Week 1 – 2022 Summer of Plunder Campaign Launch

The campaign is here! The Summer of Plunder has begun! From now until Labor Day, Blood & Plunder (and O&I) players around the world can participate in a war for plunder and glory.

You can find the full details on how the campaign works including prizes, rules, and everything else, over on the Campaign Home Page.

But the main thing to remember, is submit your games! All campaign submissions will be through our “fancy new and improved” Campaign Entry Form here in the blog. Just fill in some quick info on what nation and faction you played and include some pictures of your game so we can give you and your nation campaign points for your entry.

Last Year’s Champions

Last year the Pirates, led by the smelly Boyar of the Brethren (Dan Carlson), won the campaign by a slight margin, so they are the force to beat. Will the great empires of the world let these scurvy knaves show them up again this year?

Liam Smith, the winner of the Grand Prize last year, has also come on board as a minor commander of the Scottish faction so watch for some special prizes available to Scottish players!

Week 1 Objective

The campaign opens with a very modest objective: play a game of 50 points or less. This is meant to help newer players jump right into the campaign no matter how small their collection. Blood & Plunder works remarkably well at a low point level too! Every shot and every save roll is so important! It also gives players a chance to log several games in one afternoon, hopefully getting some solid game numbers into the campaign right away.

Any sized game can still be submitted, but you will get an additional point for small games this week.

Weekly Photo Prize

Each week, whoever submits the best photo will receive a set of the Organized Play Kit including 3 exclusive miniatures and a set of 6 unique commander cards. Your photo will also be featured in the next week’s campaign update (if permission is given).


Do both players in a game have to make a campaign submission?

Yes, if both players want to accrue points for themselves and their nations, both should make an individual submission via the entry form.

Do Solo Games count?

Yes, solo games are perfectly fine as a way to participate in this campaign. But you must choose one side as “your side” and submit for only that side.


And now, some exhortations from our illustrious commanders!


Spain is the world. From coast to coast and mountain to mountain the new world is ours. By the decree of the Pope in 1494 all lands to the west of the demarcation line belong to Spain. Other European countries are simply vassals who have not accepted their lower status and the glory of our King and Queen.

And now these charlatans, rogues and pretenders all claim what is ours. With God as our witness, it will not stand.

Fortresses shall rise. Ships shall splinter. Blood will spill. And justice shall be done. Let all of Europe and the Indies bear witness to the righteousness and truth of our blows. All that is and all that was belongs to Spain. Defend the faith, defend the islands and defend our precious treasure!

Spanish Royal Representative – Thomas “El Queso” Mullane

Spanish divider ii


I am calling on all my fellow English commanders to gather your army’s and ships! Let’s show the rest of the globe who really controls the power in the new world! Untold riches await the Bold! The Commander that flies the English colours the most throughout this campaign will be awarded a Wigwam and the best looking English army Assembled will win a spiked fortification walls.
Stay tuned to The Plunder Den we’re I will be announcing other prizes that can be won for playing the English faction!

Commander Dexter Heide

English divider


Sons and Daughters of New France – we are at war.

William III, heretic pretender to the English throne, has arrayed all the powers of Europe against us. For they are each too cowardly to attack us alone.

And well they should be!

Already, St Castin, Father Thury, and our native ally Kancamagus – have raided the English at New Hampshire. They have crossed their accounts with that dog Waldon, villainous perpetrator of many attacks, enslaver of Frenchman and Indian alike. He lays now in a shallow grave, unmourned.

I have attended the great tribal council of our allies, the Huron and Algonquins. I took up the hatchet, and the tribes joined with me in the whooping, reeling war-dance of their people. They have promised to war alongside us ‘unto the death’.

All this I do in the name of our radiant sovereign, but I must confess that I am of you people – you settlers, traders and bold explorers. Therefore, above all, I take up my sword and march alongside you – not for the claims of a far off king, but for the honor and glory of New France!

Avec moi, fils et filles de la Nouvelle France!

French divider

The Dutch Republic

To the brave men and women of the Dutch Republic,

Our enemies are at it again. The French and English are stirring up trouble with the Natives, and they think we will stand idly by while they encroach upon and attack our holdings in the New World. Show them that we are here to stay, and we will do whatever is needed to defend our homes and shipping.

The pirate menace still exists, but I believe it has been dealt with after their successes last year. While they do threaten our shipping, we believe thanks to a VOC man on the inside that they have lost some key numbers and will not be such a threat as they were previously – though we must remain vigilant.

Worse of all though, the Spanish continue to sail and make claim to everything as though the right hand man of God himself had given it to them. They treat anything on land or the high seas as theirs by right, and we must show them that the case is otherwise. We’ve beaten them before, but their power is growing from last year. We must check their rise, or Holland itself could be at risk. As such I have felt it necessary to issue a challenge to the Men of the Republic:

Any Dutch player who is able to sink, capture, or burn a Spanish vessel will be sent reinforcements, as a token of appreciation for their bravery and service to the Republic.

You know what must be done – EENDRACHT MAAKT MACHT! (Unity makes Strength)

Dutch Governor Jan Van Meteren

Native American

Tumblr e2a79cc5a329ed2f571ab06dc94f93f6 0b72b2a8 540

When they first came to these lands, we watched them in wonder. They traveled the ocean in floating longhouses, and the sound of their weapons left us frightened like children.

But that was long ago.

Now we hold the power of their thunder in our hands, and it is we who inspire fear.

We have learned their ways, but we have not forgotten our own. They believe they can claim ownership over things that none may possess. We shall teach them the ways of The People, of how the land is not theirs for the taking.

And a harsh lesson it shall be.

Chief Black Kettle

**In addition to the scoring bonus, one random Native player who meets the Week One objective will win a special prize. This includes Unaligned players who declare for the Natives!**

Native divider


Brethren, the time to reassert dominance over the other colonial powers has come! The Boyar of the Brethren has finally left the tavern and is looking for sailors and soldiers to fight for our way of life! Are you tired of living from commission to commission? Kicking up 10-15% of your haul to some guy who gets seasick just rocking on the toilet? Your prospects constantly under the whim of whatever silver spooned daddy’s boy sits in a chair that hasn’t been washed or moved from the same space since 1300!?


The Brethren are taking all hands from all nations and will once again be victorious! Prizes will be given out for competing silly objectives, and hunting turncoats will be rewarded as well! Come join Danislav Rusakov, the Boyar of the Brethren, and show the world who really owns these waters!

Pirate divider


Surprise! The Scottish are also setting sail to the new world. We don’t have much of an established set of colonies, so we’ll be supporting other nations along the way. Do your best to play as the Scottish and get plenty of games in!

The player with the most Scottish games played will also qualify for the painted commander at the end of the campaign (as the other major powers), customized and with the winner’s choice of clan colours for that Scottish flair!

Additional Scottish prizes and quests will also be available during the campaign. To get started, let’s see a Scottish player capture some enemy cavalry (specifically, playing as Scottish, kill or rout an opponent’s mounted unit)!


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