Rigged Sloop from this article. It also has new hand quilted sails, provided by Seamon’s Quality Sails (now open for Sail Commisions at this link). I will also hand paint a Flag of your winning Nation for this sloop, making it a worthy, one of a kind prize.

In addition to the grand prize, everyone who participates will have a chance to win a Blister of models along with a surprise model. The more people that participate, the more of these prizes we will give out.

This Global Campaign will also have Secret Missions. These will be smaller prizes that we will give out for achieving special criteria through the course of the campaign. Look for the winners of these, and hints on how you could win them, in the Weekly Campaign Report.

More rules and details with be forthcoming from Firelock Games, Tales of the Sail, and Blood & Pigment. 

We hope everyone will enjoy this campaign, and have a summer filled with Blood & Plunder!

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