Completed European Soldiers

I’ve been playing primarily Spanish for the last year or so and the Soldado was a welcome addition to the Spanish unit roster. Whether on land or sea, at range or in melee combat, these soldiers can get the job done.

I posted a painting guide for a red trim over blue coat color scheme a while back and since then I’ve been working on another batch with cream jackets. I’ve finished 8 blue and 4 white models and my goal is to finish 4 more white and then get 8 more painted up in a red English scheme. Then I can use the white soldiers for either Spanish or English and have a full 16 models for both factions.

One of the nearly-complete soldiers in the middle of my WIP shelf

I painted 2 each of 2 poses and I’ll start on the next poses after I finish a batch of Lanceros I’m currently working on.

The white jackets were more work than I anticipated, partly because the color I used for the base (GW Screaming Skull) wasn’t a good base tone and I had to do a couple coats. I mixed in some Vallejo Ivory for the highlights on the Coat after a light wash.

I shamelessly stole this color scheme from the models Mike Tunez used for his Portuguese force in the Beasts of War video they released a while back.

It took me a while to get these models finished and I actually used them in two games well before they were completed. I like the color scheme and I think they look pretty striking on the table!

I’ll be finishing up some Lanceros and another Spanish Commander with grey hair to use as Zarate, then I’ll dive in on the next 4 using this scheme.

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