Completed Lanceros

I just finished my fourth batch of Lanceros. After playing a good bit of Guarda Costas and Armada de Barlovento, I’m pretty excited about the Piqueros Marineros so I decided to finish up a set of 4 that I started at least a month back.

I worked a good bit of blue into these minis to make them look more nautical.

I’ve been trying to use some darker skin tones to represent the different races within the Spanish forces and 3 of these models actually have less European features so I used the same set of skin paints I’ve been using for Natives.

I have a set of 16 Lanceros now and that’s enough to fully crew a Sloop with Piqueros or split them into 2 groups for a larger ship. I have a few more of these models tucked away but I think I’ll move on to something else for a bit.

I’ll be painting an older version of the Spanish commander for Zarate, then I hope to do a painting guide for the Enter Ploeg.

My shelf occasionally has some strange combinations

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