Hunt or Be Hunted: New Predator Rules for Blood & Plunder

This Halloween, Blood & Pigment is proud to offer another holiday treat to the Blood & Plunder Community with new rules featuring the fearsome Predator. This year we’ve prepared some skull-jarring, spine-tingling fun that merges piracy with the sci-fi thriller franchise of the Predator. We’ve added a fully playable faction, with complete rules for new units, weapons and equipment, strategies, and two special scenarios for your crew to try.

Predator miniature wargaming rules for Blood & Plunder

Predator Setting Background

Inspired by the 2022 film PREY, this article (and the associate PDF) contains a fan-made set of rules that introduces Predator hunters to the miniature wargame of Blood & Plunder. Included you will find stats for various levels of Predator models, a new list of special rules, a couple of fun scenarios, and recommendations for models. This packet is purely for fun and not intended for tournaments or competitive play.

PREY – The Movie Background

Without giving away spoilers…

In September of 1719, French Trappers and a tribe of Comanche encountered a Feral Predator (a Yautja) in the Great Plains region of North America. An elite hunter from an alien world, this creature is as savage and deadly as a small army of men. It stalks its prey, striking quickly and furtively disappearing into cover invoking fear in its enemies.

PREY movie promo poster

PREY Movie Info:

Rating: R
Runtime: 1h 40min
Release Date: August 5, 2022
Genre: Action, Thriller

Directed By: Dan Trachtenberg
Written By: Patrick Aison
Produced By: John Davis, Jhane Myers, Marty Ewing
Cast: Amber Midthunder, Dakota Beavers, Stormee Kipp, Michelle Thrush, Julian Black Antelope, Dane DiLiegro

Film Description:
The newest entry in the “Predator” franchise, 20th Century Studios’ “Prey” is an all-new action thriller set in the Comanche Nation 300 years ago. It is the story of a young woman, Naru, a fierce and highly skilled warrior who has been raised in the shadow of some of the most legendary hunters who roam the Great Plains. So when danger threatens her camp, she sets out to protect her people. The prey she stalks, and ultimately confronts, turns out to be a highly evolved alien predator with a technically advanced arsenal, resulting in a vicious and terrifying showdown between the two adversaries.

Prey Movie Trailer

If you’ve not seen the movie, you can check out the trailer here:

Where to Stream “PREY” the Movie

Currently, this film is a HULU exclusive.
You can Stream PREY the movie on HULU here.

Premise of the Predator Faction

Since the initial release of PREDATOR the movie in (1987), the franchise has actually developed into a fully fleshed-out series of comics, video games, movies, and fiction that have developed an entire sci-fi universe for the creature. The “Predator” is actually a member of an intelligent race of extraterrestrials that centers on a warrior-hunter caste system known as the Yautja. The Yautja culture has an extreme reverence for bones as they represent the strength of the creature they once belonged to. As a culture, they seek to collect the bones, particularly the skulls of worthy foes they have hunted.

Predator Faction – Force Special Abilities

  • This Force may only contain one model. That model is always considered the Force’s Commander.
  • This Force may always choose the scenario.
  • This Force adds +5 when determining the Attacker in a scenario.

While the Yauntja are tribal, they are solitary hunters. That presents a unique element to the faction as you will only have a single mini who serves as both Commander and the full unit. This changes how Hits and Fatigue affect the Unit. All Models in the faction have a new Special Ability called Multi-Hit(X).

Multi-Hit(X): This unit takes X Hits to kill and may attempt as many Saves as Hits taken, no matter how many models in the unit. Once the number of Hit points is reduced to zero the model dies and is removed. When making a Fatigue Test, this unit will roll one d10 for being hit and an additional d10 for each damage taken. This unit only retreats if it takes a number of Fatigue equal to twice its original (X) Hit value (e.g. Multi-Hit 4 retreats at 8 Fatigue).

The Force may always choose the scenario. The Yuantja choose the setting for their hunts. This keeps you from being placed in an unfair situation/setting that doesn’t make sense for a single model. With a +5 to the Attacker/Defender role, there is also a very strong chance you will be the Attacker.

Overview of the Predator Units For Blood & Plunder

Predators are an advanced alien species, so they are almost a bit like demigods in the world of humans. They are extremely fast, powerful, and armed with advanced technology that makes them a dominant force. At first glance, the units seem very rules-heavy, and they are. However, you have to consider you have 1 model containing ALL of the special rules for your ENTIRE army. If you add up all the Special Abilities for 3-4 units in a standard Faction, they aren’t terribly different.

A Predator miniature emerges from the woods

Predator Unit Types

There are 4 basic Unit Types for the Yautja in Blood & Plunder. These reflect the experience level in the caste system of the culture. As the hunter advances in skill they gain new abilities and unlock access to better equipment.

The least experienced unit is an Unblooded. They typically represent Yautja on their first hunt. In terms of gameplay, they lack ranges weapons and therefore are MUCH harder to play and are more of a challenge to play, even for veteran Blood & Plunder players.

The Unblooded Hunter is fast and slippery with the Cunning, Quick, Evade, Scouts and Skirmishers abilities, along with the powerful Stealth Cloak ability that improves the Shoot Save. This Hunter hits hard in melee with Multi-Strike ability to roll 2 dice in melee, with the possibility of the third with the Brawlers rule. War Cry makes that melee attack that much scarier. Even at the Inexperienced level, this model can leverage its rules to perform multiple actions on pretty much any activation card. With a Command Point to give itself and possible free actions on Spades and Hearts (Quick and Skirmishers), you can do a surprising amount of actions if you’re careful.

The Unblooded Hunter’s obvious weakness is a lack of a Ranged weapon. You’ll have to get close and personal! But you need that skull trophy anyway so…

The following is a breakdown of how each tier of the Hunters advances in terms of stats/capabilities. Each tier has all the abilities of the one below but adds the following items:


  • -1 to Resolve
  • -1 to Fight
  • Gains the Combistick and Laser Guided Bolt Gun weapons
  • Battle Hardened
  • Multi-Strike(3)


  • -1 Shoot
  • Gains the Proximity Mines weapon
  • Terror
  • Vast Experience


  • -1 Shoot Save
  • -1 Resolve
  • Indomitable

New Weapons & Equipment for the Predators

The Predator franchise includes a wide range of new weapons and armor that could be incorporated into the game. However, we’ve limited things to just items featured in the PREY movie.


The Combistick is a telescopic, lightweight, versatile weapon that can be easily stored or extended for hand-to-hand combat or thrown like a spear when needed. Some variants can be split into two separate weapons for dual-wielding.

This weapon grants the unit the Swordsman Special Rule and may be used as a Pike or as a Thrown Weapon. Before using the weapon, the controlling player must declare how it will be used.

Laser Guided Bolt Gun

The Bolt Gun employs bolts guided by the bio-mask’s targeting laser system. The system featured a standard triple laser sight and could target up to three objects.

Superior Range (as Heavy Matchlock): If the target number of a Shoot Test made with this weapon is 11+, the target falls within 32”, the Shoot Test will succeed on natural 10.

  • This weapon gives a +2 penalty to all Shoot Saves.
  • This weapon should be treated as a “Musket” when applying all special
    rules and abilities.

Proximity Mines

These disc-shaped devices, featuring red neon lines and retractable spikes, are stored within the Wrist Gauntlet. Activation required entering a specific code, much like a Self-Destruct Device. Once armed, the Gauntlet deploy can cause the mines to seek out nearby living beings and detonate with devastating results.

This weapon is 3 one-time-use explosives. This weapon follows the rules for Grenadoes without the risk of Misfires. A model may attack using any number of mines on any number of target locations without penalty in a single round.

Wrist Shield

The Wrist Shield is a large buckler-like device used by the Yautja. It can withstand diverse attacks, including blunt force, blades, and even bullets from firearms. When needed, it can also be used offensively to slice through an enemy’s neck at close range.

This unit has a +1 Penalty to it’s Fight, but if it fails any Fight or Shoot Save it may roll an additional die to attempt the Save a Second time.


Wristblades, also known as Gauntlet Knives, are fundamental Yautja weapons and a signature armament. They feature retractable serrated blades, ranging from six to eighteen inches in length and two to eight inches in width, extending from a gauntlet on the Predator’s wrist. Predators typically wear a single gauntlet on one wrist, equipped with a pair of parallel blades, with stylistic variations in this arrangement. This weapon follows the rules for Standard Melee Weapons.

A Predator roars in a defiant challenge

How to Play The Predator

Your force is unlike any other in Blood & Plunder. Rather than a small platoon of minis, you will have only a single model. This is a drastically different style of gameplay than the norm, so your strategy is going to need to be different.

Quick Tips and Suggestions for Playing as the Predators

  • In the included scenarios, you will begin as “cloaked”. This functions similarly to the False Colors special rules for ships. Preventing you from being attacked until you shoot first or get too close to an enemy… Make sure you follow Han Solo’s example and shoot first.
  • Keep your distance. If you have a Bolt Gun, you have a range that covers the entire board. Shoot often and take Fatigue for multiple shots in a round.
  • Your Stealth Cloak makes you invisible at ranges greater than 21″ as enemies can’t draw Line of Sight to you. If they can’t see you, they can’t kill you.
  • The Stealth Cloak is a trade-off of extra protection when still, but reduced effectiveness the more you Move. As such, it can be helpful to camp and shoot at range and then sprint to play keep away as the enemy closes.
  • Sitting still can get you surrounded and overwhelmed. If you activate on a Spade (♠), you should take the free Quick Move. Don’t be afraid to sprint away using all 3 Actions to Move since you shed Fatigue quickly
  • Deployment is key. One good strategy is to start in one corner and move towards another corner (hopefully perpendicular to your enemy’s line), sniping and thinning their forces as you go. Look for areas like hills or buildings to hide behind and deny LOS to recover and heal or Rally.
  • Melee is where you knock out units in a hurry. If a unit is down to 3 models, you have a good chance of destroying it in a single action. Skirmishers can help move away after taking down a unit. If you get charged, use your Combistick as a defensive Pike weapon and take out more models! Or use Evade to leave them hanging.
A Predator on a cliff stalks its prey below

Initiative Card Tips

Because you are a single model force, you have to maximize the use of your single Initiative card. Here are a few tips, suggestions, and reminders:

  • You will only have a single initiative card and your opponent will likely have 3 or more cards. This means you can choose to “pass” on initiative and force the other player to go first. (pg 38 of the revised Core Rules). This is helpful for making an enemy move first to either close the range or know where to move to “run away”.
  • As an Elite or Elder Hunter you will always get 3 actions per round, regardless of the card you draw. The card is only relevant for determining the order of initiative.
  • You have the Skirmishers ability which activates on Hearts (♥) and Spades (♠).
  • Spades (♠) – don’t forget to use your free Move from the Quick. you will also have Skirmishers. As an Unblooded or Blooded Hunter, you will gain 1 Action + 1 Command Action.
  • Hearts (♥) & Diamonds (♦) – You will always get 3 Actions
  • Clubs (♣) – unless you are playing an Inexperienced Unblooded Hunter, clubs are no different than Diamonds. Your units will be Trained or Veteran and with your single Command Point, you will always have 3 Actions per turn.
A Native American hunting party prepares to defend itself from an Alien hunter

How to Play Against The Predator

Predators are deadly creatures. Just when you think you have them cornered, they can turn the tables and rip you to shreds.

  • Like Spartans, they are trained from birth to be fearless warriors. With an excellent Resolve, typical strategies of inflicting Fatigue aren’t likely to work. While you can’t count on it, try your best. If you can keep it at 2+ Fatigue, it will inflict a -1 Action reducing its effectiveness by 33%.
  • There is strength in numbers. Clustering can make it easier to defend yourself, but it is harder to keep everyone in cover. You’ll have to decide whether to stick together or divide and conquer.
  • Try to keep the monster in LOS. If it is able to hide, it can use Healer to recover Hits you have inflicted. This may require you to divide your force.
  • If you can corner it by moving in a V, U, or L, then it can’t run away to hide as easily.
  • Should you get close enough, Charge it before it charges you. In the smaller scenarios presented, you will only have 4 models in a Unit. but be warned, it has the potential to kill 2+3 models in a single Fight.
  • If you can get into melee with it, you can pin it down so you can Fight it with other units without risk of defensive strikes. But remember that you can’t Shoot into Melee, so if you engage it the rest of your units can’t Shoot it. This means you need to try to time the order of Unit Attacks to Shoot first if possible. Alternatively, you can all Charge and hope to overwhelm the beast.

Custom Predator Miniature Game Scenarios

“Trophies” Special Rules

Yautja collect trophies from their prey as mementos during Hunts, which can range from body parts like skulls to personal trinkets. By far the most common form of trophy collected by Yautja is their victim’s skull, (sometimes with the spinal cord still attached… ewww). These trophies showcase the Yautja’s skill and are often displayed in cabinets, trophy rooms, or worn as jewelry if small enough.

If a Commander or Character is removed as a casualty, replace that model with an objective token (a Trophy). A Hunter in base contact with a Trophy may use a standard action to claim the Trophy

Trophy’s Special Rule
A Predator claims a skull trophy
A Predator claims a skull trophy

Scenario 1: “Hunter Gather”

In the untamed wilderness of North America, a Native hunting party is in search of prey to build their food stores for the coming winter. Little do they know that a new and deadly foe has also begun hunting within their domain. A fearsome extraterrestrial creature known as a Yautja (aka Predator). This scenario combines the historical setting of 18th-century Blood & Plunder with the sci-fi horror of the Predator franchise.
The Native American tribes must survive the assault from the Predator and eliminate the threat it poses. The Hunter’s goal is to hunt the tribal warriors and collect trophies.

This Scenario features a Blooded Hunter in a scenario similar to one of the encounters in the PREY movie. The legendary creature is outnumbered 12 to 1 as the two forces battle in a brutal contest for the survival of the fittest.

Scenario 2: “Prize Hunters”

Deep within a lush, remote jungle, there are tales of an ancient temple, rumored to hold priceless “glowing stones” of great value. Lured by tales of wealth beyond measure, a band of pirates seeks to claim these stones. In reality, the temple is a sacred, hunter proving-ground used to test Yautja to prepare them for battle.

The Pirates must find and escape with their stolen loot before the Predator eliminates them. The Predator’s goal is to hunt the pirates and collect trophies.

This scenario features a small band of pirates in a Raid scenario with a minor twist. There are 3 objectives, and one is trapped. As the pirates, you must choose whether to stick together for safety or split the party to get in and get out quickly.

Predator Thermal Heat Vision of King Philip… A fine prize for the taking!

Miniature Suggestions for Predator Models

There are a number of companies that produce Predator-style models or minis that you can use as proxies in your games of Blood & Plunder. Here are a few of our top suggestions:

Cobblestone Castings – “Hunter Aliens”

For our European players, Cobblestone Castings has two 4 pks of 28mm scale minis that are functional. We’d recommend you use the first set without the handheld guns. They are £8.50 a 4pk + shipping.

“Hunter Aliens”
“Hunter Aliens with Guns”

Skull Hunters from Papsikels on Etsy

We used these affordable 3D printed models for the photos in this project. Minis were well sculpted and finely detailed. The seller offers many variations on the basic Predator idea.

We used the Handler Skull Hunter,

the Skull Hunter,

the Apex Skull Hunter,

and this Elite Skull Hunter.

These miniatures cost $6 each and ship promptly. The packaging was decent, but some arrived with broken pieces.

This same shop on Etsy has a set of Native Americans modeled after the characters in the Prey movie. We purchased these and they are excellent scale and quality.

Download the Predator Faction & Scenario Rules

PDF Download Logo

You can download the Predator Faction & Scenario Rules PDF here.


While we love the historical nature of Blood & Plunder, we hope you enjoyed this break from the norm and enjoy this dip into the sci-fi, suspense crossover.

Can you outwit the ultimate hunter, or will you become just another trophy? Let us know how your game plays out here or our social hangouts on Facebook or Discord.

A Predator hunter at night by firelight

Additional Content Suggestions

blood and plunder fog
  • Halloween 2022’s The Ghost Ship Scenario. Attempt to overcome your fears and capture an abandoned ship as it drifts through cursed waters.
  • If you enjoy story-driven scenarios, check Guy’s set of Sea Scenarios here.


This article is a fan-created work, and we do not own the rights to the name, image, or any associated properties of the “Predator” character or movie franchise. “Predator” is a trademark and intellectual property owned by its respective creators and copyright holders. Our content is intended solely for entertainment, educational, and discussion purposes. All official “Predator” rights and trademarks belong to their rightful owners. We have no affiliation with the creators or producers of the “Predator” franchise.

This ruleset and PDF packet is purely for fun and not intended for tournament or competitive play in Blood & Plunder. All content provided is 100% free of charge and is of no way intended to earn a profit.

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