Spanish Corsairs Historicon Sea Tournament

 This list won the sea tournament at Historicon 2022.

  • Faction: Spanish Corsairs
  • Commander: Blas Miguel
  • Points: 200
  • By Fernando Arteaga

Spanish Corsairs Historicon Sea Tournament

The Force

First Piragua:

First Unit: Miguel De Blas, 11 Marineros without pistols (one musician in it). Stinkpots. They were manning the four swivels.

Second Unit: 6 Marineros without pistols starting prone and ready to man the sweeps


Second Piragua

12 Zeelieden with pistols and a Reformado. Manning the swivel guns

6 Marineros with a grizzled veteran. Starting prone and ready to man the sweeps.


Goal was straigthforward. Approach as quick as possible, maximize swivel gun damage and board. The Zeeliedens were the advancing piragua, and the Commander Blas Piragua will follow.


Tournament Experience

It was more difficult than expect as I faced two canoe lists. Niguel’s natives tried to shoot me. And they actually did a lot of initial damage to my Zeelieden piragua. But as I approached, the swivel guns destroyed him. Stinkpots also mean that he couldnt actuallly shoot.

Second game was against Jayden. And it was more like the straightforward plan. He was using a mixed strategy brigantine. I shot, boarded and that was it.

The third game was against Preston Jacka’s  own Piragua list of English and French Buccaneers (Brethren of the Coast). At first, I was unlucky as he hit me first with swivel guns, and even with the Corsairs/Blas bonuses, I failed to grapple and board. However, on the following turns, I boarded his piragua with my Zeelieden. These Zeelieden were top-notch, as they survived everything. They captured Preston’s piragua and absorbed many of the shots from his second piragua. Meanwhile, my main Piragua with Blas was intact. The Zeelieden even ended up boarding Preston’s second piragua. I won because Preston failed his strike test.



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