Blood & Plunder Photo Contest Update – Ends June 30th

james talbert 2

Photo by James Talbert

The 2020 Photo Contest is nearing a close here on June 30. It’s been great so far! I’ve got a lot of good submissions but I would still happy to get more! You have a chance to win some awesome historical coins that were being used during this Golden Age of Piracy.

If you’re still considering entering some photos in the contest, you can find all the details and small print here on the photo contest page.


Photo by Taylor Holbrook

I was able to capture this shark, slice him open and find some more treasure to update and increase the prizes for the contest!

The prizes have been increased! More booty! Here’s what I currently have as prizes (left to right:

  • Randomly selected Grand Prize is updated to a massive Spanish 8 Reale coin (worth over $100)
  • First Place: Three Spanish coins, 1 Reale silver coin, small Spanish copper coin and a clipped silver “piece of eight” (this is likely 18th century)
  • Second Place: Three 17th century copper coins, one French, one Dutch (18th century), one Spanish
  • Third Place: Three 17th century Spanish copper coins

Thanks for your participation and good luck! If you haven’t submitted anything yet, there’s still time! The contest will close at the end of June.


Photo from Jonathan Yeung

I’ve really enjoyed seeing people’s work. Thanks for sharing your great photos.

Here are a few more of the great pictures I’ve received so far.


Photo by Sean Martin

I saw some people under the impression this was a contest hosted by Firelock Games so I wanted to clarify that this is a privately hosted contest on this blog and not directly associated with Firelock.


Photo by Josh Shivak

If you have any questions of comments regarding the contest (or anything else regarding this blog), you can email me at


Photo by James Greaney

I’ll be contacting winners in early July and then posting again with the winning pictures shortly after. I’m also hoping to make a contest like this a yearly event on this blog.


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