Faction Overview – Spanish Corsairs

By Guy Rheuark On the fringes of Spanish society in the 17th century existed the Spanish Corsairs. Named after the raiders and privateers of the Mediterranean, these Privateers did not always have a letter of mark, and sometimes believed that they didn’t need one. Much like the Guarda Costas, Spanish Corsairs were opportunists, attacking with … Continue reading Faction Overview – Spanish Corsairs

The Spanish Nationality and Factions

In Blood & Plunder each nationality has certain distinctives that make it interesting and unique. I've been writing a series of articles that look at distinctives of individual factions (there are several factions within each nationality i.e Spanish Militia are very different than Spanish Corsairs) and those articles get into the nitty-gritty details of units, abilities, and strategies. … Continue reading The Spanish Nationality and Factions

Battle Report – Campaign Game 4: Pirate Hunters vs Spanish Corsairs

My local custom campaign has proceeded to round 4 where my English Pirate Hunters encountered a Spanish Corsair Corvette. This is 200 point naval game again featured my custom commander vs Guy, who is running our campaign and playing NPC ships which the players might encounter The ForcesThe Corsair corvette was much different than any … Continue reading Battle Report – Campaign Game 4: Pirate Hunters vs Spanish Corsairs