Completed Spanish Commander – Zárate

I’ve been playing the 20 point commander Andres de Ochoa y Zarate recently and I decided I should paint up a commander as an older “Feeble” captain.

Zarate is a really interesting commander in the game. With 3 command points and some really good abilities, he’s well under-costed at 20 points but he can unexpectedly die on you if you don’t care of his old bones.

“Feeble” triggers when Zarate ends his activation with 2+ fatigue. With Inspiring, you should be able to use a command point to keeping that fatigue at bay if necessary. Adding a Grizzled Veteran or Son of Neptune to the command unit can help you avoid this penalty by getting an extra rally action and gaining the Tough rule. Tough and Feeble both trigger at the end of the activation but Mike Tunez has clarified that Tough should/can Resolve first. If you can’t get down to 1 fatigue with Inspiring and all those command points by the end of your activation, you’re probably losing anyway!

Combine the cost of Zarate and the Veteran and 23 points is still a fantastic deal for 3 command points, Broadside, Inspiring and Commodore. This commander is really good and a lot of fun!

I think he’s best in Naval games, but with a 12″ command range, he would still be solid in the Spanish Militia faction.

I went a more “irregular” direction with this commander and used a good bit of color over a brown jacket.

I’ve been seeing a lot of orange and red in prints of Spanish soldiers from the 17th century so I gave him a orange feather but I was too chicken to make him as garish some of those prints I’ve seen.

Zarate joins my group Spanish commanders as the 7th model!

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